Jamal adams traded from the jets to the seattle, seahawks, really didn’t, think this was going to happen because the jets wanted maybe too much in return, then, given that jamal adams clearly did not want to play for them, he was making it very clear that kind of Gave the other team trading for him some leverage, so i didn’t think two teams, you know one being the jets, obviously would be able to create a deal here that made sense, but it actually happened. Huge news, because it’s, a superstar safety here to me, is more than a safety and definitely a player for the future too, as a bright future. So we’re going to break it down and then i’m going to give you my grades for both teams here uh trying to reach 60k by week, one of the nfl that’s coming up. So please help us get to that subscriber goal there and uh. Please check out both of our channels follow that twitter and then check out the podcast as well any link that you need for any of those things there. You see on the screen, they’ll be down in the description and in the comments every single video, so we’d really appreciate you. If you can check any of that out, subscribe smash that like button, but looking at the trade details really quick i’m sure everyone knows them by now, but the seahawks get jamal adams, new safety for them to pair with quandre diggs and a 2022 fourth round pick.

So they get, they get a pick back there um and the jets get a haul here. They get a first round pick this year. They get a first round pick next year and they get a third round pick this year as well. So you know they kind of swap the third for a four there, so the jets kind of climb up in a year earlier as well uh and they get two first and they get the seahawks strong safety. Bradley mcdougall who’s been you know solid for the seahawks. Definitely worthy of a starting spot, but now the jets have bradley mcdougall. They have marcus may, of course, who’s been playing alongside jamal adams and they drafted ashton davis. Who was kind of that? True, you know single high free safety, maybe the best one in the class uh for in terms of the single high free safeties, because there wasn’t too many of them, and he was definitely the best one – a playmaker in the back end with a lot of upside There so it’s gon na be very interesting, interesting to see what the jets will do with that that group of three uh we can get into the grades right off the bat here i know that’s what everyone wants to see the jets. I gave an a minus and this is what i was kind of thinking. You know right when the trade happened. You know i let the details kind of sink in a little bit.

Let them settle in my head a bit and i kind of changed my mind. Not completely, but a little bit on the on the seahawks and we’ll, get to the seahawks grade a little bit but uh a minus for the jets and that’s kind of where my head was at right off the bat. Why? Because i was, you know, i was kind of surprised they got that much. I didn’t think they were actually going to trade them, because i thought teams were kind of going to low low ball them um. You know just maybe a first round plus a second and then maybe a late round, pick uh, but they get two firsts. They get a third and they get bradley macdougall as well as a solid safety for them. You know nowhere near jamal adams, but so they get a pretty good haul um. You know and maybe a con. Why why it’s got the minus? You know it’s still in the a range, so i think it’s pretty good uh, but maybe because you know they they they traded away, a top tier town. I think a rare talent there’s not too many of these types of. Do it all safeties. You know strong safety space more than that it’s kind of hard to come across them. You know you got, you know: jamal adams, harrison smith, who’s, aging, uh, then derwin james is probably you know a new school one like jamal adams, there’s, really not a whole bunch of them.

Um that play that that that role, where he’s a strong safety but come up in the box, you know, can get after the quarterback but provide pressure. He’S gon na make those impact plays as well um. So you did let go of you know a young talent that was gon na contribute with the other young talent. They have you look at. You know the linebacker unit, the inside linebacker unit’s pretty solid. You know quinn williams in the d line bright future um, so they don’t and they add a you know to me. Ashton, davis was kind of a perfect safety for the future to pair with jamal adams. So they do kind of miss out on pairing him with you know, you know pairing those guys with jamal adams. I suppose so. The defense definitely takes a hit for this year. They definitely get worse this year and they were kind of you know if they had success. This year was mainly because, yes, maybe sam darnold stepped up, but mainly because the defense was really continuing to improve and step up, it could be a could have been a very solid defense, so that hurts a little bit but kind of backtracking. They got a load. You know they got a haul more than expected, given that jamal adams was kind of going out his way saying he doesn’t want to be there. He doesn’t like the coach. I don’t really like the coach either um, but i do think joe douglas has to be involved.

You know what the contract discussions or when to to start them or how much to give him. So i don’t think it’s all on adam gase, there um. So in another positive here, another positive is they couldn’t kind of complete the puzzle? First, off to the defense, you know a solid defense, some solid young names on there uh, but they couldn’t complete it because they’re cut they’re very weak at the edge, the actual edge rush position and they’re pretty weak at uh. The cornerback position and they’re just unable to kind of land those players that you know the big time free agents really didn’t want to come to them. Maybe mine is cj mosley uh, but at those positions corner and edge rush, you know the big they’ve been trying to get the big time players in freezing at those positions they just didn’t want to come to them. In the draft i mean you only got one. First round pick, you got a high pick offensive line so important that’s, where they went this year um, so they weren’t, able to kind of you know, get those last pieces of the puzzle which they they kind of go backwards with losing jamal adams, but they’re still Solid at safety, they don’t really have a giant need at safety, which is kind of rare trading. Your best player, it happens to be a safety, and you, you don’t, have a hole there. So that’s kind of the good thing now, with these multiple picks, the good picks that you receive uh.

