If the right deal presents itself, however, the jets have still not given his camp permission to discuss a trade. So remember last time we talked about him. There was this list of like his favorite teams. Joe douglas is not going to start with that list, but who knows maybe he’ll get there. One day uh jamal adams has this year plus next year, left on his contract and says middle cough it’s, not about an extension it’s about principal. They told him they’d do a deal and they’re not so he wants to go somewhere else well in the nba, when a player of jamal adam’s caliber would just say, trade me to one of these five teams. Those are the only teams – i’m resigning with what usually happens. They end up on one of those five teams. Yes in the nfl, joe douglas doesn’t, give a shit about the niners or the jags, or whoever cowboys right. Who will trade you to the best i’m saying like he? Doesn’T want to go the jags, but the jags off from a first round pick he’s going to the jacks and i think the problem for jamal adams i’ll give him credit about this. He understands the media and he played him like a fiddle. He used today before the camp started to kind of release this pretty explosive article bashing, the head coach, almost making it here’s, where i will give him a little nba style.

How can the jets allow him to show up when the warrior hates the head coach? The word is untenable.

It’S, one of my favorite words. We hear a lot in these situations. The situation is untenable. John here is my overall pushback for the list of of teams. They listed right cowboy seattle, the 49ers see is uh was philadelphia, one of them uh. He is a box safety, an excellent player, a great blitzer, he’s kind of like a hybrid linebacker. I can’t trade a first round pick for a guy that i go when we play george kittle when we play travis kelsey, because, ultimately, when you draft derwin james or isaiah simmons or those type players you go, that is my tight end. Stopper, the honey badger he’s gon na cover tight ends. You know uh that’s, not what this guy does he’s, not a great cover guy. So if i’m, the jets – and i draft this guy – remember – we said for a while – the niners should have taken him. Instead of solomon, thomas and that’s true, but you can’t, redo stuff right that that happened. He went to the jets number six overall, so i drafted guy six overall and then he turned out to be a really good player somewhat flawed, but arguably the best player on my team him or sam darnold. I can’t just like okay i’ll, just give him away for a second that doesn’t make any sense, does a guy it doesn’t make any sense.

John, it only makes sense if you are trapped and as usually the case in the nfl.

The organization is not the one he’s trying to do he’s, trying to trap him but it’s hard to trap an nfl team, a lot easier to trap, an nba team or an nba gm than it is to trap an nfl team unless you are just willing to To sit out and completely sit out, maybe he’s willing to do that, but he has this year on his contract. Like i said next year on his deal, one of the problems for him is the other thing that came out on the day that this story came out was the news that, while the nfl’s minimum cap is gon na go up 10 million dollars for 2021 to 175 million dollars that’s still significantly lower than what the cap was going to be non pandemic, where you’re, probably looking at a 215 million dollar cap right. So this is like a 35 million swing again that’s the minimum. So if there is less money coming in, the nfl expects they’re going to spread that cap over four years, um. So it’s not an ideal day to be talking about how badly you need a contract extension and that you can’t play for a particular team. In this case, it’s him in the jets, i do think if you’re him saying you don’t necessarily need an extension, is a smart thing to say, which is part of what he’s kind of alluded to that.

This is not about the extension it’s just about not being able to play for the jets right.

Jaylen ramsey did the same thing. I i’m not gon na demand. Just get me out of here. I need to be traded. I you do not have to pay me right away, so i think part of the question specifically for the 49ers is at what price does this become worth it because i agree with you: it’s not worth trading a first and, like you said, if you’re the jets Are you willing to take a second, the 49ers don’t have a third they gave that up in the trent williams deal they also at this moment are if the cap is let’s, say 175 million dollars in 2021 there’s three million dollars under the cap right now. For next year well, think about this now i will say this real quick though the good news for them is they could you know if quan, alexander and if and dford are gone, they can clear 34 million dollars of salary and 24 million dollars of cap space In those two moves, the the great part about football, unlike basketball or baseball, when you do projected like they’re, projected to be 30 million dollars over the cap in 2022.. We know that’s irrelevant right, but where they are going to be dinged a little bit. Is this year, for example, they use two first round players right ken law and iuke. They did not have picks the next several rounds.

So when you look at their roster right now, who are some of their better players? Fred warner third round pick debo samuel.

Second round pick like they’ve littered their team george kittle fifth round pick, it helps you get through. Sometimes they allow you to pay other players. When you have a lot of draft picks. The 49ers don’t have a lot of draft picks just this year and those two guys you know ken law and iuke are on guaranteed contracts. The other part great part about having a fourth round or, if he’s, good, great he’s cheap. If he’s bad, you can get rid of them they’re kind of weird spot. Dre greenlaw is another great example that breida for a couple years was an undrafted free agent it’s, going to be fascinating. How this training camp plays out they’re, probably going to lean on a lot of veterans to me, i i don’t know if they’re in the business for these high priced players, i don’t know if you uh, if, if we’ve all forgotten, because i sometimes like – oh maybe They should get jamal adams, they got this guy named george kittle who’s, the best player on their fucking team. He needs to get paid guy, he needs to get paid and we see a bunch of rumors out there here’s. What i know i will take george kittle on my football team and quote unquote, overpay him or make him the highest paid titan in the history of the league, without hesitation over doing something crazy for jamal adams.

