If you guys haven’t heard the seattle seahawks have acquired jamal adams from the new york jets for a couple of first one picks. A third run pick and bradley mcdougall in return, the clc ox get jamal adams and a fourth round pick yo. Where did this come from there’s, so many things that are going on right now? I am super hyped. I want to stay a little bit more quiet because i’m, not in my normal closet, as you guys could tell i’m actually in a different state right now, hoping some family members move so that’s. Why i’m, not in the right setting at all my search jersey, but it still hits hard and there’s. So many questions to be asked like, like first of all, let’s just enjoy this moment 12s, because it’s not common for a team to pull up back to back blockbuster moves as you, as you guys know. Last year we traded for jedevian clowney, which was a steal of a deal, but this year we couldn’t really get the steal that we wanted. Jamal adams did kind of cost us an arm and a leg. Bradley mcdougall is a solid safety, that’s going to come out there and produce for a low price tag, and we also gave up two first, one picks in a mid round or an early early mid round, uh a third, a third round pick when i say early Mid, like it’s not really early but it’s, not really a mid round pick it’s like right there it’s at third and uh, and we pull it off.

We get jamal adams. How do i feel about it? I’M. Super happy i’ve been saying it before. I was willing to give up two first round picks and marquis blair or bradley mcdougall, whoever it might be. I was completely okay with that, just because the fact that jamal adams is the best safety in the league, no doubt about it and now he’s up there in the pacific, north uh northwest playing with us. I mean before i say, we’re going: 11 5 we’re. 13. 3 now this is a 13 3 team. Are you kidding me at least with jamal adams in the backfield or in the secondary? Excuse me with quandary, dig shaquille griffin, hopefully quit no more, if not quentin than trey flowers, the nfc west is in trouble. It is in trouble, i mean i’m, not going to say legion of boy boom 2.0, but i guarantee you, you know that name is going to be floating around real fast start watching these tv shows i guarantee you. Legion of 2.0 is going to be popping up on the screen. I guarantee you, let me tell you what seattle and john schneider i respect john schneider even more now saying that he knows he has to win now. I’Ve been saying it you can see. In my past videos, i love marquise player, but at the end of the day we need to win now we don’t know when marquis player is going to be ready to play, and obviously the seattle stux organization felt the same exact way pulled the trigger on a Guy that’s going to come in and be the best strong, strong safety in the league.

Excuse me right now: jamal adams and that’s exactly exactly what we pulled off. Not only is it good for marquis blair in terms of uh marquis where’s going to get a lot of um help from jamal adams, but you also got to think about it like this barbie’s blair isn’t, going to have to go and get thrown out to the Dogs against these killers, like san francisco new england, who new england’s not the same but you’re, still going to face guys like bill belichick he’ll exploit him. I mean he’s not thrown into the dogs he’s not thrown into the fire immediately, and now he has a guy. In jamal adams, that’s going to be able to guide his career, this move is huge. Yes, we lose two first round picks. I guarantee you somehow we’re, probably gon na get one back. I’M. I’M pretty positive. We have a lot of players that are honestly in in trade talks. We’Ve got kj wright still up there uh. We still have a couple players that could be on the line, but at the end of the day we look at this. This is a move that’s going to affect our franchise in the future too jamal adams is still young and and he comes and he reduces every year. I mean that’s – something i love about jamal adams and to be able to have that hard, hitting safety hardest hitter. Since cam chance on this team it’s going to be insane, i do think super aspirations.

Are you know we got super aspirations now now i’m, not gon na lie earlier in the season. I was like you know what, if the season is a half of the season, doesn’t happen, but now i really hope they figure out a way to keep all the players safe, and i do hope that covet goes down because i’d love to see this uh see The season happen now, just because obviously we’re super bowl contenders now 100. I do want to say this, though uh player safety 100, you know comes first, so if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t have i’m not going to freak out. We have a pandemic going on i’m, not going to cry about it, but i’d love to see what jamal adams could do this year. If not let’s wait a year, let’s see how he wants. You know gets to know that system a lot more and i can’t wait to see how he does uh when his time does to come or the football season does. You know come whenever that might be. So guys tell me what your reaction is. I’M super excited to see jamal adams in the seahawks uniform, i’m super pumped and honestly. This is the next step towards another. You know another super bowl we’re on this is another step towards another super bowl run. Does this mean jedi and county’s, probably not coming back? Um it’s tough because it sounded like we’re not going to have to pay jamal adams right now it depends uh.

Maybe he does want an immediate contract extension. If he does, then jedediah county is out of the picture, but if he doesn’t, maybe we could kind of soak around and see if we get your debbie and cloudy on a one year deal and make good super bowl run this year. If we can do that, if we get genevieve and connie too, you could probably see us in tampa bay playing for that super bowl, so guys i hope you guys did enjoy this video. I do hope that you guys are staying safe and um doing well.