After a couple of paragraphs, i come to talk about what the paragraphs kind of meant kind of like i’m in school, and the teacher reads a paragraph and, like you have to discuss about the paragraph with your group or something i don’t know. But i thought this would be very interesting. Also ashton davis signed his contract. I was just going to make a short little two minute video about this today, but then jamal adams uh decided to do something. I always tell people yeah i’m, making a video about this today, unless your mobile atoms are something stupid, so there’s that but anyway, let’s go on to the first sentence. The swirl saga between the jets and jamal adams might be coming to an end. Seven months after adams kept off an all pro season that vaulted him and super stardom general manager, joe douglas, has called one of the game’s most dynamic players that he’s open to trading him before the start of the season. So so, jordan has apparently told jamal adams that he probably might get traded at the start of the season. So before the start of the 2020 season, all right adams confirmed to the daily news on thursday that the jets gm has indeed conveyed his willingness to mute. The team’s best player, if the right deal presents itself after intense arcanome this offseason. However, the jets still have not given adam’s camp permission to discuss trade parameters with interested teams.

Okay, although they say he has, they have like not given jamal adams to permission to seek trades by himself, he’s, basically been doing that the whole offseason gave adam schefter a list of teams. He would be open to be traded to talking to dallas cowboy fans saying that he’s trying to come to dallas – and you know, he’s been just doing stuff on twitter that points to where he wants to go. I mean it’s obvious. We know where he wants to go now: one of those seven teams, so he’s kind of cheating get a bit. I don’t know the news: has some uncovered details of how douglas made a series of bizarre bizarre decisions that created a carbonis divide between the organization and their biggest star it’s? Definitely mixed feelings: adam sold the news in his first comments, admit the contracts still me, but at the end of the day my happiness is more important. I know my word i’m going to stand on my beliefs i’m, going to stand on who i am as a person and i’m not ever going to change, who i am for someone who’s judging me either. You accept me for who i am and you work with me and support me or you don’t, it’s, okay, if you don’t so that’s kind of weird. I mean mixed feelings in those videos where things is worth like: 17. 18. 19. 20 million dollars. I mean that’s like mega money man, you probably worth 15 million 60 million max.

I wouldn’t pay 20 million for a safety uh douglas curious communication, coupled with adam’s eroding relationship with head coach. Adam gaze created a tension that bubbled to the surface. The news first reported last month that adams had requested permission to seek a trade for citing that gates was one factor why the two time pro bowler felt uncomfortable with his long term future with the team. So this is kind of getting onto some more adam gay stuff. Now a lot of judge fans don’t like ad case, because he was he wasn’t – that great of a head coach. Some people believe that he’s lost some sides of the locker room, but i mean he’s. Also he’s obviously got some respect for players um like le’veon bell and uh, alex lewis, i think, really respect coach gates, so there’s something i don’t feel like he’s, the right leader. This is adam’s on uh. I don’t feel like he’s the right leader for this organization to reach the promised land adam said as a leader. What really bothers me is that he doesn’t have a relationship with everyone in the building. At the end of the day, he doesn’t address the team adam designer, if there’s a problem in the locker room, he lets another coach adjust the team if you’re, playing and we’re losing he doesn’t address the entire team. As a group at halftime, he’ll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it so basically, um jamal alex is calling got him.

Gays. A lot of people thought he was a horrible coach. You know some guy even had like a plane. Carry this fire gaze sign and there was petition, started and everything, and then you just turned the whole team around or maybe that was sam darnold or maybe that was jamal labs. Who knows, but anyway, adams is just saying that gates is a horrible coach. He doesn’t do stuff, you know, as you know, last year we never made really any big half time adjustments and just there’s that so my theory is that uh gays i mean jamal adams is calling out a bunch of the jets people, he’s called uh, adam gase And he’s also called out woody johnson and basically i think he might be just saying stuff to make people on the team even hate him even more, and basically he wants to get traded now. So there’s that, but what’s also funny is that he wants to report to training camp with. I mean kind of huge, had an amazing tweet about it. We’Ll say it we’ll talk about it at the end of the video all right, gage recent claim that his relationship with adams has been good since his time, i’ve gotten here and there’s, been a lot of dialogue between us appears to be appears to be the latest. A series of exaggerations and our prevails adam told the news that he hasn’t spoken to gay, since this exit interview on the day at the end of the regular season december 30th, wow gates, did not respond to a message or comment now.

