Many people have been saying that the jets got robbed in this trade. I do not think that’s true. I think the seattle seahawks made a good decision for their franchise with russell wilson still in his prime they’re, trying to win this season next season and every single season they’re trying to win the super bowl right away, no matter what it takes. The jets, however, are not in a position to win this season. Maybe then not even next season with sam darnold as their quarterback, so right now they just keep kicking the can down the road and try to rebuild that franchise around sam darnold and i guess aaron adam gase. I i don’t know why they like him, but they do so they’re gon na stick with him. I guess, and as they rebuild around those two guys, they’re gon na need a better franchise around them to win a super bowl. Just like the chiefs did last year. It took them three years from drafting homes in the top 10. for them to win. A super bowl in mahomes is probably the best case scenario. You can get from a quarterback that you draft in the top 10, like they drafted sam darnold in the same draft as lamar jackson and baker, mayfield josh allen, a few other guys.

I would take sam darnold last in that group. We made a youtube video on that too, so maybe check that out if you’d like to see re drafts of the nfl, although sam daryle’s, not terrible, i he hasn’t proven himself yet worthy of that pick, so they just got ta keep gaining more draft capital, although The seahawks it’ll, probably wouldn’t, even give him a top 20 pick any year.

First round picks you get that fifth year option and you’re getting a very talented player. Hopefully, if your franchise drafts right, which the jets clearly haven’t done well enough recently, jamal adams was their best draft pick you one of the best players in the league at his position may probably be best i’d, say the best safety in the nfl at strong safety. You can play linebacker like a sub linebacker playing zone down there and he can play deep free safety center fielder, just like he’s kind of like a cam chancellor, but he also has tendencies like earl, thomas or skills like earl thomas in there as well. So that makes him an elite asset worthy of two first round picks, just like i think, deandre hopkins was worthy of two from first round picks, just like bill o’brien thought, laramie tunzel was worthy of two first round picks, which i don’t think he was worth two First round picks – or i think he they got two – maybe it was a first and a second though i’m, not sure, but those two first rounders should help the jets rebuild their franchise because you don’t want to be paying a guy top dollar in his prime and Have his prime wasted due to your bad franchise surrounding him, because safety is not changing.

Your franchise is not going to make you if they can’t win with them. They might they might as well lose without them.

Instead of lose with them. Pay him a ton of money and not do any of that so i’d say it’s, a good trade for both teams. The seahawks need another leader on the defensive end him and bobby wagner. Imagine that team in madden that is crazy them. Two and madden are gon na kill people. People are gon na, be crying about it to the ea people being like. Oh my god. This is crazy. This is op with the two enforcers. If enforcers like fumbles this year, it’s gon na be insane and madden to use the seahawks. The russell wilson escape artist, maybe that’s not as op anymore, but with that being said them too going at it on the defensive end is going to be crazy. Receivers are not going to want to go over the middle against the seahawks next season, i’m excited to watch that, but i think the jets won this trade and the seahawks also got a good deal because there are two teams with different philosophies. So not every trade is just like madden, where you’re trying to win the super bowl every year, which i think people are misunderstanding, so i think it’s a good trade for both sides.