What really bothers me is that he doesn’t have a relationship with everyone in the building. At the end of the day, he doesn’t address the team, if there’s a problem in the locker room, he lets another coach address the team, if we’re playing like and we’re losing he doesn’t address the entire team. As a group at halftime, he’ll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it now for anyone that has watched or listened before, you know: i’m, not the biggest adam gase fan and let’s be honest, there’s three things with this number one there’s two Sides there’s the jamal adams side, there’s the atom gates and the jet side and then there’s the middle, where the truth really is. But i will say this about: jamal adams is 100 right from everything. You’Ve heard about what’s happened in miami to former players in miami blasting, adam gase. It all rings true – and this was one of my biggest criticisms of adam gase last year – was as a head coach. You need to be responsible for the team. You can’t just be responsible for one side of the football. I want to give you a great example. So a lot of you guys that are watching are jets fans. Do you remember watching hard knocks about a decade ago, with rex ryan, we all know rex brian was a defensive coach right.

He focused on the defensive side of the ball, but one of the things i really loved about hard knocks with the jets was.

You saw him always communicating with the offensive players, always making a point to talk to damian tomlinson, to talk to mark sanchez. He wanted to be involved in everything and make sure he had a connection with his entire team and he didn’t stick up for his defense. If you remember, they had the incident at hofstra, where the defense was eating cheeseburgers during practice, and he called them out in the famous meeting where he said. Let’S go get a goddamn snack, but before that he was talking about look you can’t be in cheeseburgers. During practice, he called out his defensive unit, and this is what my biggest problem with the jets was last year, i said: look there’s, two head coaches, there’s, greg williams and adam gase. Greg williams has the defense: adamgate has the offense and really, if we’re, measuring the benchmarks, the defense was a lot better and greg williams was the better head coach for the jets last year. So you look at adam gase right now and the criticisms he had in miami they’re still ringing. True with the jets he’s alienating his top players, he’s not talking to everyone and he’s just about the offense – and this was my biggest concern when the jets hired him is. Was he going to have time to make the adjustments? Because when you get fired, you need to learn from your mistakes and i didn’t think gays had time to learn from his mistakes and they’re ringing.

True, i mean you listen to the guys that are defending gays, who are they they’re offensive, guys it’s, because they have a relationship with him. They can see how smart he is, how much time he spends to game plans how dedicated he is to developing the offensive scheme. I mean they can understand that, but the defensive players it’s harder because they don’t have a relationship with him and jamal adams. What are you saying you look at the actions. I’Ll always remember the game in miami last year, where the jets were losing and gase was sitting by himself on the bench, not with his team. So if you want to discredit what jamal is saying you just look at what’s happened, i mean we heard reports of this last year about him, not addressing the defense about alienating himself from the defense and now being a raw raw guy and look. Not every coach has to be that. I completely understand that, but in terms of what he is saying about adam gase it’s alarming, because it’s showing me that he’s losing the locker room and that’s the one of the biggest concerns about a coach is once you lose a locker room, you’ve lost them. It sounds like he’s already lost half the locker room on the defensive side. That is not good i’m gon na put a poll here for jets fans, because i have a feeling what they’re going to say. But let me ask you this: who do you want gone? First, jamal adams or adam gase – you just get this feeling that it was never going to work with gase and the biggest fears you had as a jet fan when they signed him.

As the head coach was number one, is he going to innovate the offense which he hasn’t and number two? Is he going to alienate the star players and i will say this: i do believe jamal adams wants to be a jet he’s just unhappy with how this contract situation is going and in the manish meta article and look i’m, not a big maneesh met a fan. I always take what he writes with a grain of salt because he flip flops all the time and he was the biggest adam gase fanboy, and then he jumped off that bandwagon and now he’s trying to do everything to get adam gease fired. So i don’t really trust his parts of the story, but i do trust the quotes and i do trust what adams is saying and what the adams camp is saying is that the jets were talking about having a contract after the season and they kept flip flopping Or in this case joe douglas now, i will give douglas a bit of a pass here and here’s. Why it’s his first year as a general manager, handling contracts and handling contracts with one of the most high profile stars in the nfl. So i get that for him. The draft is what he was developed as he was a draft guy coming up through philadelphia through baltimore. We saw it through the draft this year, that’s his strength, the hard part when you’re, a general manager is getting into the trades and the negotiations, and really this was his first big negotiation, and i do believe that douglas wants jamal adams to be there.

