A third and another first in 2022 and safety bradley mcdougall. Where do i mean where the hell do? I begin it? It just shows seattle is what in the wind now mode, and i mean with quandary digs and oh man, quandary digs and jamal adams in the safety. Oh my god, that’s kim chancellor earl, thomas type of movement right there that’s just cam, chancellor old, thomas 2.0, that’s. What i think russell wilson is not getting any younger, so he’s only he’s, already 31 years old he’s in his prime. So i mean seattle were won’t, play away from getting the first overall see the nfc, so i mean they’re there man, they really are there. So just this, this trade for seattle, it makes sense this means for the jets man. This is just for the future man it’s going to hit us this year. For sure i mean us best player and the d, probably arguably our best player in the team gone uh. Seven gon na hit us for the season. Marcus may definitely gon na take the brunt, but this bradley mcdougall guy i’m hearing this guy he’s very underrated. Look at this seattle’s, most underrated player, bradley mcdougall.

It says over the last two season. Mcdougall has the fourth highest man coverage grade among safeties at 85.4. Okay, during his two stretch during his two year stretch, he allows the passer rating of just 62.7 when he was targeted, targeted and man coverage can’t even speak.

This ranks fifth among all safeties he’s, one of those players, the quarterback simply couldn’t, throw a guess when he’s aligned to man coverage – oh man, this guy and this guy’s only 29 years old. So he’s still, i mean he’s in his prime right now. So this guy is definitely uh. This guy’s definitely not a scrub at definitely not a scrub. So i mean what a get me wow joe douglas man. You really did yourself over there. I mean what a what a get man, what a get basically mcdougall’s, just not a star player, but he gets the job done. I mean i that’s. Definitely what we need really. I mean don’t get me wrong. I’M gon na miss jamal, but i i can. I could deal with that. His headaches and just complaining so there’s, just this guy seems like a good character, definitely fits well with the jets people. Do the hooting hollering to get you brought in just to leave lol like people weird yo, the internet got these dudes doing whatever for attention, even when they tell you shit, they don’t believe in themselves, as you guys know. Well documented part of the reason.

Le’Veon bell came to the jets what’s jamal adams, as you guys, if you get, it is well documented that le’veon bell part one Music. It is well documented that le’veon bell one of the big reasons he did come with. The jess was recruitment from jamal adams.

He was talking about the culture the how the jets are going to be coming with, for the super bowl, just a lot of big things and it’s just funny from le’veon’s standpoint that now jamal wants to leave when everything gets bad. So this is funny le’veon bell. Talking this shit i’m loving it. This is it’s my running back bed that’s my running back. You know, he’s, coming with avengers next year i’m telling you right now all right, let’s talk about these first rounders, though 2021 2022 we have seattle’s first round. Just so let’s be honest, they’re gon na be in the 20s. I don’t see seattle slowing down. Russell wilson is just a beast player: that’s, a playoff contender, that’s a that’s, an nfc contender, so i don’t i i’m just i’m expecting these to be in the 20s. So i mean you could still find players in the 20s plus our first surroundings. We could trade up, we could try it up in the first round. You know this is options. This is options for doe douglas man. This is a great hall. Man, i’m i’m. Very impressed with joe douglas with this man he stood pat, he said.

Jamal adams was worth two first rounders. Everybody was like nobody’s gon na give him those two first rounders. Then now you see this look at this wow i mean. Where is san pedro douglas? I mean i was impressed with you with your draft, but i i was very skeptical with your how you do business and trades, but this is.

This is giving me hope that this is the right guy, joe douglas you’re, impressing me so far, but, like i said, adam gase, i don’t see anything happening in the first six games, joe dog, you got better be cutthroat with this guy man, i swear to freaking God but yeah. This is my instant reaction for this. I don’t, oh man, i got i got. I just got out of work, so i when i was driving home, i just got on my phone. I i saw the update on my phone. I was just like what the fuck i had to talk about this but yeah. This is my instant reaction to jamal adams, getting traded to the seattle seahawks.