First we’re just gon na talk about the trade as a football fan. Then i’m gon na talk about it as an eagle fan because jean while adams did make his you know agent leaked that philadelphia was on that. You know, wish list of teams and we’ll i’ll. Just give you my review of that from an eagle fan standpoint and then we’re gon na finish up with kind of discussing my madden 21 main channel franchise team and – and you know, what’s going on with the jets kind of deal. Does that does that change anything so? First off the trade jamal adams, the jets send jamal adams on a fourth round, pick for two first rounders, a third rounder and bradley mcdougall who’s. You know a solid safety, so when i’m, looking at this, the one every every time a trade like this happens, you always go who’s the winner, who’s the loser. Well, i don’t. No one got finessed it’s, not like you know this it’s, not even the same area code as the deandre hopkins, houston, texan, arizona, cardinal trade, i don’t think. But if i had to pick a winner, i’d, probably say the jets. You look at this from the jets. If they don’t hammer out a deal, you get a disgruntled jamal adams playing for one more season and then he’s gone he’s there’s no way he’s resigning with you.

He gone. So the fact that you got at a position that’s not a premium position, it’s, not a disrespected position, the safety spot, but it’s not a premium position, it’s, not a it’s, not an edge rusher it’s, not a quarterback it’s, not a skill position.

Player. Well, really, let’s! Be honest, running back he’s, a skill position, player and it’s really undervalued, but it’s, not you know, it’s, not a quarterback it’s, not a wide receiver. It’S, not an offensive tackle. You know, it’s. If you’re ranking the premium positions it’s outside of the top five. I would say – and they still were able to get two first round picks a third and a guy that’s gon na be a solid starter for them. Bradley mcdougall is not a liability. He’S he’s, not a pro bowl player, but he’s, not you know. He’S played some solid football there back when he was with tampa, and then he went to seattle. So i think, if i had to pick a winner from this, just the fact that you can recoup two first round picks for a guy that’s, basically gon na bounce, and you would have got what it’s the third round comp pick back from jamal adams hitting free Agency, i think i’m gon na give the edge of the jets. But when you look at seattle, i mean they’re trying to rebuild that legion of boom. You look at seattle ever since the legion boom kind of exploded.

What are they bringing to the table in a very, very competitive, nfc west? Every year you have, you know, obviously, the big changes going on with the 49ers in the last couple years since kyle shannon has been there and they saw some of that results last year.

Making it to the super bowl, so they’re getting ready to gear up. For that. You look at the arizona cardinals making the big splash for deandre hopkins year, two for kyla murray could be you know if you want to risk a little bit of money. There, kyler murray, good odds for uh good odds for making money. If you want to take kind of a long shot for an mvp bet, so you kind of look at arizona they’re making moves to try to do it. But then you look at seattle and it feels like for the last. I don’t know what you know exactly was the year that they kind of blew up the legion of boom, but it’s been like what are the seattle seahawks, bringing the table it’s like whoa. We have russell wilson and bobby wagner and then last year like we got dk metcalf, but they haven’t been making as big of moves as the other teams in their division. Obviously, the rams making trades left right and center so to kind of also combat that if you’re looking this as a seattle fan and – and you think, seattle won, seattle has been dog shit with their first round picks.

So you look as a seattle fan, you’re you’re trading, probably two guys that were projected to go in the third round, that seattle would ended up drafting in the first for jamal adams, a sure thing, so i think a lot of seattle.

Seahawks fans have been disgruntled at the still very least, with some of their last first few round picks i mean you know: lj collier, you got uh rashad penny, i mean it’s, just it’s been head scratching and if they don’t do that they just trade back. So i think, if you’re, if you’re a seahawk fan, you’re still very happy with this, i just think push comes to shove, knowing that the seahawks still have to pay jamal adams i’m, giving the slight edge to the new york jets. But when you look at this generally as the two teams going to next, your jets are always on a rebuild, so they just got way more picks to continue to do that. Rebuilding. I i think that how jamal adams kind of facilitated this deal by trashing, adam gase, it makes you feel like if you’re the jets. You have all the salary cap people these picks. But if you have a head coach problem, people don’t want to go play for that guy. I i think, if i was a football player, adam gates would be one of the last head coaches i want to play, for he has that chip kelly complex. You saw it in uh miami you could probably almost throw in jamal adams, but in miami he would always just trade away.