But i also understand where he’s coming from when he says no player is untouchable, except maybe the quarterback, because if you get a ridiculous offer, if somebody offered you something ridiculous for jamal adams and you didn’t take the opportunity to improve your team as a general manager. You’Re doing a disservice to that team, so i get that jamal adams was hurt that they were taking calls at the deadline last year. I think part of it is he’s still salty about that and look they take calls on everyone, even tom brady. So in that case i don’t love where jamal was coming from in that situation. But when you read how the jets were flip flopping in the offseason, i can understand why adams was upset. I don’t completely buy everything in the article jamal adam’s saying that he wouldn’t take a raise this year. If they went out and spend it on bigger players, i mean from everywhere you’ve heard and even le’veon bell. He wants to get paid and i can understand it for the jets. You have a great player and you’re not really paying anyone outside le’veon bell and cj mosley. Just pay him pay him. What he’s worth, if you pay him he’ll fall in line he’ll, be the leader of this team, because right now the jets jamal adams isn’t the biggest problem. With this team, he’s even said he’s going to report to camp, you should get him locked up and just end.

This negotiation give him a blank check, pay him what he’s worth you’re, not paying any other big players on this team, you’re paying cj mosley you’re, paying le’veon bell, but the jets cap they have the room to do it. Just do this. Take away from this distraction because there’s going to be a lot more distractions with this team around the head coach and the ownership, those are the two bigger distractions, get rid of one right now and jamal adams. I have to give him credit. You know people say you have to walk the company line, you shouldn’t speak out and even i have said, look jamal’s under contract. He should play it out, but i also believe that if they feel that their coach is not in the best position to lead them or their coach isn’t giving a hundred percent when they are, they should speak out, and i give him credit for doing that. Against adam gase, because what he is saying is what a lot of jet fans have felt and feared about this head, coach and i’ve, been on the record saying if i was in charge of the team i would have fired out in gates last year, but i Understood why they didn’t, because they wanted some continuity for sam darnold going into year, two they didn’t want to give sam darnold his third head coach in three seasons. I could get that, but at this point, if the jets start off slow, i would make the move to make greg williams the head coach, because he’s proven he could be a head coach in cleveland.

They had their best success when he was there he’s, a guy that people will buy into and he’s in the building. He knows these players. I believe that he will motivate them and he will get them to buy in i’m, not 100 sure about adam gase, and you know the offensive players can say: it’s fine, it’s working out okay, but you look at what he’s producing on the field. It hasn’t been great and then the next breath, if gase loses this locker room, it’s irreparable and we saw miami. Miami – has done an incredible job of rebuilding that team. But if you’re the jets you just cannot sell away star players, because your head coach doesn’t, want to have a relationship it’s his job to be in charge of the entire team. A head coach has to handle everything, even rex ryan, for all of his criticism. Even todd bowles for all the criticism he had relationships with players on both sides of the ball it’s alarming that gaze, not only doesn’t, have a relationship with the defensive players but he’s, sending other coaches to do locker, room speeches and talk to them. He won’t even talk to them directly. That is alarming. This is supposed to be a head coach, a leader of men. This is a men’s sport, these aren’t college, kids. These are men who want to be treated like men, and you have a head coach that won’t even give them the time to listen or even talk to them.

That is absolutely ridiculous. I have never heard that and who knows what this will do? Will it lead to the jets considering training, jamal adams, maybe, but if i’m, the jets? I keep jamal adams before i keep adam gase, because jamal adams has proven that he wants to win. He wants to work hard. He wants to buy in and he’s pointing out that this head coach isn’t completely bought in just pay him get this distraction out of the way. If you pay jamal, you show him that you love him. You want to be the leader of this team and if it doesn’t, go well to start the season, you make greg williams the head coach through the season, because i was never adam gase fan when they hired him. I was on the record. They should have fired him last season, even though i knew it could hurt sam darnold’s development, but this is a season where there’s going to be a lot of adversity with the coronavirus. The jets are not going to have any fans in the stands this year. There’S not going to be a preseason there’s going to be a lot of adversity. This is a year where you’re going to need a head coach to really keep a team together and from what jamal adams is saying. The cracks are already there in the jets it’s. Just a matter of time, until they finally break and i’m making, this prediction i don’t think gates is the head coach at the end next season.

I just don’t think he can be the head coach. Unless something dramatic happens, this team’s a playoff team or sam darnold, plays at a pro bowl level. I just can’t see it because there’s too much smoke around adam gates and when there’s smoke, there’s always a fire. The jets have a lot of problems right now. They have a problem with their head coach. They have a problem with their ownership. They have a problem with a disgruntled star player if you’re joe douglas. I understand that this is your first big contract negotiation, but you want to send a message to your team and to your fan base that you are committed to winning and you do that by keeping great talent you give jamal adams a blank check. You make him the highest paid defensive back in the league and you take care of one problem that you can take care of, because the ownership problem the nfl has to investigate.