Whatever you want. I caught him, clooney clowney jade beyond, and they picked up jamal adam. So wow, you know they’re in a stack division. You got ta, you know, keep up with san francisco, so i don’t knock them for making that move. Big move big move by the seahawks man other than that let’s talk about power, let’s talk about which teams, i think gon na win with division and why um let’s start in the north. Of course, my boys packers they’re gon na they’re gon na take it man they’re gon, na they’re, gon na you know take the north again. Do i see less wins? I don’t know i don’t know about that. I think i don’t think their their schedule. Is that bad as bad as everybody’s trying to make it out? I i think another 13 3 season will be fitting honestly, because i think that again, this core, the core of this team, is still there. You know so: hey um, the core of the team is still there. So um hey, you know that’s that’s that’s. What it takes. You know uh minnesota they added some big players. Um they got some. They got some nice players uh over there um. You know i’m, not gon na focus on other teams. I’M. Just gon na talk about who i feel is going to win each division and why um again bears now nick foles, i don’t know we’ll see what he do.

Um detroit man, detroit might be. Actually, the surprise team, you know if, if it just depend on max stafford man, if matt stafford can get his act together, you know they might end up. You know they a team that you know like this year. Well, last year they had us up in both games. You know, miraculously we came back and did what we needed to do, but you know detroit has always been a little tough team for us to any any division. Team is always going to be a tough team. You know detroit pulled off, you know sometime they get to w sometime, you know, so we going from the the the north let’s go to the south to the south man wow, i don’t know man, i mean carolina switched up, um got teddy bridge, you know they Still got christian mccaffrey um, then you got tampa bay. Man like tampa bay is so fucking, like this team is scary, geez, like god, damn you know they had like the sac leader dude had like i forgot his name bro had like. I think it should quit beard or somebody dude that had like 19 sacks last year, bro he was going crazy. Then they got gronk and man i’ll. Tell you tampa bay, we’re going to see man tampa bay. Man go mom. I think. Let me see you got new orleans. I kind of think drew. Brees is like on the way out so shortly.

Atlanta ain’t really ain’t. Nobody worried about atlanta, i i’m telling man i might have to take the bucket news. You know i i’ve never been one to like hate on brady man. You know brady is a goat. I don’t think he is the goat he’s just to go off accomplishments. You know i don’t, i still don’t, think he’s better than like you know montana, or i don’t think you know athletic wise. I don’t think he’s better than mourinho. You know and definitely not better than rogers. You know but he’s the man he got the rings. You know he’s the man with the rings and just his his tenacity, his his will to win his his his uh. You know drive the way he lifts his team. You know, hey don’t, be surprised. Man tampa bay. Take that division don’t be surprised if tampa bay is a top team. If they’re, not you know, it’s gon na be it’s gon na be it’s. Gon na depend on brady man, brady play man, brady come back with a 30 40 touchdown season, hey man, so that’s. My that’s, like my scariest team right now, i mean let’s, see just have a bait what they gon na do. What they’re gon na bring to the table so let’s go to the east. Cowboys did a whole bunch of shit philly. You know if carson whis could stay healthy, not ain’t got nick foes. So can carson win stay healthy, um man? Who would i take in the east man? I mean everybody.

You want to rob. The cowboys cowboys did a lot of shit. They got a lot of distractions to not want to pay um. They don’t want to pay back um man. Do i go with the cowboys and all default. I don’t know what the fuck mike mccarthy gon na do. You know mike mccarthy is a person that needs his players to sometimes bail him out. You know, sometimes he make bonehead calls. Sometimes he throws he dudes. He does um stupid. He calls stupid plays so can dak bail mike mccarthy out i don’t know. I doubt it um, but i might take the cowboys man. Maybe they can go 10 and 6 or something like that 11 and 5. i’ll take the cowboys in that division. It will daniel jones make a leap i don’t want to. I don’t want to forget about daniel jones. You know i don’t know i don’t wash it though they ain’t doing shit, but i don’t know i’m gon na roll with the cowboys man i’mma roll with the cowboys in the west Music. Again, the seahawks just picked up jamal adams um again they lose a big player on a on a defensive line. I steal my role with san francisco, though man san francisco and they defenses high power. But again, san francisco did lose some key players, um losing emmanuel sanders. He went down to new orleans. I don’t know man i’mma roll, damn man russell wilson, though bro russell wilson, damn jamar adams at losing clowney in there and jamal adams today’s secondary with wagner back there, man it’s a talk, that’s a toss up, man that’s it that’s a that’s.

A coin flip bro that’s, a coin flip with that division, um same thing with the south, you know that’s a coin flip bro um, who would i roll with man, i’m gon na roll with uh i’ma roll with san francisco man? Unfortunately um. I just don’t think that um and jamal adams will put seahawks over the top. It will um, because now you got another enforcer like cam chancellor, but i don’t know man, i don’t know that’s that’s a that’s, a that’s, a you know, arizona. I don’t know um the rams i don’t know question mark, you know: rams lost girly, uh arizona picked up hopkins, though so don’t sleep on don’t sleep on uh arizona, you know, but you know, san francisco is just a little power high power and a coaching ability. You know you know, coaching ability is crazy. You know in the afc i don’t really, you know pay attention to the afc. Like that. You know i don’t really pay attention to moves. They make i’m, mostly an nfc guy um i’m gon na go afc east uh let’s, see afce, you got pittsburgh. Wait! Sorry am i right. My bad afc east is the dolphins new england camp uh. The dolphins made the jets and who else in the east buffalo. I think y’all, if i ain’t mistaken, um cam to the patriots man might be big um. I don’t know man that’s the that’s, the talks of division, man, uh miami got toured so ain’t, no telling man i’m gon na pick miami off of default.