Really talented players would be like, oh trust, the scheme trust the system. We don’t need these guys and then ba boom bada bing he’s fired because they’re not good enough, so i think first of all, i’m.

The jets. The best way to complete this rebuild is to fire adam gase and go in a new direction and but it’s a rebuild for the jets. So they just got a lot of picks. It’S a win. You look at seattle. Again, you got everyone else in the division. Making moves rams probably regressed this offseason, but you look at the rams over the last two three years. They have gone all in on trying to win same with arizona. This offseason seattle, um san francisco story, didn’t, really lose much. I decided to force buckner to replace that with javon kinla they’re gon na be looking to get back to the super bowl, so the jets have just helped seattle be that much more competitive than their own division. I think you could definitely make a valid argument that the nfc west is going to be the most competitive vision in football next season. So i think it’s, a win win on both sides i’d give the slight edge to the jets, but, generally speaking, there’s no losers. No one got finessed here, and i think both fan bases should be happy should definitely be happy. So the next thing to talk about is this as an eagle fan, because philadelphia was on that short list.

I never made videos talking about this or breaking it down, because i never thought it was going to happen um. You know we could have probably opened that door because harry roseman and joe douglas worked together here in philadelphia.

They were basically our front office when we won the super bowl, so i’m sure that if they wanted to make a deal, we might have an easier access point. Because of that relationship, you could argue, because we lost malcolm jenkins, who’s one of the better safeties in the league, that we would be looking to bring another big time safety, even though jamal adams and malcolm jenkins, very different type players, but uh. You know the fact that we missed out on it’s no bummer to me the biggest win for the eagle fans that he didn’t go to dallas, i thought dallas for sure would be the team that would make some sort of stupid deal to bring in jamal adams. Dallas has their own salary cap issues, which would have been probably the big hang up there, because joe adams is not going to get traded to a team. That’S not going to be able to give him a long term extension and i think dallas would be able to do that, but he didn’t go to dallas. We don’t have to worry about jamal adams being in the division. That’S, a win for the eagles that’s, a nice win for the philadelphia eagles i’m, not going to make some big ass posts about.

Oh, my god. Philly just dropped the ball on this one, not training for trial. It would be awesome to have jamal adams all right. Now, no one on the philadelphia, eagles team for me, i’m looking to get a new jersey right, there’s, not one guy! That i’m, like i, have to go, get his jersey i’m, not getting a jaylen rag or jersey.

You know what i’m saying i’m, not getting a derrick barnette jersey, i’m, not gon na get a nickel roby coleman jersey, not gon na get a darius slay jersey. Just yet. If we got ta trade for jamal adams, i’ll be ordering that shit yesterday, but he didn’t go to dallas it’s still a nice win. So the final part is kind of opening up a discussion about our madden 21 team here on the franchise and before i do that, first things: first, if you tweet anytime, i tweet about anything madden i get. You know if i get 20 responses. Probably five of them are just something that’s not related to my tweet, which off did you see a question and it’s just yada, yada hashtag, fixed matter franchise? You do that shit that’s, starting to piss me off you’re, getting muted i’m blocking. You don’t want to see you’re targeting the wrong person here, i’m, an ally i’ve been as vocal as any well, not maybe as anybody, but for someone of my stature and and my influence, i suppose i guess you could say in the madden community i’ve been very Vocal hashtag fix my franchise on any of these stupid.

Madden posts were like hey. You want to see what jaylen rager’s toughness rating is. No asshole show me the goddamn update of the franchise mode, but when i post stuff about madden and people’s dude they’re doing that you’re getting blocked because that’s just annoying as shit.

