After saying that, yeah i mean i give jamal adams a lot of credit for being able not only to step out there and make these comments whether you agree or you disagree with him doing it. I always am in favor of athletes speaking their mind and not speaking in just complete cliche. So i think this is great that he did this, but you’re right like the balls. It takes not only to put that out, but then to know hey in four days. I got ta walk into the facility and i got ta see this guy face to face and i got ta see the rest of the coaching staff and you know what maybe jamal adams takes some a little pride in knowing that hey. I know there’s some coaches on that staff. That agree with me. I know there’s a lot of players on this team that agree with me like in his brain don’t. You think he feels like he’s the majority. Oh yeah. He definitely feels like he’s in the majority. That’S why he comes out and says it, but think about that locker room, the locker room as soon as he walks in there. I don’t want to say, like a locker room’s supposed to be a cohesive place.

It is like camaraderie is a big deal. He’S forget about the team meeting that he’s walking into where gase literally has a platform a microphone and a a projection screen, and he runs that every single day in training camp for an hour if he wants whatever he wants to do and that being very awkward.

I would assume that, but in the locker room the side, conversations that are going to happen from those young players, you look at darnold, you look at quinn and williams. Those guys are going to be like hey man, you, you think this guy stinks it’s like there’s. A potential revolt going gon na happen in there, and that is not good in the nfl, because it’s already hard enough to win when everybody’s on the same page, especially when the patriots are playing, are paying a top 10 quarterback. 1 million and the buffalo bills are getting hot. That just seems like a place. That’S a disaster somehow – and i don’t know how you win games in that setting. Unless you get rid of the guy they’re going to have to try to trade him, i think it seems like he’s doing everything he can to get out of there, but i figure it looks like they. He wants out of there. So bad, maybe they’re gon na, have to find a way to to trade him out, but also like what what, if adam gay sits back and after he gets over.

The initial shock and anger of these statements said about him. What if he’s like you know what? Maybe i could be a better coach, maybe i could kind of uh stand up in front of the team. More often like what, if he’s like, i don’t, have to agree with everything jamal said, i don’t have to agree with how he went about it, but maybe there are a few things that i should change that i’ve been pushing down.

You know everyone like i’m sure there’s coaches that have a bunch of stuff, like i probably should be doing this but i’m, not like there’s just easier ways to go. I got ta study film or do this, so maybe he will change his ways a little bit and then jamal adams comes back and now all of a sudden jamal adams is a hero for kind of morphing the jets into what they could possibly become. He helps gays, he helps the rest of the team and he probably signs a new multi year extension. Well. Stefan diggs did that last year for the minnesota vikings when he uh didn’t, go to practice and said that he got fun 250 000, but they changed their offense completely because of that and adam thielen, then they trade him out of town immediately afterwards, adam gase will Not forget this and there’s been a lot of stories. Chatter. He said she said about how adam gase handles this type of stuff and i believe his answer is normally yeah, but i’m rich and i’m, a head coach of the team, so you can go to hell.

I think there is a potential god complex for adam gase from if all the slanderous stories about him are true. But there has to come to a point where they’re going to have to kumbaya at some point, because i had a beef, obviously with the former general manager of the indianapolis coats. But none of it happened publicly until after both of us were gone like he was out of the building.

I was gon na to have that public. I don’t know like like tension, and everybody know about it, especially in new york. If anything goes wrong, all they’re gon na ask jamal adams is what could adam gase have done differently and if, if anything goes wrong for jamal adams, are they gon na ask adam case? What should jamal adams have done here like that’s gon na be the entire narrative? Now i don’t know how they work that out, unless they have like the sit down and jim irsay tried to do this with chuck and grigson. They had like a a three person press conference and there’s, a picture from that press conference where they both look so insanely miserable, that’s gon na have to be what happens, though, i think i think it’s gon na have to be jamal adams and adam gase are Gon na sit up there and just field questions for potentially an hour on what everybody has if they wan na go get past this, because in the face of a pr crisis, you just have to dive right into it and i think that’s.

The only way they fix it or they trade them and get them somewhere else. I don’t know how this plays out in four days, though i have no idea don’t, you think adam gase wants him out of here by now i’m sure he and if they did do that, that two man press conference, which is true like you, need to somehow Just dump it all out there, so it’s, not a mystery on what like how you feel about these certain things, but before they would ever have to do that don’t, you think they have to sit down behind closed doors together, one on one, maybe actually with a Third person there to kind of drive it and, if they’re totally brutal i’m, brutally honest with each other and tell each other exactly how they feel which hey you’re doing it publicly well, i’m sure you can do it privately too can’t.