Today, everyone has seen it on twitter, social media all over the place uh. If you’re watching that game – as i was, you probably saw it there as well on the bottom line, jamal adams has been traded. He is no longer a member of the new york jets traded to the seattle seahawks for multiple first round picks. A couple of fourth round picks a lot of picks for that matter. If that the jets will get as well as a safety in return as adams who wanted out as badly as anybody uh has been on this jet franchise i’ve seen on this jet franchise in years, uh bash the team through the media bashed the team through social Media – and he is on his way to seattle, to play for the seattle seahawks. I assume a new contract is going to come his way as well for seattle, because they gave up a lot to get a player. Who is a disgruntled player in the national football league? So let’s just quickly take a look. What do the jets get for jamal adams uh? They get two first round picks they get a first round pick in 2022. They get a first round pick in 2021 and 2022 for that matter. A third round pick in 2021, as well as safety, bradley mcdougall. They get him as well so adam’s on his way out mcdougall on his way in to replace adams on the roster and a whole bunch of draft picks as joe douglas wheels wields his magic sword and gets it done, and this coming after the day after a Report came out through the new york daily news, a basically what was a one on one interview: uh with jamal adams and manish metta, in which adams tore apart head coach, adam gase said that he was not the right leader for the organization that uh gase does Not address did not just did not and does not address the team during games.

If the team is down doesn’t provide much motivation for this team, he ripped him to shreds he uh. There was also that joe douglas is an inexperienced gm. He ripped him. I remember two days earlier when the whole stuff – all the stuff came out about uh owner woody johnson, whether he uh allegedly said racist and sexist comments. Adams was one of the first players, maybe the only player for that matter on the jets to publicly rip woody johnson uh, as he tore him apart in a tweet as well saying that he was not the right leader and the jets need the right leaders at The top, so he did everything that adam’s to get himself traded from this team. He did not endear himself well to this. Coaching staff did not endear himself well to management and, like we see with a lot of players like antonio brown, uh tyrell owens a lot of these guys. They talk their ways out of these teams and they get themselves sometimes to better situations if they are able to play well and adam’s, going to the clc hawks, hey look that’s a still. A very good franchise well run franchise, of course, with pete carroll at the top of his head coach ross wilson at quarterback, uh, he’s gon na fit well in seattle, as a defensive player for the seahawks will jamal adams uh. What the jets get back, though, is a slew of draft picks.

I know draft picks are a gamble. You never know what you’re going to get with draft picks. I totally understand that. Keep in mind you get two first round picks you get a third round pick. You get a fourth round, pick that’s what we were talking about a couple about a month or so ago, when we had dan foresting on, we were having the debate about what the judge should do with jamal items. We both said that the jets are going to have to get multiple first round picks for him and they were able to do just that. So that is that part accomplished for gangrene uh bradley mcdougall. I don’t know much about bradley macdonald. He is 29 years old, not much of a sac he’s, not much of a guy who’s going to get after. The quarterback only has a half sack in his career, but does have a lot of tackles throughout his career 451 total tackles in his career he’s been around for um, been around for a while he’s been around since 2013. uh. He does have in his career 10 interceptions in his career. No touchdowns brought back, but he is a guy who will make picks he will make plays. He does uh he will make plays so he is been a fairly decent player. Is he as good as jamal adams was circle last season? Probably not, of course not. Adams was a very good player, great player, it’s, tough to replace that kind of player, but that’s who the jets get in this trade um, and i know that a lot of jet fans are going to be kind of divided on what this play on this.

On the straight logic, fans loved jamal adams, they wanted the team to keep him. They wanted him so extended for a long term. Contract. Others wanted him to leave because of the distraction he had become so keep in mind here. The jets said numerous times they wanted to give adams a contract extension. They wanted to keep him here long term. Unfortunately, you have a situation where there was concerns about the salary cap. The jets had concerns about that moving forward into 2021 and 2022 because of the the insecurity or uncertainty for that matter of what coven 19 would do to football moving forward. Now that was the that was what what joe douglas that’s the impression that he gave a lot of people for that matter, uh, but the jets stood firm. They were not going to give jamal adams who had two years remaining on his contract. Two years remaining on his contract and also had a potential franchise tag, the jets didn’t have to do anything. Adams was here, he had like, i said, a contract and unfortunately, he wasn’t honoring it by ripping the team ripping the owner, ripping the coach and the jets felt they had no choice but to make this move at this point and when you run to the media And this is what’s going to happen that’s what happened here for the jets? They felt the need to go out there and get this out of the way get what was becoming a distraction for them.

Just as training camp is about to open this week. Out of the building, they really had no choice. Unfortunately, adams is a great player, would have been nice to see him stay here as the jet for a long time. But when you have a player who just didn’t want to be here, the jets had no choice. Then, on the other hand, you have the issues regarding adam gase and, of course, case mentioned heavily in the article by manish meta regarding jamal adam’s distaste for the franchise, uh and certainly look let’s, be honest. Adam gase is not a great head coach and he has had a history of running players out of town when he was the head coach of the miami dolphins. Did it with jhi? Did it with jarvis landry chased those guys out of miami, so he has a very strong history of not relating well with players and he butted heads with atoms here. Clearly this was eventually going to come. Keep mine. As i said before, adams did nothing to help himself in this situation and seattle’s going to make a gamble in that regard. They’Re going to trade, a lot of picks for a guy who likes to talk and a guy who likes to make a lot of noise. So we’ll see we’ll see if you know if things don’t uh, if things do not go well in seattle, you know. Is he going to talk his way out of there? We’Ll see be interesting to see how they uh work out a long term deal for him, but in the interim jamal adams his day as a member of the new york jets is over and now gangrene moves on, and they will have a heart.

You know they’ll. Try to replace a good pro bowl player within the next couple of drafts for that matter, as adams now goes to seattle, he gets what he wants. The jets in turn get what they want and they get a little peace and quiet for that matter as well.