I know shut up. Stop please i’m late! Okay! I know i realize this it’s, my fault, okay, but let me just get into it right away. This whole deck press got bullshit. Obviously he and the dallas cowboys failed to get a deal done before the deadline. Um that’s, fine by me, i’ve been saying this. Since this whole shit began back in january or february that do not give hold out did not give this motherfucker a contract. Yet let him play under the franchise tag and let’s see what he does this year in his prove it season with a with a brand new head coach. Okay, so i mean i would rather wait till next offseason and pay more knowing that i’m gon na get good value out of that deal, rather than risk getting fucked and pay for less okay, because that dez bryant contract back in 2015 still gives me. Vietnam, flashbacks. Okay, he we got fucked out of that deal. So that being said, dank prescott he’s gon na play under the franchise tag. Fine by me, you know if he can come out here and put up some mahomes like play, then you can get your money all right, but that press god, you better come out swinging in 2020. and with jason garrett out of here with his disgusting, grubby grimy Fucking ginger fingerprints off this offense now been it’s, been cleaned of all of that shit and kellen moore is in control of it.

Now i better not see some bullshit that we saw last year where we drive down the field, but as soon as we get in the red zone, we fuck ourselves over and only go backwards. So we’ll see how this plays out in 2020, but you better fucking come out swinging if you’re gon na want that kind of money all right. So that being said, um the whole jamal adams shit. I don’t think i ever properly talked about that i’m. Very happy that dallas just stopped listening as soon as i mentioned, michael gallup or um, or lyle collins, because it’s just not fucking worth it we’ve been building this offensive line from the ground up since 2011, when we drafted uh tyron smith in 2012, when we signed Um ronald larry in 2013, when we drafted travis, frederick 2014, drafted zach, martin and then 2015, when lyle collins opted out of the draft, because i think there was some shit going on with his girlfriend or something i don’t remember um. Maybe she was in a car accident, i don’t know, but he opted out of the draft and he was able to pick which team he could go to the the best offensive lineman in that draft just fell right in our fucking laps when he decided to play For the dallas cowboys, this offensive line is the foundation of this offense. So why the fuck would you essentially trade away a big part of our offense for a name for for a big name, player, okay and i’m, not taking anything away from jamal adams? Necessarily, you know, i think, he’s a good safety, and all that i i mean i don’t know.

I haven’t really seen him play all that much, but a lot of players in the league hold him to that. You know to that degree, but it’s just not fucking worth it. I would rather wait until the next draft – or i don’t know free agency or something to pick up a safety rather than trade, either lyle, collins or michael gallup, and a first round pick to get jamal adams i’m. Just not gon na fucking. Do it i’m, not gon na bother, there’s, no way in fuck, that’s, gon na happen and michael gallup he cooper and cd lamb is gon na open up so much more for this offense, especially as far as the running game goes. So no it’s not going to happen new york, you can trade, hey! You can trade him to philadelphia. You can sentence him over to cleveland, for all i give a fuck. I just don’t want jamal adams here, at least not for the price that you’re asking for you know first round a first round pick and then one of you know our key players on offense it’s, just not going to happen. So enough of that – and let me get into this whole washington, redskins shit before i head out this is this – is just going to be a quick video, quick and easy um. I really appreciate the show that your front office is putting on for the rest of the nfc east. I really appreciate that, with all this dan schneider shit going on it’s hilarious man, our jerry jones is y’alls dan snyder he’s been fucking your organization up since the day he bought that bitch back in the 90s 98 99 somewhere around there.

I don’t know, but he’s been fucking y’all up since, since he got to washington all right at the end of the day, it’s gon na be fucked. It’S gon na be fuck washington, no matter what it can be, the washington pigskins. It could be the washington red tails, it can be the washington tomahawks, the washington, arrows, the washington tribes. At the end of the day in 2020, washington y’all are gon na get these fucking hands. Y’All are gon na get these y’all are gon na get this fucking work in 2020. Okay, we don’t care. What mascot it is. We have to go against. Y’All are gon na get fucking killed by us at the end of the day. So i don’t care what your mascot is. I don’t care what your team is. The dallas cowboys are going to give you all this fucking work in 2020.. We know y’all are in rebuild mode, but that’s not going to stop us. You know we’ll, probably go up. 30, 40. 50, and then you know, after that we can bring in some of the backups. They can put up another thing put up another 20 or 30 points on you, but anyways um that’s. Pretty much all i got ta say about that um. Another thing is uh, just one final note: don’t get your hopes sky high for this season. Okay, i know i said that this is you know the first time in a while that we have a legitimate shot at the playoffs, but you still, you still have to take account that this is probably it’s.

It could take a whole season for mike mccarthy to uh win over this locker room. I mean: has he even met the team? Yet? Has he even met his players? I don’t know if he actually has because of all this you know covet shit and you have demarcus lawrence. You know you have him he’s, probably not going to play this year, because you know he doesn’t want to get his family infected and whatnot. So you have that going on as well. Just don’t get your hopes sky high. You know don’t get sold on this team just yet because you know jimmy johnson his first year he was 1 15 second year he was 7 9. But then again i guess it doesn’t really apply, because mike mccarthy has super bowl experience and jimmy johnson. He was just coming from what the university of miami he was coming straight from college. You know on to america’s team. I believe so we’ll just see how it works out, but i just think at the very least we’re going to have a slow start this year because, like i said i don’t even know if this dude’s even met his fucking team yet but yeah pretty much fuck Washington, no matter what fuck jamal adams cowboys fans stop having wet dreams about him, it’s not going to happen and dak prescott. This is you better come out swinging this year, because you have to realize this. You have a better opportunity now and making a deep run in the playoffs fuck that divisional round shit you have a better shot at making a deep run in the playoffs now than tony romo had his entire career in dallas don’t fuck.

This up. You want your money, you can go out there and show how bad you want. It prove to us that you’re worth the time of negotiating with your bitch ass agent to begin with all right. So that being said, i’m out um this season we’re only playing two preseason games right, have they even talked about which games yet or you know what? What the first game of what the first week of the preseason will be because it should be in a month right next month is august already we’re in the second half of 2020. You know, hopefully, this shit will be over soon but anyways. That being said, i’m gone. Thank you all for watching.