Let me be the first to tell you. It’S, okay, like the world, is it’s. Okay, come on back it’s, all right step away from the ledge before we jump into that uh, no pun intended. Do me a favor hit that subscribe button hit the little bell icon, really appreciate it, as always: let’s jump into it, though, as i said just have traded uh all proceed to jamal adams to the cl seahawks. You can see the details on your screen now. Uh. You can see they traded them for a first seahawks gave up a first and third round picks in 2021, also a first rounder in 2022 in exchange for adams and their fourth round pick in 2022.. Uh seahawks also sent safety or are sending safety uh bradley, mcdougall uh as well in the trade. Obviously, this deal is pending physicals. Now i want to give my two cents on this um likes. A lot of people are really upset um. You know why didn’t jamal uh, you know john lynch, you know do this deal, you know what’s going on. Obviously you know really. Challenge has been fairly quiet since the draft um. So i think a lot of people are just. You know wondering what’s going on over. There um, but my two cents really is, is simply this um seattle, overpaid period, end of discussion, uh end of story.

You know they give up two first rounders and the third rounder is in this day and age.

That is, that is, i don’t want to say: crazy, that’s insane i’m. Sorry um for a player that you’re going to have to reset the market for uh, which you know, adams is going to reset the safety market. Uh, this i’m pretty sure means devon. Connie is not coming back and this leads into another part of that problem. Uh with giving adams is that seahawks don’t have a pass rush. Um. You know you look at last season. They had 28 sacks with clowney on the team. You lose clowny. I don’t. I don’t know who else is out there that’s going to give you this great pass rush at this point in the season, but all the really good like there. There are none really out there and at the end of the day, uh you know um. I still believe that football is won and lost in the trenches still to this day and if you don’t have a good o line – or you know we’re talking about defense, a good d line that that can generate pressure and get sacks on the quarterback. I do not care who you have in your. You know in your secondary it’s, just really not going to matter much. You know we saw what an improved pass rush did for the niners from 2018 to 2019. You know they pretty much kept the same secondary, but you saw having bosa d4.

You know having a team that could generate pass rush.

How much that affected. You know the ability of sherman mosley uh with us through the early prior season, tarp ward. It allowed them to really play to their strengths and become a much they were this. You know, number two uh pass defense last season and a lot of it has to do with that front, four, generating the pass rush getting after the quarterback it’s amazing. How you know they went from historical ineptitude, creating interceptions to one of the best teams to do that so again without the power starch, i i don’t care how good adams is and adams is. Is amazing it’s, just not i won’t say it won’t matter, but i don’t think it’ll make as big an impact as people think now on the niners that’s a different story. That’S. Why adam’s going to the niners was to me a much bigger deal if the niners had gotten adams that would have, i don’t want to say, punch their ticket right back to the super bowl, but man. I think you feel like that’s what that move was done because of the passwords that nine years can create, and then you have adams on the back end. Those two combined, i mean that’s that’s, that’s magic right there so i’m, not sure what this does for the seahawks. It makes them better for sure i’m not sure how much better it makes them uh, but obviously this this was a lot of people see this as a as an all in move by the seahawks uh.

I understand that that also kind of brings me to my next point is that all in moves rarely work. You know, on top of your head when’s the last time an all in move work, especially in football. I think basketball, you, you see the effects a little bit. You can usually add a superstar piece warriors with kevin durant. You can kind of add those pieces and it’s. I think it just works easier in sports, like you know: uh basketball, but it’s more like football. These all in moves, rarely rarely work. You know you can see uh this tweet from rich simony right here. You know all these moves since 2000. Uh 2000. You know of these moves. You know which ones have peyton yields. Obviously, none of them paid off for a super bowl run um, even the cleo mac move. It was great that first season, but they had a glaring weakness and has offense right we’re. This is season three you know of the clue mac. Are you expecting him to make the playoffs? Do you expect him to make a super bowl run? I i don’t think so include max still as good as he was then, but if your offense can’t move the ball, if you have a major deficiency at quarterback like a mitch trubisky, i don’t care how good cluelemak is it really? You know they have good defense, but you know what what good is it doing them right now right and you know so that all and move by you know even better example, is the rams last season went all in.

