But i do like what the jets got back for sure. So let’s go over the trade here, so the jets received jamal adams was a 24 year old, great strong safety and a fourth round pick for 2022 jets receive a safety bradley, macdougald, who’s, 24 or 29 years old and a pretty decent player he’s, not the worst. He played for the buccaneers for some years then went to the seattle seahawks had so you know three or four nice seasons there, so he’s a decent player, he’s, not jamal adams level, obviously, but a decent player just not 24 years old. He is 29. So take that into account as well. A first round pick for 2021, a third round pick for 2021 and a first round pick for 2022. So i think the jets got a pretty good amount back for a star player and jamal adams. I don’t want to go like you know. I don’t want to say he’s, just a good player.

This guy is a tremendous player, like i think, one of the top five to ten best defenders in the nfl. So i have to put that in there as well. This guy is one of the best now do. I think he did right for the jets organization by throwing adam gase and even the owner under the bus, probably not, but the guy clearly wanted out of there. So i can’t completely blame him, but he did get what he wanted and, of course, him and le’veon bell kind of exchanged.

Some words on twitter we saw, but jamal adams did get what he wanted, but at the end of the day i think the jets probably should have done what they uh should have done all they could to keep this guy. But at the end of the day he didn’t want to be there so now he’s gone the jets get themselves a good return in my opinion, so we’ll just go over why these teams did it? So the you know this trade for the jets doesn’t help them in 2020. It’Ll probably make them worse honestly, but i think it’s a great trade for a team that’s going to plan on rebuilding. So the jets made some big offseason signings. You know a couple years ago with the cj mosleys and whatnot, but um they tried to get anthony barr as well. But you know the jets did try to go all in for sam darnold’s rookie contract, which seemed like a good idea.

Donald didn’t really progress. The way they probably wanted to, but i still haven’t given up on him yet he still has a lot to prove to me, but you know still he’s on a rookie contract. Um still could be a good quarterback in my mind, but we have to see more and for the seahawks. You know they upgrade tremendously at the strong safety position. As i said, mcdougall is a pretty good player, but jamal adams is a different level and they improve in youth by getting a 24 year old.

So the guy’s still on his rookie contract, that’s a downside to it for the seahawks. They have to pay him a lot of money that’s. The whole reason that jets and jamal adams got into this mess in the first place is because the jets did not give him the extension that he thought he was deserving of so that’s. Why we’re here? So i think both teams kind of got a good return here. I guess you can say i love what the jets got the seahawks. It kind of confuses me because i feel like the seahawks are more than just a strong safety away and a damn good one from being a super bowl team. I could be wrong about that, of course, when you have russell wilson anything’s possible, but that team, of course, on their offensive line and some other defensive spots, they have some flaws but like at the same time this guy is a tremendous player.

So you know why not take the chance, but they do have to extend them. They have to give him a lot of money and they did lose their two first round picks for the next two years. Now for the jets, you might get two first round picks that are in like the 20s or even the late 20s, because this seattle team is probably going to be a playoff team. They do play in a tough division with the rams and the cardinals, but and the 49ers, but um you know if they do get good draft picks in like mid 20 round picks even early 20s.

The jets can definitely pick some good players or even the third round pick can be a valuable player as well, and i like what joe douglas has done so far for the jets for sure i tweeted this before so joe douglas, basically traded an expiring leonard williams. For a third round pick and a fifth round pick a high third round pick, i must say then traded jamal adams for two first and a third that’s, a great move and then signing guys. This free agency, like pierre, does here a pretty good corner. Jordan jenkins rashad perriman and brian poole, who i do love. I do love brian poole um for under for only 21.5 million dollars total, so that’s, really like great management. In my mind, i think joe douglas has done a great job and it probably wasn’t the popular move to get rid of jamal adams and a lot of jets fans are not happy about it because, as i said in the beginning, i think the jets should have Did all i could to keep this guy, but at the same time like if he didn’t want to be there and was going to just throw his head coach under the bus and stuff like that, you kind of have to get him out at that point.

You know what i mean, so i think joe douglas basically had his uh had a gun to his head. At this point so yeah i mean i think the jets actually won this trade.

In my opinion, i think the value here is tremendous um. I was actually surprised how much they got because i’m sure a lot of other teams knew that the jets kind of had to trade this guy. Now maybe the seahawks were bidding with a team like the cowboys. Maybe joe douglas was playing some hardball and was telling the seahawks hey. I got this offer from the cowboys. Can you match that or do better, and maybe the seahawks you know gave this great offer, so it obviously depends who they pick with. These draft picks we’re. Not gon na know the winner of this trade for another five six seven years, even because of the draft picks, but i think from the jet standpoint you put yourself in a great spot. You have your own first round picks, which should be pretty high, picks assuming the jets don’t make the playoffs in the next couple years, and then you have the seahawks first round picks as well, so you’re gon na have early first round picks and mid to late. First round picks for the next two years. That is a great place to start building a football team. I love what they’re doing there. It just depends if they get the right draft picks.

I like what joe douglas has done so far, and i think the jets are going in the right direction. It obviously all comes down to how good is sam darnold. Now, if sam dorano for some reason sucks next year and the jets get like a top five pick, they can get their quarterback of the future.

Potentially so we’ll have to see, but i think sandrano will be fine. I’M, not sold he’ll be great yet, but i think he’ll be fine. Next year, the jets do have a pretty decent roster, so we’ll see what kind of wins they put up and, of course, their offensive line does need some work, but um, i think, from the jets perspective, this trade does make a lot of sense. I just think for how good jamal adams is, and he is one of the best defenders in football. As i said, they probably should have tried to keep him but, as i said joe douglas had his back against the wall kind of had to make a move here. So, in my opinion, the jets did win this trade – i do think they’ll make out you know, make out winners in the end, of course, when the you know, big, big superstar player goes to a team. You think that team won the trade, but i think looking at it for the future. I think the jets made out better here, of course, that’s a wait and see obviously and we’ll have to see about that.

But if seattle goes on to win a super bowl with jamal adams being the centerpiece of that defense, obviously that’s not a good statement to make, but right now i just don’t think they have a super bowl ready roster. I could be wrong. I mean seattle. Has some really good, playmakers and, of course, russell wilson can’t forget about him? They do lose clowney, we think, but you know, for the most part, it is a pretty decent roster over there.

In seattle they have a tough division. We’Ll have to see how it plays out, but let me know in the comments who you think won the trade. Were you surprised from all adam’s got traded at all. I honestly wasn’t, you know it’s, like whatever i was kind of surprised.