Nevertheless, when you start talking ill, even though he’s a dynamic player, even though he’s right, the jets may look at it and say: okay, you point out all of these things. We know that you’re dynamic. We know that you bring a lot to the table, but we’re not going to grant you the wish that you really want, and i believe that the jets organization, the way they handle and operate things they would rather trade him within the confines of their division. They would rather give them to the new england patriots they, the miami dolphins, the bills. What have you before they allow him to win lord. What are you talking about? Oftentimes billionaires, they never wrong. They never want to be wrong, even though they are wrong. They would rather say okay to say that we win in this situation. We’Ll give them up to someone else. We would not allow this guy to win. Remember the cowboys put out a first round draft pick for jamal and they looked at it and said: wow nah. We covered jamal, we love jamal. We really want him to be on this team. We think that he’s, the difference maker, he just straw that stirs that particular drink right, so they said no and they want it and they need it and they would love to have a dynamic wide receiver and they realized that sedarian cd lamb, the pig that they Would have had was it the 17th pig they said dog we lost out on a i guess, from what my dogs are saying: a generational type of wide receiver i’m talking about my dog fox lombardi and uh, my god flitz the king.

But you know we’ll see what cd would turn out to be down the line, but i just want to be able to tell everybody this right. Quick, yes, jamal is nice. Yes, we would love to see him on the silver and blue with the star on the side of the helmet with the 33. You know he’s he’s 33 worthy, or what have you we’d like to see that number on a great player? I just don’t think that it will happen now and here’s. Why? Because of the things that i explained it earlier, they do not want to lose. The jets do not want to lose, especially when you’re talking about going back and forth with a player, and even if jamal adams is saying everything, one thousand and one percent right, they’re not gon na. Look at it and say: okay, we’re gon na fold. They not going to do that, so it goes back and forth to what the cowboys should do is just sit back and watch and not offer the form to them, because at the end of the day, they’re not going to give it him away. They’Re not now. Looking at the jets and seeing what they did in the past and beyond, we can say that yeah they need probably another wide receiver. Yes, they need an offensive lineman or what have you and we got those we got those things at our disposal right. We got all of those things, but i just don’t see the jets allowing jamal adams to win.

He said adam gates is not a leader he’s talking about the front office, the general manager he’s talking about him, but i just don’t see the jets letting this thing go if they do close your eyes and imagine if they do allow him to come to the Dallas cowboys, that would be nice, but the jets are looking at it like nah and let’s talk about how other people may perceive this information too. I got ta, keep it 110 with you guys off of gp general principles. Other teams may look at it and say what happened if he looked at our team and he and we kind of have some reservations on this and that will he spit out and will he talk, ear wheel of our team now and i’m talking about other teams? Maybe um the uh, the miami dolphins or the buccaneers or whoever you know or the eagles. You know well the eagles. They they would love to have a jamaal adams and i would hate to see it, but i digress it’ll, be then jamal adams being to be number one. You know he talked about hey, you know. I’M, a dallas cowboys die hard fan, but he put the eagles on his list. So i got to bring him up right and or if he go to the 40 whiners, oh i’m, sorry, the 49ers. They could be looking at it like man. We we see what you’re doing we like your skill set.

We love what you bring to the table, but when the moment you disagree with our front office, would you be out there bumping your gums that’s, why i say: it’s better for jamal adam to sit back fold back, fall back and just say man. I can’t stand this team, but i’m gon na prove what my worth is and i’ma prove that they should have already paid me because last i checked levy young bell said the kid just wanted money and i think that if the jets pay him, he will hush Because he feel like he’s it’s about the money cowboy nation is it about the money? Is it about the respect? Because a lot of times we look at this situation and say to ourselves all right: jamal adams. We know what he can do out there jets and we can close our eyes and imagine what he can do for the dallas cowboys, but putting the big booty in there right putting a big old butt up in there is it really about the money was about The respect, because, during this off season we do know that these guys they talk to one another, they go back and say hey. I was able to buy this. While i was getting this when they say man, you only getting paid that you know, so they go back and forth with all of those things and the dallas cowboys. We already know some of the things that jamal adam was able to get away with and get by with head jets.

It won’t happen over here in dallas land. We got to know that we got to understand that right, that it will not get away hitting the player after the whistle is done, and what have you or um? What is this, what they call it uh personal conduct. You know on the field whatever that crazy stuff, you can barely touch the quarterback nowadays. You know all of this stuff is magnified by multiple numbers when you come over here in big d, so yes, on one end, we love to have jamal. On the other end, we like man, this brother, don’t, know what he asking for because you can fly under the radar and jets, but down here in dallas, every game is on the high spotlight every game, you’re going to be viewed upon and seen upon there’s. So many things to be looking at as it relates to this team there’s, so many things but it’s jamal adam, crying out loud, hoping that somebody could really see what he’s doing and saying. Okay, give me the opportunity to give me a chance. Maybe the chest will fold. I want to know how you guys feel. Will the jets fold on jamal and say you know what we tired of you guys talking about me tomorrow, adam’s camp, your time, you guys pointing out truth because a lot of people don’t like the truth right. They rather have a lie. You know you know to kick it whatever they’d rather go through the lies, instead of the truth or they’d rather have something that’s going on and say: well, you know we really.

We really don’t want no want none of this stuff to be exposed. Right and oh everybody want to be woke right, people better realize when you wake up, you see everything whether it’s, good or bad, see a lot of things can happen while you’re sleeping, but this stay woke culture. It makes you look at everything everything sideways you’re like man. Do i really want to do this now when i realized how they got there. That’S that’s the price that’s the situation to pay when you want to have a walk society so tomorrow, looking at it like i’m old, and this team is not putting me in the best situation. But i come here to tell you guys right now that those billionaires don’t care they would rather lose than to say that you were right. Let me know post me your thoughts post me, your concerns down below about jamal adams.