My name is ryan i’ll, be your pilot today, if you’re new here hit that subscribe button, if you’ve been here before, welcome back, i love having you here, guys mondays 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock. I do my live call in show and i will be with chris. The entertainer talking sports and i’m sure we will have plenty of questions about this jamal adams, trade and then tuesday. We got our talk and jets panel. Finally, coming back me, o’leary and green bean are going to be talking all about this trade and answering all your questions so make sure you tune in for that. But let’s talk about the big big big news in the nfl today surrounding our new york jets. Jamal adams gets traded to the seattle seahawks, the jets traded jamal and a fourth round pick in 2022 for two first round picks a third round pick and bradley mcdougall. Now this is way more than i had envisioned the jets getting in a trade, especially after the article came out with manish meta and the whole. You know bastion, gaze and bachelin douglas. I didn’t think there was any shot. We were getting really good compensation and there’s really no shot that i thought we were getting two first round picks to put this in perspective. The jets just got more for jamal adams than oakland got for khalil mack. That is absolutely insane.

Let that sink in. For a second now joe douglas in joe, we trust absolutely cold blooded making this move very, very happy with this move.

Now, let me be clear: we are absolutely a worse team today than we were yesterday. Jamal is a great player seattle. You are getting a phenomenal talent on your team on the very, very cheap in terms of contract. Wise and i mean you paid a hefty premium in draft picks, but hey you’re, getting someone who has hall of fame potential. So hopefully he can turn into that kind of caliber player out there and jet fans we’re pretty happy. We sent him to an nfc team, so we’re really only going to see him week 14 this year in seattle, he’s not going to be able to play in metlife for like another four years or something like that. So i’m really happy with the way. This all worked out every day i feel, like. I love le’veon bell more and more, and even though you know the season wasn’t that great last year, the guy has been nothing but an impeccable leader and he take took a few shots at uh jamal adams. On the way out, so le’veon bell, ah you’re you’re, my guy you’re, my dude, ah really like neil some leave him bill now. Let’S think about this. The the the safety that we just got bradley mcdougall he’s not going to be on jamal’s level, it’s, not going to happen.

He’S got one year left on his deal and well that said, let’s let’s see jamal has two interceptions in the last three years and bradley mcdougall has five interceptions in the last two, so maybe in a weird roundabout way, we’re getting an upgrade i’m speaking tongue in Cheek, but even still, this is something that is very, very good for the new york jets.

As far as you know, competition and everything goes. We have ashton, davis, joe douglas drafting ashton davis, with that third round pick that he got for leonard williams was absolutely the little piece to this puzzle that allows us to make this kind of move. Obviously we have marcus, may he’s going to be our starter. Hopefully we can retain him after the season, but you have ashton davis kind of waiting in the wings while bradley mcdougall can kind of step in, as your starter day, one now it’s a little alarming rich samini tweeted out of the jets last seven first round picks Not including mckay beckton uh, the jets have traded five of them. You got sheldon richardson, calvin, pryor, leonard williams, darren lee and jamal adams. Really it sounds bad it’s, mainly bad, because we have drafted horribly jamal’s, really the first player on that list. That has been anything worthwhile um but hey look. I am super i’m really really excited on this move. I think we got way more in return than i would have ever ever really thought now.

What do the jets do with this? With this trade compensation, we now have two first round picks in this upcoming draft two first round picks in the 2022 draft, not to mention two third round picks in this upcoming draft. So we have a lot of ammo to rebuild this roster joe douglas understands that this team is not ready to build uh, not ready to win a super bowl, yet so to pay a safety.

The kind of money we were gon na have to pay a safety. Just never really made sense and to get this kind of ammo to allow the flexibility in the draft to really plug in a lot of holes with cheap contracts. This is this is huge for the new york jets now, as far as what i want them to do with these picks remember, we may not have a college football season, so this first round pick that we’re getting could be way more of a crap shoot than Ever before, remember, first round draft picks have about a 50 bust rate, so the chances of us really getting a good player. One of these two first round picks are statistically you know, maybe likely to hit, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get a player of jamal’s caliber. So keep that in perspective. If we don’t have a college football season, this first round pick is going to be very, very dicey for me. So what i would like to do with this first round pick or at least maybe some type of conditional pick that turns into a first run, pick we’ll kind of see.

I would love to make a trade for yannick and gawkway the fabulous pass rusher out of jacksonville. I would bring him in. Obviously, you would not have to pay him a long term contract just yet because he’s on the franchise tag, and now that we pass the deadline for those players to get long term deals, he is going to be able to test for agency so you’re, either going To have to resign him or you’re going to have to franchise tag him again, which is going to be a crazy ton of money, so you could probably get in gawkway for a pretty cheap deal.

You might be able to get them for like a third or a second round pick. I would obviously put the condition on if the jets resign him that pick gets escalated. So maybe you can kind of spin something that way, because if i could turn jamal adams into a pass, rusher who’s, like i think, he’s 25 years old, just turned 25 years old. I would be all about that guys.