Also, we got to take this article not very seriously, because you want to know who wrote it manchester meadow that’s right, our good old friend, menish, manish, meta, so yeah i mean half of this stuff could be false, because everything manish meh does is adorable. Not a lot of stuff, the player coach relationship notwithstanding adam adams was taken aback by a series of events with douglas this offseason. The timeline reveals a disjointed organization plan filled with contraction, poor communication, stonewalling and regimen and deep mistrust if they would have just simply said you know what tomorrow we’re not going to look we’re not going to look to pay you this year. We want to keep adding plans. I would have respected that more adamson. I would say you know what i respect it as a man. I get it. I understand it’s a business, but for them to tell me they’re going to pay me and not send over a proposal after they said that’s what they were going to do, that’s when that’s, where we go wrong and then for you to ignore me that’s. Why? I have my problems so apparently jamal adams doesn’t understand that i mean the jets wanted to sign more players. I mean. Obviously we were going to do that, no matter what – and we also had intentions of signing you you didn’t, have to just take to a whole nother level. The jets obviously wanted to sign you that we have so much concerns with the 2020 cap.

You know we don’t even have fans coming to the season, which i mean fans come into games, which i mean that’s bad, so i mean he just doesn’t get it. He just doesn’t get that we want to sign him just not now we want to sign him. Next season, because i mean, may i remind you jamal – you have two years left on your contract. You have two meters left on your contract, so yeah. So what really happened? The details are disturbing on my levels, so in january douglas told adams camp that he would go to the ownership management to initiate the process to craft the first proposal for the contract, etc. It seemed probably until fishers appeared with the window proposal arrived weeks later. Besides agreed to pick up on discussions at the scouting compound in february, where douglas announced that he wanted adams to be in jet for life, but there was no progress. Something seemed amiss to adams douglas and explicitly pivoted after the combine. The forthcoming first offer was replaced with this message to adam’s camp in the run up and to free agency we’re going to get him better players. I mean we did get him jamal, some pretty good players. You know surround players. The news reported at the time that the jets had been telling people that they had cash flow restrictions in free agency. The result was predictable, douglas signed a lonely second and thirteen players to won or de facto one year, deals indeed suggesting that the pandemic played a role in jeff’s offseason strategy was a red hearing.

The the reality is that the johnson set a tight budget. This offseason long before anyone became aware of the pandemic, so obviously the johnsons you know, set a tight budget for the offseason, which might probably explain why we signed a bunch of players and didn’t go after some heavy hitters, i mean we could have signed jack conklin. I mean he’s, not the greatest he’s pretty overrated, but i mean we could have signed some very top tier players, but instead we decided to go on a tight budget and only sign some. So you know backups or good players who were all right and all that kind of stuff and maybe that’s why we didn’t give jamal adams a mega tier deal and also if gary vee were to decide to buy the team. I don’t think he would have set that tight budget. Meanwhile, adams waited to receive the initial proposal douglas promise. In january, free agency came and went with the draft approaching adams understandably wanted a status report douglas public publicly said that he would address adam’s situation after the draft rather than tell adam’s camp privately. It was a fictitious tactic when the draft was over. Douglas came out of celebration to let team adams know that he wanted to talk. Optimism swelled despite the rocky first few months. Surely a first offer was on the way. However, the conversation in early made to give bizarre turn, rather than taking first offer doug, has said the team wanted to table contract talks until next off season.

In the meantime, the powers that he wanted to monitor adams will see if he was all in with the jets and all them with football. The gm wanted adams to prove his loyalty to the franchise adams felt like he had entered the twilight zone, monitoring him what he had already exhibited a mechanical work ethic and produced more than anyone on the team for four years for three years ha. He had never gotten into any trouble. He was a heart and soul for this crossfire franchise. He was just trying to let so i mean that’s kind of crazy douglas wanted to monitor adams. I mean this whole story could be cat, but i mean it also. Could not be uh, i don’t know monitor him. It didn’t make sense on the logical level, it was very insulting. Adam said you know i best my for the organization every day i work my butt off for them say to me i was like okay whoa. That was a little bit too far. Adams was understandably protruded, but hoped that tom would call the situation it did not. The gm’s position has shifted to this is jamal going to honor his rookie contract or not douglas inexperience in high stakes. Negotiations was painfully honest. He had changed his message too many times to remember, jumping from one stance to the next over the course of five months, alternating the team’s best player along the way douglas did not respond to not respond to requests for a comment.

Why would joe come out and say we want to make jamal a jet for life? Why would you say that and then not give me an offer? Don’T bs me, i’m straight i’m, a straightforward guy. You don’t have to be asked me because i’m going to keep it honest, so jamal. Obviously we can see where he’s coming to be pissed. He jumped joe douglas promised him a kind of contract. You know contract proposal, he waited a couple months and then he waited four months and then finally, there was nothing and then he decides to monitor a master. He’S been nothing but amazing to this program for three years i’m, an and then organizat he’s just going to monitor him and then it’s like what nothing you know, it’s, just all crazy, because i mean jeremiah has never done anything bad off the field or you know On i mean he did have a couple hits i may have made or say that but it’s on the field, but anyway it’s just crazy. The amnesty was strong and wait. Okay. I i don’t read this first paragraph about that. Why would joe come? Oh, i didn’t read needlessly manufactured by an inexperienced negotiator who appeared out of the steps when adam decided that he wanted permission to seek a train last month douglas levied the final insult. If your mob keeps acting the way, he’s acting nobody’s going to want him adam’s a two time team, mvp, a respected leader and the emotional engine that wanted to turn around a wayward franchise.

