This new trend, we’ve, seen over the last couple years of star players being moved for multiple high picks and we’ve, seen it with khalil, mack, laramie, tunsil, jalen ramsey, and i understand it. You look at where those teams were with those players. Obviously, you appreciate the value they have and is as talent as they are, but you have so many roster holes to fix. You need assets, so i think it’s kind of set the stage for a number of these high profile players. We’Ve seen moved over the last couple years, but let’s jump into it here. Three reasons for the seattle seahawks why? This makes a lot of sense and for me the first one is it’s, just a fantastic fit, and i mean that in every way for jamal adams, when you look at it first of all scheme wise. Obviously, you think about the cam chance. The role he’s going to be able to play in that spot makes a lot of sense for them he’s going to bring not only the scheme fit but he’s going to bring the personality fit as that alpha male that i think they’re missing a little bit on That defense, since we saw the legion of boom kind of break up richard sherman, had that edge to him.

Cam chancellor had that edge to him. Even you know with frank clark when he was there brought that type of an edge. So i think they were missing that uh as talented as jadav and clowny was he doesn’t really have that type of personality? So i think jamal adams, uh is, is somebody that pete carroll has always wanted that type of player in his defense, so scheme fit he’s a fit as an alpha, and then i think, he’s a fit in the division.

You think about the 49ers and those epic games, though the one that came down to just that that foot uh to decide the division. Last year, you’ve got somebody in jamal adams that is gon na, be able to be a force player against the run. They run. The ball extremely well in san francisco, he’s gon na be able to play in the alley. He’S gon na be able to get off blocks and make plays also you’re hopeful he’s going to be able to match up a little bit with kittle uh and be able to cover him underneath and carry him down the seam. So he fits when you’re trying to play against that football team, and i i think you look at the arizona, cardinals and kyler murray going forward. Um is going to be a big problem in this division. I think jamal adams has that ability kind of mirror him spy him and give you some uh some ways to combat what is going to be.

In my opinion, the next great quarterback in the national football league so scheme fit alpha, fit also a fit inside the division so that’s the first thing: fantastic fit uh. The next reason it makes sense to me is is draft disappointment. I mean when you look at what the seahawks have done. They’Ve had some tremendous picks outside the first round outside their first pick, uh they’ve been able to hit on guys. We saw it last year with dk metcalf when you look at their their recent first round.

Picks i’m very hopeful on jordan brooks who they drafted at texas tech this year very athletic linebacker um. I think he’s got a chance to be a good fit and again putting him out there with bobby wagner kj wright, and now you throw jamal adams that second level. The defense has got a chance to be very good. But you look before that: lj collier in 2019, first round pick hasn’t done anything. Rashad penny’s been disappointing. Their first round pick in 2018.. You go to 2017. They didn’t have that first round pick they took malik mcdowell. I think, with the 35th pick the second round that didn’t work out, jermaine and fetty before that haven’t got quite the return you want there either. So to me, i think their willingness to part with some picks makes sense to get a known commodity. They have confidence. They can hit on picks outside the first round um and then their ability to just get a plug and play player uh for jamal adams.

I thought that makes sense, so you’ve got fantastic, fit you’ve got the draft disappointment and then the third reason to me is is wilson’s window when you look at russell wilson right now, he’s 31 years old, he’s still very much in the prime of his career. My opinion, i think, he’s the second best quarterback in the national football league. Right now, this offense is in good shape, mentioned dk metcalf they’ve got locket they’ve got some some good pieces around him they’re explosive on offense offensive line.

You know hopeful continues to improve there, but they’ve made some upgrades, so i feel good about offense defense looks nothing like the super bowl defense that they had. They needed an upgrade, and i think jamal adams provides that so in this window of the next four or five years, russell wilson’s still going to be able to move around really well, not to mention winning from pocket. This is kind of the golden years. Here you don’t want to waste them, so those are the reasons why this makes sense for the seattle, seahawks let’s flip it over to the new york jets. Now, why why this move? This is the best player on your team um. They picked him high. Obviously it was a different regime, but he’s a hit. So why would you move on from a player like that? Let me give you three reasons. Let’S start number, one with premium positions you know safety is uh he’s a difference maker.

No doubt is a safety, but the jets are void of talent at the premium positions. Here are the premium positions you look on offense and think about this from the standpoint of how high these positions traditionally get drafted. That speaks to the value. Also, look at what happens in free agency uh. The money is going to tell you what the value is there as well, so the quarterback position i’m still very bullish on sam donald we’re, going to get to him in a minute, so i think they’re.

Okay, there they’ve got that taken care of offensive. Tackle would be the second position on the offensive side of the ball. They got mckay bechten uh at their first round pick this year to anchor the left side. I still think there’s a need at the right tackle position going forward, so one of two there edge rushers, i don’t think there’s. Anybody that really scares you when you look at the edge rushers for the new york jets, some solid players, decent players, no premium players at that position and then the cornerback position. I think you make a strong case. They need to invest in the cornerback position, with high picks or free agency. That needs to be addressed so that’s. The first reason why you would trade jamal adams get some assets you can collect and you can address those premium positions that have been avoided there by the previous regime. Next number two on the list is you’ve got respectable replacements when you look at where they are at the safety position.

Obviously, don’t have a jamal adams, but a marcus may is a really good player who can play as the high safety in the post, and now i think you see him drop down play a little bit closer to the line of scrimmage. He can do that all day. Ashton davis, who they picked in the draft this year out of cal, is a very athletic safety who can play as the high safety with tremendous range.

You could also line him up and let him cover some in the slot. So i think, with those two guys, starting, i think, you’re you’re more than functional, you got a chance to be a solid duo there at the safety position. So you’ve got premium positions you need to address, you’ve got respectable replacements and then the third thing i would say, is support for sam. When you get extra assets it’s going to allow you not only to fill those premium positions it’s going to allow you, then to have some assets to go, get some wide receiver help that’s going to be in the future. You’Re not going to see it this year. You know you’re hopeful, for for some of the guys you have jamison crowder, i like in the slot you’re hopeful, rashad pearman’s, going to continue on what we saw at the end of the year last year with tampa denzel mims as a rookie has a high upside, But i still think you need more assets there at the position, so this is going to allow you to do that.

Get some more weapons for sam darnold, with some of these picks you’re going to have from this trade. Also it’s going to allow you to continue to grow and upgrade the interior of the offensive line, a lot of moves made by joe douglas to improve that group. But i think now you have even in more ways to try and get better along that offensive line.

So there you have it.