But i was posting about what my madden 21 franchise is going to be. I had a short list: four teams with the washington football team was one of them and obviously very interesting team to go on a rebuild questions over quarterback the whole. You know if we do story lines here, that’s. Definitely one of the aspects that kind of set. My franchise modes, apart from the other stuff that goes around on youtube uh, you couldn’t, you know easiest ones – are probably coming from the washington redskins. Ah washington, football team, they’re gon na have new rebranding stuff, but ultimately the redskins think. While they remain on that list i’m, an eagles fan there’s just no way that it wouldn’t end up. Turning into a meme, i don’t want to play against philly. I want to be in that division, but you know they are an interesting team that they remained on that list we had the detroit. Lions was another team. Obviously, with the detroit lions, you have. The appeal of they’ve never won a super bowl, but when you look at the rosters for madden 21, they got a pretty pretty spicy roster stafford bounce. Back year you got deandre swift, kenny, galladay’s, a beast: you got tj hawkinson, you go to the defensive side.

They just got jeff okuda, who’s, absolute stud. You got trey flowers on on that d line there so like from a talent standpoint. Detroit might not be the hardest of a rebuilt team, but they’re still a very, very solid and exciting franchise.

You have the carolina panthers. Obviously, c4 might be a little bit biased because christian mccaffrey and you know obviously, as a former white running back the best running back in the league’s, a white guy. Maybe i want to be carolina it’s a great rebuild. I love matt rule uh it’s a little bit different. You got teddy bridgewater questions about the quarterback spot, uh a lot of holes pretty much and you got a lot of speed. Fun. Offense, robbie anderson got speed. Curtis samuel got speed, dj moore got speed, but defense kind of sucks gon na replace blue king, so there’s story lines there, but ultimately we also had the jets the jet square team. That was considering the only team in the afc that i was considering doing. I’Ll tell you right now: the jets were not at the top of the list. I was getting ready to work on my teaser trailer that i’m gon na drop the for uh the last saturday before madden drops. The jets were not the pole position. The question needs to be, and what i’m gon na have to look for some feedback here. Is that, should the jets now be the lead dock in my madden 21 franchise? Could you look at it you you look at the jets on paper before yesterday, let’s say yesterday: you’re like well, they kind of suck definitely a lot of work to do on this jet steam.

They do have sam darnold, which, if you’re, comparing the jets quarterback situation to all the other teams.

We just mentioned in terms of upside down, probably has the most upside within a madden franchise, so that was kind of going against. But ultimately, you look at it’s like it’s, a bad team, it’s, probably the biggest rebuild team we could pick, but they had jamal adams and jamal adams with those overpowered x factor abilities. He single handedly would be able to bring you at least like one to two games a a year because he’d get four or five goddamn fumbles. So now that’s gone, maybe there’s even more reason to pick the jets as my madden team right, because they’re gon na be even worse, they’re gon na be even worse. I’Ll tell you right now. I pray for anybody that’s going against seattle in madden 21. Having bobby wagner and jeremiah’s, both with avalanche avalanche being the most overpowered ability in the game, instant, fumbles, left right and center, i do not favor anybody that has to play seattle. So you would think, though, which about is getting traded, that the jets should very well be like my top franchise team, but on the other side, i’m being you know, look at both sides of the argument. Now the jets have three first round picks over the next two years. That seems that seems pretty cheesy seems, like you know, with my real draft classes, we’re gon na be getting more more likely than not three franchise players.

The next dude, you know, it’s just one of those things where they four pick sort four first round picks.

I i think that you know, might be a little easy in a way if they got finesse, like you know, houston did and didn’t get multiple first and stuff like that. I might be even more optimistic, maybe even excited to pick the jets as my team, but i think on the downswing. Well, yes, they lost jamal adams. That’S, a huge loss from a roster standpoint makes the jets that much more challenging of a team with four first round picks uh, i don’t know i feel like that’s. It kind of compensates enough that it’s like that, could be kind of overpowered a little bit, but i definitely want to hear what you guys want to think. Those are the four teams that we’re still thinking about have you know i’ll say at least the jets making. This move has has made me open up my my my choice here before i was locked in. I was getting ready to make the trailer for the team. I was going to pick because this jets move i’m going to kind of open it back up again and see what you guys think see. If someone can have a passionate, you know rant to make me pick the jets or to make me pick the painters and make me pick the lions and make me pick the reds, ah not redskins, but the washington football team.