Now he had been modernized by the team decision makers, who, inexplicably, let it all fire out of control in the span of six months douglas went from promising to send over a first contract proposal, pretending as if he had never made such a promise. Why would he why, which would have been an affront to any person that had a position? Meanwhile, just fans were caught in the middle. I love the jets. This is what this is funny. What he’s about to read is just hilarious. I love the jets fan base. I haven’t said it’s so strong, they’re, very passionate, and it goes along with my personality. If they don’t like something they speak about it, they they, i just just like i speak about it. I have nothing but love, which you spelled. L o v e n o uv, which is surprising um for jets fans. I have nothing but love and respect for just fans there’s some loyal fans. As far as sticking with the team chucked up the games wearing jerseys i’ve expected, but when an organization starts to disrespect like this it’s just time to move on, it is nothing new to defense, even though you blocked about a million of them. I mean come on jamal, you blocked so many people on twitter and instagram. You would just look up jamal adam on twitter and then anyone that said anything negative about you block man, that’s crazy. The entire offseason has taken its toll on atoms too.

The happiness is way more important than the rest of this adam said. I can’t deal with all that anymore. It’S draining whenever or not douglas is able to trade atoms in the coming days from league two mainstream scene, regardless adams will report to the start of training camp when veterans are scheduled to arrive on july 28th, yeah so that’s almost it for the article. But we have two more pairs. I’M sure i got from my teammates adam said. Obviously my love and passion for the game is very simple. You just turn on the tape and watch no matter if you’re, winning or we’re losing or we’re getting blown out i’m still. The same guy, i won’t change my tempo as far as how i play on the photo i never slow down at the end of the day i’m trying to be greatest player to ever play the game in my position, or at least one of them that’s. My goal i won’t, let anybody knock me off of that goal. I would have went out and said i want to be with an organization that wants to win and do things the right way. So obviously, by that last statement he doesn’t he wants to be with a super bowl, caliber team um, and he wants to do things the right way, obviously noting to woody johnson and everything that he did so that was pretty crazy. Now fun fact, this article was written by many schmidt.

I already said that, but that could make it a little bit more, but adam’s, basically caused by joe douglas said that he was doing a horrible job of managing his contract, even though he promised a proposal, and then adam gasey said that just does a horrible job. At leading this franchise – and you know honestly doesn’t – you know – have respect for him, so this is just crazy about all this jamal out of the stuff. I wish he would just forget about everything and go away, but yeah he still wants to come to training camp. After he said those things about your ball, adam gase, like adam gases, doesn’t call these planes that’s great william’s job so yeah. I don’t really know what to think. I mean adam gasob, jamal adams. Obviously, doesn’t want to be on the team. He wants a new contract. The only way he wants to stay on the team is buy a new contract, but man remind you that if you hold out for the season, you basically don’t gain anything at all. I think you lose like 40 000 a day or something it’s insane, but i mean adam’s, obviously just wants to be traded or get a new contract, one of the other things or i mean gates to be fired. I mean that chief’s offensive coordinator is fantastic. Lincoln riley is pretty good. Uh coach, oh from another shoe. I think he just got an extension, but i mean i don’t know what to think about all of this.

This is just some pretty crazy stuff um. What do you guys think about all this jamal adam’s drama and stuff going on? Do you think he should stop the jets? Do you think he should be traded? Do you think he should hold out? I don’t know. Thank you guys for watching. If you are returning. Welcome back, i love having you here. If this is your first time watching the new york jetsons channel, i hope you enjoyed your experience and you might even consider subscribing um. I got my new setup: hey jessians um boom microphone. It doesn’t work it’s, just a show. Ah, okay boom eyes: outpost nozzle is my favorite movie. If you didn’t know boom, i got these tickets boom. I got this office cool little office. Sign thing. I got my shelves too. Just have a couple parts um had this is a signed helmet by you know what i’m just not going to tell you about everything, because i am going to be doing a new background video on sunday, because sunday there’s nothing to post. I even went out of my boundaries and posted a 24 hour challenge in a car a 24 hour overnight challenge in a car in a car. I did that for well. Technically, i didn’t do it for fun, because it wasn’t fun sleeping in a car. I mean i did do it for fun, but my friend evan just wanted someone to do it with himself.