You know, even though they’re later first from the seahawks but they’re still extra picks there. You can kind of finally finish that other thing is yeah. You do need some more pieces on offense kind of finishing touching up the offensive line and maybe the receiver unit, but you’re getting there they’re. Definitely getting there it’s, also good to have kind of that insurance because they don’t, obviously they don’t need to use these picks. Now they get to see how sam darnold is before using these picks, and you have a load of picks you having that extra insurance. In case you want to maybe get a quarterback if they somehow can flip this for trevor lawrence that’s kind of a wait and see thing, but it could be a win, even if you believe in sam darnold, you know that’s definitely an upgrade so up. There is definitely more positive here. This is going to help them finish. That puzzle finish those last pieces that they were unable to do, and they kind of got more than expected here uh. It does hurt them for this year, so i’m not going to punish them too much for that. Obviously, i still have in the a range, but they have the a minus so out of the seahawks. Finally, i also gave them an a minus first thought initial thoughts. I was probably going gon na have them in the b range. You know b around there um because they traded a lot and i didn’t think you know i didn’t think it was gon na.

Take that much. You know. I knew the jets weren’t just gon na. Let go of them, but i thought the value was starting to go down a little bit. You know i knew it was gon na take well more than just a first round pick. They did. They did trade two first, they traded their bradley mcdougall, which wasn’t too much use for the seahawks. At this point um you know, and they had a third round pick in there as well. So it is a lot more than expected. At this point, you know is: is it what he’s worth? I can agree that it’s, probably what he’s worth in terms of his play his potential um, so that was kind of the initial thought why everybody, including myself, maybe maybe want to put him in the b range. You know. Maybe the jets won the deal because of that uh, but really thinking about it – and you know they it’s so hard to find that specific. You know that player. You know he’s more than his safety it’s so hard to find that i think the seahawks been trying to you know i got like marquis blair is like a very, very poor, man’s version of that style safety there uh and they they want that it’s such an Important piece, you know, people think safety, not that important. I say not so fast, especially with this specific type of safety, they’re so important to these teams.

You know and they’re such game changers and not even close to all the teams in the nfl can have those players and it seems like to get i mentioned jamal adams is one of them. You know the jets had. He was my number one prospect in that draft a few years ago. I liked jamal items that much. He was a top pick in that draft derwin james another one. He actually slid a little bit, but he was still it picked in the teens there for the chargers and that’s derwent james. You know uh those are the style, safeties and there’s, not too many of them uh. You know and there’s some that can be good. You know they’re solid prospects that got some upside. They may be able to play to that level, but then there’s a sure thing like those two guys that i named and it’s been impossible for the seahawks to find that guy, because you know they they they don’t pick. They don’t pick that high ever and they would have to trade. Imagine when they have to trade to go all the way up and get that guy that’s. Only in some draft classes only there once in a while, you know they would have to trade. The same thing, if not more so that for what i just explained that makes me like it quite a bit more: they got that guy. They got that guy that’s going to be a top tier safety and elite football player now to help them win now, but and in the future.

You know why. Maybe i didn’t want to put it over a minus yeah. They traded quite a bit, but also um they’re, really lacking at the pass rush position, the actual edge rush position and they’re lacking the offensive line still, and i really want them to finish those pieces um to to to be that dominant team. You know the chiefs are kind of known as that number one team that donna team, i think the seahawks very easily could be in that conversation. If they kind of finish those pieces there, you know get russell wilson, the production protection he deserves and get edge rush, because that you know they lost clowney um, and you know right now. They don’t have clown he’s, still a free agent, but it’s such an important piece too. You know an important factor in every single game is getting that pressure so uh it kind of limits them to gaining that gaining those pieces that they need. The last pieces, by trading away, these picks uh, but at the same time you know they actually have a decent amount of cap for the future. You’Ll have to page them all adams, but out of the free upcoming free agents, the only ones that i think are guaranteed they’ll try to resign to decent money or chris carson and shaq griffin. So they really won’t be spending a whole bunch of money. So they’re, you know they won’t be able to go, get edge, rush and offensive line multiple in next year’s free agency, but they’ll be able to use their the rest of their money to focus on on something you know like that uh and they do have young Edge rushers, though you know, daryl taylor’s good pick, alt robinson’s good pick so, and they have lj collier, so they’re they’re trusting their process.

You know they’re trusting that these guys will be able to step up and adding jamal adams with that mix. You know that secondary’s gon na be that much better it’s it’s pretty much a complete secondary. I should bring up that when i was discussing the free agents next year. Kj wright’s involved there but that’s where the jordan brooks wrap. Pick comes in so kj wright on the decline aging, probably on the way out, but it’ll be okay for them. So they’ll save money there, but secondary is looking really good and jamal adam’s kind of involved more than just the secondary um, so yeah they trade. A little bit, maybe it hurts them focusing on the last pieces that they need a little bit but they’re ready to contend. They got better today and they got that that rare player that that’s the key here and why they’re in the a ring any range. They got that rare player that they were not going to be able to get unless they traded for that player. Whether it was in the draft – or i like this situation here so that made me like it a little better, so you guys can. Let me know your thoughts in the comments grade, the both the teams and give me your reasons why you graded them, where you did um.