This is an educated sports talk i’m, your host college clayton i’m, actually in beautiful indiana uh right now, america indiana i’m on vacation, but i decided i’m going to still do shows, or at least try to for the fans uh so before we uh get going. Please, like subscribe share comment everything, uneducated sports talk on uh youtube and please don’t forget to click that notification bell to get more content of the show as well. This is uneducated sports talk let’s, get into it, man, big shout out to the seattle seahawks area. You know they say you know what our time is. Now we have a good offense we’re trying to have a great defense. Let’S go make a splash right now, uh, that being said, uh jamal adams, the all pro safety for the new york gents already at the age of 24, has been traded to the seattle, seahawks and uh. You won, who won this trade? Who lost his trade it’s too early? Because i need a physical first and by all means he’s gon na pass the physical and be a seattle seahawk for the 2020 season, uh he’s, already in contract through 2021, so that’s, basically two years for seahawks. So we don’t know who really won this i’m still getting my answer at the end, but here’s what was going on to get the seattle seahawks send 2021 first round and in the third round pick for 2021.

, they sent a 2022 first round pick as well, and Then uh, i believe, a fourth round picking 23 for this young man.

Now jamal adams is going to be a star. He was already a star in new york. It was just that it had contract. Look jamal adam saw himself before his first couple years in nfl. He knew i am one of the best safeties in the game. Already we just have a crappy team around me. Well, i want to get paid because who i am and i’m probably the best player on this team. Already first, two years in the league i’m, the best i’m, the best person on this team – i want to get paid immediately. I want that michael thomas respect, you know i ball off for two or three years, and i want that money now, michael thomas, for the saints five years: 100 million dollars, 20 million per season for the saints – and that was before his contract. It ended his uh rookie contract jamal has won that kind of respect as well um, and he wanted to be the highest paid safety in the nfl. Now you cannot tell me you can’t, tell me, i mean, literally last year there were leaked rumors late leaked rumors, that jamal adams was being talked about, being traded to the dallas cowboys and it leaked out. I don’t know how leaked out, but jamal adams and company knew, and they said, hold up hold up, hold up y’all, trying to trade me y’all, really trying to trade me in the jet set.

No, no hey, we were never.

We were just entertaining the thought, but the fact that you guys are entertaining for. I have no problems at all in this shady business, that we call professional sports where it’s basketball, uh football baseball. Where owners just trade you any second, general managers can trade you any. Second, i have no problem with the players, saying guess what i went out of here and demanded to be out of there. So everyone’s saying well the players, the players are, you know they have so much uh demanding now these days, but guess what it’s it’s like easy, it’s like it’s, okay, the general manager or the owner says bye, bye out the blue, but it’s bad. When the player wants to go bye bye, you know, i respect the player for doing that, and especially when i heard rumors and and i’m just great safety, and i hear rumors that you are trying to trade and the rooms were true, but you tell me uh. We weren’t, we were just entertaining it, we weren’t going to do it. We were just listening to offers because, because, as an organization, you still listen to offers regard, no no, i don’t want to hear them. I am out and it’s new york and we have a second quarterback and a second team, i’m out i’m out. So i don’t blame him one bit for trying to leave out of that situation. Then he goes to a better situation.

Seattle and you know, uh all the uh, the jets that was just pretty much giving jamal adams.

They didn’t really give him anything else, and but they got, they got two first rounds back a third round in the fourth round, which is kind of up there for jamal adams, which is a nice price. I think the trade was fairly even for a guy like that. I would have probably asked for about another second round during that 2020. Uh 2022 uh draft, but it is what it is. They’Re, the people who make trades – and i mean so small adams – is now he’s not officially see out because he has to go through a physical but he’s, basically going to be a seattle, seahawk already um, but let’s go down to time now. So we knew about them uh hearing about the leak about the trades for to the dallas cowboys um. But then, just as recently, we heard that jamal adams was beefing with adam gates and he was saying: adam gates is not the guy for us now. You knew that jamal was trying to make his case to get the hell out of there, because once you go probably with the head coach you’re saying i really i’m gon na put my foot on your neck, because i want to get the hell up out of Here, so what is going on? Oh, i have to talk about the head coach to say how how clumsy he is of a head coach he’s not built for this he’s not built for our team he’s not built for our franchise let’s, get him out, and that will get the attention of the Uh of ownership and uh management of the jets, and it really really did i mean today’s day where teams are so sensitive and it’s all started in the nba uh i mean the nba has made it clear, like we’re, trying to take stance as players to move Around uh, i mean the only thing i don’t, like the only thing i like when it comes down to players doing their own thing is when they all hook up for these mega super teams, that’s what i don’t like, but for a player to uh, speak his Volume into and to move out of the area because he because he thinks he’s being mistreated, i don’t mind it one bit and you can call it being arrogant all you want, but it’s, no different from when the general manager or owner kicks the same guy out And trades him out the blue and that’s.