Right keep in mind, i i mean, i think it’s implied and everyone watching this video knows this, but you say it’s almond, thomas books, as well after this year, because his fourth year no fifth year option that’s.

You know he makes decent coin it’s. One thing to have george kittle, be the best player it’s another thing for him to also be to face your franchise team leader that adds another layer to who else you pay and how you pay them right. It’S one thing to pay eric armstead well, he’s, been in your organization. If you were to bring jamal adams in and extend him you’re, not just extending it before you extend your best player you’re extending them before you extend the leader of your franchise, we would say right now right, safe to say that that’s, who george kittle is so That that’s my point just being that’s a double whammy: um now, weird spot. You know it makes no sense. What do you do if you’re joe douglas? Do you trade him? Do you trade him less? You know, like the other crazy nfl pick, we saw draft trade. We saw sorry trade we saw was the odell beckham trade right, which was a player and a pick yeah, but they got jabril pepper’s a third and a first, so yeah right would i so would you trade him for a third and a player? I guess would be my question if you’re a starting, a third, a starting player and a third round pick yeah somebody else’s first and i think because otherwise you’re not getting a first.

If you’re not getting a first, do you have any intention of extending them? Well, then, to me: it’s like a two or three and a player: okay: i’m.

Just saying do you haven’t, if you have no intention of extending him at this point, you’ve got this year. If it whatever happens this year and then next year, and then what are you gon na? Do uh franchise him like he’s, yeah but i’m, just saying this is assuming you want him around like do you want to be in a situation where this guy do you think this situation is fixable? I i think a fair deal probably would be like a second. A third and a player, or something like that, if you were just willing to kind of move on – and maybe you could argue, we got his best three years cheapest three years, you know and we still didn’t win. If i was, i, you know what, if i’m, not sold on adam gase, what, if i’m like, if i’m joe douglas adam gates, probably gon na, be gone after this year? Well, if i get another, then part of this is like let’s. Do some damage control here, and i guess this is what you get paid for like we, we did a video uh that’s not out yet about whether or not john lynch is a top 10. Gm, like part of the job, is not just fine trade partners and draft players, but figure out situations like this now i don’t know how you figure out a situation when the player says i’m, not playing for a coach other than to you know, meet at high Noon and have a stare down and see who shows up and who doesn’t joe douglas in somewhat of a tough spot right, didn’t draft this guy didn’t hire the head coach kind of just gets hired out of nowhere last year before training camp, and this is like What you said some this is part of being a general manager.

You deal with these, but he didn’t. He just inherited these two problems. Given his head coach and a star player that, in fairness, jamal adams is a big talker. Guy, like he is he’s, jumped the shark to me on just making all these demands for, for a guy that hasn’t accomplished that much but, like you said at the beginning of the video, all that matters is, can you make the jets feel like? There is no way to bring you back and then you get what you want, but you have to do that, but this is like and we’ve talked like it’s the same deal in contract negotiations. Are you? How far are you willing to go? Are you willing to hold out for six weeks, or are you just willing to hold out for a couple weeks and then show up yet to me if to me the move? If you want to go full all your chips in the middle table, you do not show up under any circumstances right to me. If he shows up, he loses a lot of leverage right away yeah. He cannot show up to training camp, but even by not showing up to training camp. I think that tells other teams you don’t have to pay quite as much to get like. I, i think these teams are looking at him like. I can get him for cheap. Can i get this? Can i just give you my second round pick? Can i get jamal adams, like i don’t see a team going like you want a one, a two and a player that ship sailed, because you do that for a guy who’s, either gon na sign an extension right away, which is tough during the corona, because the Salary caps going under or two is just jamal like, for example, jaylen ramsey when they gave they overpaid a little bit same with laramie tunzel one guy plays left tackle.

The other guy plays shut down corner. This guy goes yes, good, blitzer good good in the box. Against the run and really fiery it’s like i like watching them, but it’s well, is he locking down george kittle well it’s, not great man to man cover. You could argue, then, by what you’re saying i would if i was a good team, i would not trade. I would take them if i can get them for really. You know 50 cents on the dollar. I am not playing, you know: 120 cents on the dollar for jamal adams. So while we’re talking about should the niners trade form, or at least while that’s one of the topics of discussion, the in an alternate universe, there’s a topic of discussion where they drafted him and we’re talking about, should they extend them? Is it worth when you’ve got all these other guys to pay? Is it worth extending this guy right to me it would be. How does he look in robert saul’s defense, and i would imagine he looked really good and to me it’d – be a lot different, because i don’t think he’d be acting like this. This is what well, of course, don’t. You think this happens. A lot in the nba in in on bad nfl teams, it happened with jalen ramsey on a bad nfl team losing socks. You know this guy came from this. Guy came from lsu, where he’s used to winning. If you wanted to make a case for the 49ers, if you’re part of your concern was just how he’s acting you’d say, the 49ers have done a pretty good job in three years now of running a pretty tight ship right.

I i would give my second round pick for him if i wasn’t for niners. That would be as high as i would go. I’D, give my second round pick as long as i didn’t have to extend them, and i could play out these next two years, because i’d be planning on that second round, pick guy which to me being in the 60s, if you trade them for a second round. Pick what you’re hoping is that you get them for this year and then you go.