Seahawk feels so good to say: let’s get into it: Music, Music, whoa nelly. What a deal! What a deal? The seattle sea orgs traded two first round picks to the new york jets and a 2022 third round pick in addition to bradley macdougall and in return they got pro bowl all pro in the box, sack master safety, jamal adams, and i, for one, am okay. With this, i feel pretty good about it: i’m, not over the moon. I definitely have some trepidation about giving up that much draft capital. This front office has never given up this amount of draft proceeds to another team and they’ve made deals for guys like jimmy graham and percy harvin. But i would argue that this guy is a better player than probably those players were at least he’s. More of a complete player overall and i don’t have a problem with it because i’m also keenly aware of the seattle seahawks recent drafting history in the first round or early second we’ve, seen such gems come out of that draft, like jermaina feddy, who’s, now being moved To the guard position with the chicago bears on a veteran minimum deal or malik mcdowell who dropped an rv on his head and never played in the game at all. I don’t even know what he’s doing tackling cops or something.

Then you got lj collier last year’s. First round pick wasn’t even able to get so much as a pressure last season.

Handful of tackles rashad penny has averaged 30 yards a game throughout his career, jordan brooke. So i know a lot of you guys like but i’m, pretty underwhelmed on, because i don’t think he’s going to be at his best until he’s at his most perfect, ideally suited position which i believe is going to be the middle linebacker position. So when i look at our recent draft history, i don’t hold those first round picks to be as valuable as other people do. I think we do much of our greatest work into the middle second and on and so i’m. Okay with that as well. I’Ve also been considering the fact that we’ve had a team over the last couple years that has been kind of reinvigorated. A bit we’ve got young guys who should come along and should develop some, who should be able to give us some depth and not have that. Need to get more first rounders in there like we’ve needed recently, since the legion of boom era, as things have been depleted you’re getting a good player here. This guy’s, not just an in the box safety, though that’s, where he is at his best, and certainly seattle, is going to have to figure out a way to utilize him in the best method and approach, because this is a chess piece on defense.

This is not a guy that you put at a free safety position and then just say: okay, just cover center field, take away the deep ball that’s all! No.

You need to utilize him and put him in mismatches he’s, actually a little bit better in coverage than a lot of people give him credit for. I was doing a deep dive on this a little bit about a month ago, when the initial rumors of this were coming about he’s, actually, all right in coverage – he’s not maybe sensational, but he’s, pretty good and certainly he’s not going to take away the ball. A lot and pick it off he doesn’t have the greatest of hands according to jet’s nation, but that’s. Okay. This is a alpha type guy that you’re bringing on the football field. He’S got that dog in him a little bit of that attitude that i think we need more of on that defensive side of the ball. I think we have a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball, but last year i felt like we had a lot of gut felt like a little bit kind of nice, guys it wasn’t that same sort of tenacity – and i know you can’t – hit Like you used to be able to hit and do all the things you used to be able to do defensively, but there wasn’t that edge that we really need to have. I think for this defense to be operating the right way to be that kind of bully mentality at play, as well as what really kind of seals me on liking.

This deal.

Overall, when i take away the draft capital or the type of player we’re getting or whether he’s a mismatch or a right fit for our scheme is the russell wilson factor. I have been pleading with this front office throughout this offseason to go for it to to take advantage of russell wilson’s prime we’re sitting in the middle of that window. We’Re not in the beginning of it we’re, not at the end of it we’re right in the middle of it and last year, according to pro football focus, he was the most valuable player in the entire league. I know he didn’t win the mvp that has to do with the fact that the east coast voters can’t stay up to watch the ox games because they get really sleepy. He is what he is, which is, in my mind, the best quarterback in the game, and you want to take advantage of that. And while i know this isn’t, the antonio brown which he was asking for. This is at least a step in the direction of what he had asked for at the beginning of this offseason, because russell wilson for the first time at the beginning of this offseason, said we need more superstars. He never used to speak up. He never would say anything close to that in the early part of his career or even a couple of years ago. It showed that he understood the sense of urgency that we’re dealing with here and this guy is a step in that direction.

