I think a 2021 third round pick and chuck safety, bradley, mcdougall wow. What a blockbuster and to me, the seahawks, gave him more than i expected when when some people said when i, when i said i’m like, i don’t think we should straight for jamal adams, and i gave my reasons why i was saying the jets are going to Get like one first on pick and then or placement safety, which is what they got on bradley mcdougall and possibly a second round pick and like a fifth round pick what they got. Two first round picks a third round pick and it was a pretty decent safety to replace them. Bradley mcdougall is not that bad. Let me look at his stats, but i don’t remember him being that bad. What did he do? Last year he got um a half, a sack, two interceptions 70 tackles that’s, not a bad replacement. It’S really not, and the seahawks still have to pay him too. So you, you guys, know um when, like the lions traded their sleigh, they already got more than a third in the fifth round pick. But the problem is the the team that traded for him also has to pay him, because we need to trade for a guy and to pay him. You get less that’s, not what happened here. They got the same amount of value as if he was already signed to a new contract yeah now looking back i’m kind of glad the lions didn’t trade for him.

That is way i’m. Sorry. That is way too much to give up. Two first round picks a third round pick and a pretty good safety, and i understand you’re getting a fourth one pick from the jets but that’s in two years, where all these picks, where all these picks are in the 2021 draft and then runs into the 2022 Draft, but is this the right move? You know he did go content, he did go to a contender and i think the final thing that did it. I really think they didn’t want to trade him and then i think the founding that did it for the judge. Training him is a couple days ago the um um jamal adams said adam. Gase is not a good leader and he’s, not the right fit for this team. Yeah everybody it’s breaking news everywhere, um yeah. You know i’m kind of surprised. If the last game, look, you guys got ta understand the the lions did not do this trade because they cannot give up their first on pick for the next two years, i’m. Sorry and then they would have probably had to give up well, they would have to give for placement safety. They would probably give up either devon harmony, who actually just got traded or they would probably give up, will harris and the lions could not trade their first. On pick for the next two years, because imagine one of these seasons go bad, possibly both and you don’t have your first on pick for the next two years.

Yeah. I understand and the reason why seattle did it is because they pretty much know they’re going to be good and that picks going to be pretty low. So i think that i think that’s another reason why the jets got so much is they know those picks are not going to be very good because they know this yuck’s going to be good so well, i just wanted to do a little quick little video on Jamal adams, um yeah i’m kind of glad the lions didn’t do this trade. You have to pay them and it’s a good for two percent picks a third round pick annual placement safety yeah. I don’t i i’m. I i’m kind of glad the lions didn’t trade for him. I don’t think he’s that kind of difference maker, if um, if i’m doing that, i better be getting hall of famer. If i’m trading, two first round picks a third round pick and replacement safety, i better be getting hall of famer and i don’t know if jamal adams is a hall of famer, so yeah but yeah guys that’ll. Be it for this one guys please like subscribe. The subscribe button i mean top right most recent video being about left. The video that youtube recommends will be in the bottom right share the video with the guys that would really help out.