Man fuck it. I don’t care uh afc north there we go i’m gon na have to i’m gon na definitely have to go with the ravens. Again. I think the ravens gon na come back with a vengeance. Hopefully, jackson stays healthy. Now the north is pittsburgh. Uh baltimore cincinnati, um cincinnati new, look man uh. They got with the browns, so browns uh, browns ain’t gon na do shit. I’Ma go with uh, big ben man. He returned it, but i don’t think you know, even though they got that good defense over there pittsburgh. I don’t think that defense is gon na put them over the top um. That offense is lacking um, so i’m gon na i’m gon na have to go with the ravens man, um don’t. You know what, if you know, cincinnati come out with a bang man having aj, green and shit like that, you know, get my sanitizer. He rubbing his nose. My hands is clean, um, so that’s, the north i’m gon na take baltimore again uh afc south damn who, in the afc south the jaguars uh shit. I don’t. Even remember. Oh, you mean rudy south dawg, that’s fucked up afc west. You know that’s kansas city, man uh the chargers they got shit coming, who else over there, man, afc west man. I look that’s fucked up. I really don’t fuck with afc like that bro my mind might probably cause i’m on i’m on, like the point that i can’t remember, you know what teams is over there.

I know it was. I know it’s kansas city that’s, the west. I know it’s the chargers that’s, the west, who else is the goddamn afc west bro i’m tripping it’s fucked up dawg this fucked up right now, but i’m taking the cheese man i don’t even care afc south. I forgot who the damn bro i’m i’m embarrassed right. Now i’m supposed to be such a football Music, they are connoisse ain’t, nobody paying attention to them. I hate to be you in the mma fan base. You understand so i don’t know, because i can only remember the jaguars afc south i’m gon na pick. I will make these jaguars bro just begin just because that’s, the only team – i can remember right now – bro man, dog, oh shit, i swear. I ain’t been trying to do this on purpose. I swear to god y’all i’m, not trying to do this shit on purpose. Bro, i do not remember right now, but anyway, man that’s the teams i’m taking packers, tampa bay, cowboys imma, take san francisco, the jaguars uh kansas city. Who else we got do i count our bill better check, no i’m taking the dolphins in that division. Fuck cam newton – i really don’t fuck with – can i never really fuck with cam ever since that abysmal performance he put up in the super bowl and how he piled it and acted like that? I really haven’t been i used to like cam i ain’t going to lie to you.

I like i was like man bro, dabbing and everything, but you know when he the way he acted with that super bowl. He ain’t been the same since that super bowl, bro and that’s, pretty fucked up um, so i’m gon na go with i’m gon na go with miami. I love the colors. I love that i love that orange and that turquoise so i’m going miami and i’m going with baltimore man. You know so those gon na be my division. Winners uh two top two top records in the nfl i’m gon na have to go kansas city it’s gon na either be kansas city or baltimore, and in the in the nfc man, nfc stack, bro i’mma go um, damn tampa bay, i’m gon na go with us. San francisco, those gon na be one of the top c’s nfc and uh super bowl. Next year, gon na be uh packers, oh baltimore that’ll be a cold super bowl, but i think i think it’s gon na be, i think, they’re gon na get rogers. Is it it going to be there to to at least get there, so i could see packers chiefs this time. You know and we end up. Dethroning pat rogers end up showing up pat, who started that shit. You know, but anyway, man. This is a long video. I appreciate all y’all again: those are my predictions for the uh conferences, winners and i’m. Sorry, any afc south fans, any afc west fans of the teams.

I didn’t mention i’m. Sorry, maybe your team is not as relevant for me to pay attention to again i’m. More of an nfc guy, so i know those teams more afc, my team ain’t over there i’m, not a pittsburgh fan i don’t root for them. I mean i like some players. I, like uh, pat, i like lamar um, you know so if i missed your team i’m. Sorry, i apologize apologies. You know your team need to start being relevant. You know, stop being irrelevant, you understand, even when you are really you know these. Those teams obviously have been irrelevant for a long time. You know so again. Man y’all enjoy your weekend. That was a quick video. If i, if i see anything later or if i feel like making another video later i’ll make you another one. Oh y’all, some anyway um, so i’ll, let y’all man definitely like definitely subscribe, definitely comment man and if i forgot your team, please let me know, and all my packers fans don’t remind me of the teams i miss. I want to know. I want to see uh the fans from those teams come in my comments after food and talk shit or whatever me. You forgot my team i’m, the uh, you know so, oh and i forgot man, the redskins ain’t, the redskins. No more. I apology my apologies for saying the washington redskins i’m. Sorry they are the washington football team, as of until they actually find their whole team.

So i apologize for that. That is to me a racial slur. I do not want to offend anyone um. So again, man like comment subscribe. If i miss your team, let me know packers fans don’t remind me of the teams. I missed. I want those players. I want those people to come in and talk shit to me and say man. You forgot my team, whoever they are.