No foul seven to shoot when murray had an opening jokic over the top of gobert five denver trying to keep their season alive. In a 3, 1 series hold to utah, seven to shoot murray gets to three, but on that one he just didn’t have time to get there and ends up with an illegal screen. This is michael porter, jr quarter, three got it. Porter had a hand on it. Then milsap saves nicely done here comes murray, slicing his way through the defense, the pass jokic murray is there takes it back and cleans up the mess very, very high expectations. Obviously, injuries have played a factor for both of these teams. Murray gorge’s finger roll 17 of their 23 bench. Points have come from clarkson tonight. He has been magnificent murray, taking flight, puts it down and utah’s lead back to a dozen porter outside murray. Deep three got it action on pick and roll and finding open people. That was his fourth assist of the night. Little give and go action jokic back to murray, and that was a thing of beauty, michael malone, obviously desperate to keep his season alive. Looking for some kind of a spark murray with a tough leaner – and he just keeps on – i think – that’s great jamal murray 13 of denver’s last 15 points and he’s get some help here, jeremy grant there he comes down the paint knocked out of his hands. Well played by dozier outstanding, individual defense by dozier murray, free in transition, but two great defensive plays by pd pj dozier murray inside incredible jamal murray, with a stroke of genius majestic now the question is: can they keep it up? Pj dozier played some good ball now.

Yokis gon na fire, another three and that’s good, a playoff run last year, ending at the hands of portland in the second round here’s murray off the inbounds splash. He drives away from the pick and gets to the basket. You’Ve got to get him into the pick and into the help of your big guy murray and once again, those chapters there’s a steal, porter ahead of the field to murray, runs out of real estate, but gets it to porter what vision by murray – and he is Carp loves to finish with his right hand on those floaters conley following up his 26 point performance and look at murray at the nuggets and the jazz coming down the stretch here in game. Five grant steps into a three and he hits one of two murray dropped to a knee. Here. He comes again down the paint, dropping a dime and grant blocked by gobert two to shoot murray shoots and he buries it another day. Murray jokic has broken up by conley murray off another broken play. What a match up here between these two superstars murray, a step back long, two got it 50 in game. Four.