Basically, what happened with braden mcdougall brandon mcdougall was really just chilling, like yo i’m chilling i’m playing for the seattle seahawks and then like this weird pandemic is happening. So you figure no one’s really going to be trading, but then you’re going to realize people are are some real g’s. Some real gangsters in this pandemic. People are getting paid, buku money and this the nfl this year and next year this year, not not only this year, but next year is kind of shaky as well what’s going to happen. Um and we don’t know, but people are still getting paid like let’s go, and i find that funny we’ll break that down in just a minute uh about why. I think that’s kind of weird about the world itself, the united states of america itself, but uh think about this uh june 18th. He told the jets. I got not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six. I got seven locations that i want to be at seven locations that i want to be at for this trade, and i mean when the guy gives you seven. That means he is sick of you. You guys give you two or three hey. I would love to be in l.a and i want to be in new york or i want to be. You know you know texas. Now he said here’s seven places and he named him and look it. It was all part of his plan.

He went about how get the hell about there and you know it: doesn’t hurt that he’s trying to pass eddie jackson chicago bears for uh the most paid safety in nfl he’s gon na eddie, jackson’s gon na pay about 14 and a half million dollars, and – and I think i’m pretty sure he wants about 15 or 16 million dollars because he deserves it. He’S already the best team, the best player on the new chess team um, i mean so when they entertained him. That was where it all kind of really really started. He already had some beef with the jet set already. I think le’veon bell tweeted out something i didn’t read into it, but i know that libyan bill said something about uh. You know he was mad. The fact that adams tried to you know leave like that, but bill. We all know what you did to pittsburgh still, so we don’t want to hear that you literally did not play to prove a point. So so i don’t want to hear about that. Man. Don’T worry about this it’s about the team man. You got ta. Look the team down. Do you let your whole staff get the whole organization? Now you got your fans down a couple years ago, so i don’t know why um bill is trying to trip in about player movement. You know stand up for yourself. I don’t like the fact that he did that, but here’s what i’m getting at so so the the united states well, when things want to get done for the reason for, like let’s just say, nba nfl, major league baseball everyone’s, getting paid man from mookie bets from Uh pat my homes, chris jones, guys, are getting paid.

Man and uh i’m, wondering like okay, so guys are getting paid, but that’s, because baseball and basketball and football are putting all this money in for this healthcare make sure everyone’s healthy. But then, when it comes down to like the education system, when it comes down to the urban areas, you could put money into that all day. I mean all this when when when, where was that a pandemic? You know it was getting paid unemployment, money, uh, and i mean they dropped almost three trillion dollars to help people out, and you say that you don’t have money when it comes down to the urban cities or the inner cities that’s for another day. This is me talk i get into that all day, but i’m, not gon na. Do that, but i just think how, when thing when they want something to happen, they can always make it happen. Baseball makes it happen, football makes it happen. Bathroom doesn’t happen, you know, but the united states won’t make this the school systems the education happen like because they want to keep it to where it is already so that’s. Why? I like know that’s, where you drop the ball at for me when it comes out to the country, but these players have this movement out and i like it. I really do like it. I just don’t like when they team up together and form a super team in basketball, it’s no different than football, because it’s still football but uh tell me who won this trade? I want to know who you guys think is in seattle or did the jets get? No draw adam type of currency in return uh, in my opinion, i i think seattle won this trade, because why? I said that because that those first rounders in that third round are in that fourth round, you don’t know who they’re going to be quite yet we’ll find out who actually won the trade in you know four or five years, but as of right now i like, When i have the jets uh sending adams to the seahawks, the crs have a great guy and uh and jamal adams.

Now a great player i’m, not a great guy. I don’t know how he is as a human being, but a great player in jamaal adams, who’s, going to wreck this defense uh and hopefully, that defensive offense that they’re looking at a super bowl contingent once again, and he might just be the guy for that team. Uh to change the defensive mindset all over again, so i mean shout out to seattle, seahawks, looking good that’s, my pops team he’s, a seahawks fan, so you know he’s in it, he’s excited bruh and i’m. Not because you know this makes it harder for the saints to win Laughter, but that being said, uh jamal adams now is going to be a seattle seahawk and the jets are kind of starting over all over again it’s. These inferior teams, who just don’t, know what the hell they want to do, if only you could just keep your conversations at a hush, hush or just think we got jamal adams, who’s uh, you know at the end of the day he could be the best safety Ever in nfl history, why would we play with this guy? Why would we play with his emotions? You never know someone’s real uh, evil intense until it comes out you know, so the jets are looking more like the bad guy. The player movement is real and, if guys want to leave, god will find ways to leave, and you know the jets can say all they want and even jamal adams i mean miles is being real at first.

He said i’m gon na be, i want to be a jet and then he says no, i don’t want to be a jet and he kept with that same saying. I don’t want to be a jet and the jets kept saying. We really really want him as our uh uh. You know future, but they are just owners, ownerships franchise management. They be lying about that kind of stuff and we see it every single time they they lie about that through the skin of their teeth, uh and so it’s it’s refreshing to once again see the player movement win, and he get about that thing because uh new York jets. I don’t blame anyone for trying to do the jets. I don’t i mean they haven’t won that since 68 i don’t blame them one bit uh. That being said, guys comment down below. Please like subscribe, share and comment. Everything on educated sports talk check me out on instagram. It is uneducated, underscoring network, no school, uneducated, underscore sports talk. I don’t know i’m tripping today and then uh check me out on facebook, carlos clayton from lake charles louisiana and check out every thursday, my podcast uneducated sports talk podcast, hosted by myself every thursday, where we talk about everything happening in sports that’s, be on spotify itunes. Google podcast and apple podcast sponsored by the anchor app, be live on facebook as well. For that, so please check us out for that and, like i said, instagram uneducated underscore sports talk to check out more content.

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