You know jaylen ramsey, oh my god. They got jalen ramsey game over right. They didn’t make the playoffs, you know again there’s. You know the offense kind of reverted uh backwards, and you know the defense has some missteps and you saw it just it. Just kind of fell apart. Didn’T even make the playoffs. Last season, like i said so, these all in moves, they they’re splashy, they generate headlines and people are, you know, sweet if you’ve been on twitter you’ve seen it i’m, making a video of it everybody’s making a video about this. You know it’s it’s. You know i’m sure people are getting to nfl.com and you know nfl channel it’s great for publicity, but at the end of the day, does it equal success and, as you can see, usually not you know, and obviously you know matt could still want to shoot bowling. Uh with the bears and rams, you can still win one of the rounds, but as of right now, you know none of these moves have paid off with the super bowl and on the flip side that you know, the problem with the all in move is, if You don’t hit you’re you’re bankrupt, you know uh. If you want to use the the uh, you know poker, you know no limit, hold them poker analogy. You press all win. If you don’t, if you don’t, have the best hand, then then that’s it you’re done you’re out you’re out of the table, you’re out of the tournament, whatever you’re, bankrupt and that’s.

What seattle was staring down the barrel at. If this move doesn’t work, whether you you know this may be one of those moves that it takes you a while to recover from, because now you don’t have draft capital to fill in those holes, and then that leads into another part. We talked. I talked yesterday in my training camp primer, video that you can see there um about the salary cap next season. Uh the floor is at 175 million now that’s. The floor can rise depending on depending on revenue from this season, but that is almost 35 million dollars. Less that was uh that then that was projected uh preview prior to kobit 19.. It was supposed to be around 210 was what the projection was 175. You know that is huge and to not have draft picks to fill in holes, and you got ta remember because of the rookie wage skill. Even those first round of surrounds that’s that’s, cheap labor, much cheaper than you’re gon na find most, you know, good free agents for unless or unless you’re on you know, maybe the backing of their careers but that’s cheap labor. You know and if your scouts are good and your gm is good that’s, cheap, good labor that so to not have that and to be in a position where, if this deal doesn’t work out for the seahawks now you don’t have the drive capital to replenish holes Or to you know, make up for that you’re in you’re in deep trouble.

We, the rams, are maybe the perfect example. They went all in having those like just destroyed their salary cap had to release. You know: gurley matthews. You know they had those. You know basically not no draft picks this season, but you know very little draft capital to fill in some glaring weaknesses and it’s left them out of the deficit, with a weakness and for what they didn’t make the playoffs. So, at the end of the day, they were left with with nothing they’re in the even bigger hole. Now then, if they had just stayed pat with what they had kept, those draft picks – maybe you use those draft picks you make a trade later. You use those to replenish some holes now and you’re in a better position going forward. Then you know, then not then having ramsey um so that’s, how i see it that’s. Why? I honestly, like i said i am happy the niners didn’t make that play. They have a ton, i think, some, like 25 unrestricted free agents after this season, um they’re not gon na be able to retain them all trent williams, richard sherman tart, are probably the three biggest. I think juice may be up on that list too. Those are the biggest names up there, not gon na, be able to retain everybody and to hold on to your draft picks and be able to fill in some holes again with cheap talent, especially with the salary cap being as low as it is.

Uh that’s going to be huge and then also when you look at after next season um when the draft the cap presumably shoots back up again once we get past uh, the pandemic, now you’re stocked with a bunch of cheap talent, because a lot of people are On their rookie deals, you’re able to maybe make those big free agent moves. You know bring in that. Maybe that missing piece you know at a higher uh dollar amount. You know think d, ford or quan alexander able to make those kind of moves where you know, because you’re able to stock up with kind of draft capital and you’ll stop the covered with you know: uh discount goods that still do the job and then fill in With maybe with some big splashes through free agency, like i said you know, that’s my take on this um, i i know likes that a lot of fans are ready to jump off uh. The cliff please don’t. This is you don’t like it? This is. This is a lot of capital to put into one player. Like i said, the seats do not fix hotline. I just don’t see how big of a deal um adams will be at the end of the day. So uh, you know, that’s my thoughts. I guess i just want to do this. This video is not uh, you know and take a lot of time on this one just kind of got camera bam.

Did it uh? Let me know what you think. Let me hit me up in the comments right here. Bam, let me know what you think you know. Do you agree, uh disagree. Do you think this is terrible for the night? You think they should fire john lynch right now um. Do you think that this is um? I you know feeding into the where’s john lynch like. Is he not coming back? You know. Obviously, shanahan got his extension. Lynch has not does it sweep into maybe that maybe lynch is on his way out, maybe maybe there’s some turmoil behind the scenes.