It’S not a guy. In the office offensive side of the ball, but it will make your defense better, a defense that was ranked nearly at the bet back in dead last last season. Right in that 29th range, depending on the metrics you use, he will make you better on that alone. In my opinion, i know that there are again some divisiveness with him as a player, because there is certain aspects of this where you go well, he’s in a 3 4 scheme with the jets, and he plays in a blitz heavy scheme there and that’s, where he’s At his best, whereas in seattle now he’s going to play in a 4 3 scheme and we’re not going to ask him to blitz at all, go look at cam chancellor stats and see how many sacks he had in his career it’s. Not because cam had a whole bunch of opportunities in the blitz to get the quarterback it’s that more often than not he’s going to be off the line of scrimmage he’s going to be playing in coverage and by more often than not. I mean, like 90 95 of the time so seattle for really this move to work at its best is going to have to wrap their minds around utilizing a player like a chess piece, and this has been something that pete carroll’s been a little bit hesitant to Do over the last couple of years take a player don’t just put him in a position, but utilize him as a mismatch.

Just like you would with an offensive player and have a willingness here to bring him and bring him on blitzes. I will say this: one thing about our scheme is that, whereas we’re not always very efficient in our blitz game, like last year, we were a top 10 blitzing team. That means we blitzed within the most 10 amount of other teams in the league, but we were actually very ineffective at it, because we only ended up 29th 30th in the league in sacks. I will say when you used to watch your old thomas blitzer when you did see cam chancellor blitz. They were effective in that role, so it seems like within that scheme. Maybe there is that potential opening for that to occur. So again, i like this move on all these aspects of it it’s not going to cost a ton of money, you flipped bradley mcdougall and jamal adams, so you basically flip the same salary cost or at least the same cap hit for this season. Some people are wondering if there’s already a deal in place. I don’t believe so. The crutch of this deal was with jamal adams that he was going to be willing to go to another team or a team that was going to be a winner, quote, unquote, who had a chance to for a super bowl, and he would not insist on renegotiation In the first year, doesn’t mean that they can’t sign him into the next year.

Just means that they’re going to keep him on that low cap hit this season and then probably sign him to an extension i’d all, but probably guarantee they’ll sign him to an extension. Moving into next year, you also hope with this that maybe they can find again as we use him as a chess piece. We have another player on this team on defense that you can also use as a chess piece that’s one marquis blair, the second round, strong safety that we got last year, who also can probably play some free safety. And if i was to say, i think long term they’re looking at him, maybe as the free safety, is the future in that role that he’ll play. But you hope with him and with jamal adams both of these two guys that got that same kind of dog. In him find ways to maybe get both of these guys on the football field. At the same time, i’ve always been intrigued by the thought or the possibility of the three safety look. I know you never see it in football. This is layman’s stuff. I i’m sure. Coaches would be slapping me in the face right now for having brought this up, but i still always come back to the thought that, with these past happy offenses, it just seems like the natural evolution of the game would be to almost remove one linebacker out and Then have it be an extra safety who could both play the run and coverage equally well, so we’ll see if they’re willing to utilize it in that respect.

To me, that will be the crutch of this deal if they just try to slap him in as an in the box, strong safety or turn him into cam chancellor, which he’s a different type of player than cam chancellor. I don’t think it’s going to work, but he’s going to be a great fit in the scheme. I think he doesn’t need to just be a blitz heavy guy. He can cover – and i think he’s going to be great in that locker room now that he’s in a place that’s, not dysfunctional. You know general manager, not agreeing with the coach coach, uh kind of wild and kind of doesn’t seem very people. People friendly that guy over there, he seems like a great x’s and o’s guy the jets coach, but i don’t know about his locker room acumen. So i love the deal folks be happy, don’t, sweat. The draft capital russ is a little bit happier today, which goes back further to that step of what i saying is keeping him here for his whole career let’s keep going josh gordon’s up next. This doesn’t preclude us from still going out and getting clowney or even snacks harrison. I know everybody goes well. We only have five or six million right now. No, no! No! No you’ve got four guys. Brandon jackson, joey hunt, david moore and jacob hollister. You could clear out about, i don’t know, maybe around 10 million dollars, with those guys i’m going roughly off the top of my head in addition to the cap space you already have, so you still have a room here to do just a little bit more now And don’t be surprised if we don’t see something else.