Music dallas still stinks Music, you’re right the way king dingbat here and, i hope, everybody’s having a great weekend. I hope you guys are doing well. We got some major nfl breaking news, huge news, and this is a story that we have been following like from the beginning, since jamal adams put the eagles on his list as one of the teams he would like to play for we’ve been following this hoping. Maybe he comes to eagles, definitely not wanting him in dallas. Well jamal adams. He got traded. He got traded not to the eagles, not to the stinking dallas cowboys, thank god, he’s going to the seattle, seahawks and it’s funny he’s going to seattle, because yesterday in my live stream, people were asking me: where do you think jamal adams is going to end up And i think i said i think he’s going to end up in seattle. Seattle makes the most sense to me. That is a team that will pull a trigger on star players like this uh. You know pete carroll’s, uh he’s up for that they did it. Last year, with geneva county, i am not shocked at all that the seattle seahawks are getting uh jamal adams. It just makes a lot of sense that they would do it, and i think that they’re a dangerous team i mean look. They already give us problems. They’Re already a pain in the ass.

When it comes, you know for the eagles, they just have our number they’ve had it we’re going to play them again and now they’re going to add jamal adams to that team, uh they’re going to be good they’re going to be a dangerous, dangerous team.

I probably got them winning that division. To be honest with you now that said, they gave up a hell of a lot of of assets. I mean to be honest with you i’m willing to throw a first round pick and a player or something like that, but i’m not willing to give up what they give up. That’S too rich for my blood here’s, the trade details. Okay, so adam schefter says the jets they send jamal adams and a 2022 fourth round pick to seattle in exchange for bradley mcdougall. The safety a first round pick in 2021, a third round pick in 2021 and then a first round pick in 2022 sources. Tell espn depending physicals. Two first round picks the next two years. A third round pick a throwaway safety. In my opinion, that’s a lot man two first rounds is too much it’s too much for me. I think the jets, though they’re getting rid of a good player, a great player, a guy who could be the guy, the cornerstone of your defense, you’re, giving away you’re getting you’re receiving two first round picks. So if you make the right picks man you’re going to be fine, i wouldn’t have given that much if i was the eagles.

Obviously the eagles we’re in a bad situation here, let’s be honest. The truth of the matter is every possible star this all season that we could have gotten going out and got, and we could have done some things early on, maybe with like deandre hopkins or something like that.

But the truth is: is we’re really we’re really stuck we’re, really stuck the eagles they’re? What like 75 million dollars over the cap in 2021 there’s got to be a lot of a lot of guys that have to go there’s going to have to be a lot of moves of guys that we’re attached to they’re going to have a lot of cleaning House to do and they don’t they don’t feel like they can go out and get guys like this. But i’ll tell you this i’m, not giving two first round picks i can’t do it. I don’t, i think that’s too much for me. Uh. Just being honest with you uh, but as far as seattle goes jamal adams in seattle, with the seahawks uh seattle’s going to be tough, i think they’re going to be a very tough team. This year, uh and he’s in seattle, so going to be an interesting season.