He has 92 points in his last two games. He followed up his 50 with a 42. get started here: we’ll open up for questions, we’ll start with uh katie wendy katie go ahead. Hey mom uh coach said that it feels like you’re turning into a superstar on the biggest stage here. How do you feel like you’ve grown up the past two games? I mean i thought that’s for you guys to talk about um. I just feel like i come in and do my job and put my effort into my shot and trying to keep everybody organized. I think you know having mike out there with me and me joker. You know it challenges us to you, know, help him out and it challenges us to tell him where he’s going on plays match. Ups, how to you know where to show little tips here and there and it’s making all of us better um. You know sometimes it’s tough, but what he gives us an offense and his rebounding and his hustle um knows one match, so i just think just trying to be more vocal in the way joker and i have to talk to everybody and the way we pick guys Up and you know, jg gets going and yeah he’s talking, pj’s he’s he’s, not no rookie, he’s talking to everybody getting me going and troy probably has the biggest voice in the locker room. You know so it’s, not just me it’s, not just me putting the ball in the hoop, no it’s, a collective effort for us to get better and um, and all we got ta look forward to is game six when we lost uh.

You know game four. Now, while we could say it was game, five another way, one game game. Five, all we can say is game. Six, all right! Next, we’ll go to mike singer mike go ahead. Thank you, um malone. You know credited you and said that you generally feed off the crowd and that emotion, that’s, obviously not there uh in orlando, where does that intensity and that passion come from in an environment like this? Is that just something internal that’s internal for sure um? Just wanting to win uh, you know when i play harder: everybody plays harder and that’s just the nature of our team and not only have to be scoring for us to get to get us going. Um much thinking, we’re locked in we’re, all talking we’re. All on the same page, uh defensively, you know we do a great job of making runs and stopping runs and uh just winning games. You know to win games so um. No, just look forward to game six! Alright! Next question: we’ll go to mark kizla mark. Go ahead, two things you’re down 15 early in the third quarter, take a timeout. What happened flipping the switch there for that team. I know you had a lot to do with it and also coach said after uh game four’s, toughest losses. That was that you guys really wanted to get back out there and play a game play another game uh. Why was that? Well, we all got a will to win it’s as simple as that and i can that can carry you that can take.

Take you places. Um, you know yours has a good team that they’re putting up the fight as well. It wasn’t easy, but when we have that will to win – and we like – i said we’re on the same page and talking things out even when we make a mistake – we just move on to the next play i’m, just like we have to move on to the Next game, you know we can’t get it too high can’t get too low and we just got that resiliency in us um, you know with or without the crowd. All right. Next we’ll go to harrison. Wind harrison go ahead. Jamal looked like at times during the first half you could barely make up the floor sometimes or only been. How are we able to just refocus and put that all behind you and have that huge second half who’s that harrison come on harrison come on harrison. You know me better than that um that’s, a challenge for me. No, i mean i, i get this big bruise on my knee uh, but i’ll be fine um. You know, that’s lisa worries nobody. I got 36 hours to get ready for the next game. Um and like i said you guys, are focusing on me it’s not just about me, i can put the ball in the hoop, but when we come together and we’re on the same page, offensively we’re, making them work and we’re getting our run and everybody’s going, you Know we’re a tough team to be all right.

Next we’ll go to all me on my soup with espn home. Go ahead, hey jamal! I was wondering what what is this like uh when you’re on the course for you and donald mitchell, you guys. How much are you guys racing each other’s level play because last game, you guys were the only two players in nba history to score 50 against each other post season, and then there are times in that. Fourth quarter, you guys are trading baskets back and forth. What is this like for you? I mean yeah, it’s, fun, i’m, not focusing on it, but uh it’s hard to just not notice um. You know he’s going at a high clip and you know we’re doing different things to stop him. Um they’re, just they’re, just hitting so many shots, it’s hard to you know, put that much attention on donovan and you know still get out and contest all these other shooters, so uh we’ll mix it up we’ll give them different, looks but um. You know this comes down to us. How we play we’re not focused on no one on one battle: that’s that’s going to come with how we play and and the committed spirit that we have but um you know winning is priority. You know let’s just get this win and let’s keep going all right. Next we’ll go to cassidy, hubbard who’s in attendance. There cassidy go ahead, hey um between you and donovan, both 23 and luca 21.

You guys have been having the biggest performances so far in these playoffs, and what do you make of the youth movement essentially in this league right now? A lot of young, talented, guys well simple, as that and uh we get to play on the biggest stage. We get a platform and you know i wear those would be on our shoes and uh. You know george foreign shoes, um we’ve, been you know, fighting that bad for 400 years. Things i can do is go out there on the court and find my battle and just play as hard as i can and we’ll live with the result but um. You know we got a lot of guys in this league that could take over and um a lot of guys that are in the playoffs i can take over as well. You know if you look down the list so um, as everybody says, in those leagues, in good hands with the amount of talent we have all right. We have time for one more here and we’ll end with rod. Mackey rob go ahead, jamal, obviously you’re a huge down stretch and a lot of focus is on you. But if junker doesn’t come out and put 21 in the first quarter, you guys aren’t in a position to actually make that comeback. Are you i mean we guess we’ll never know um? No, he was you know what he was like, seven or seven, or something first quarter that was huge, um you’re just scoring a high clip he was making rudy have to like have to guard him.

Um have to step up and uh. You know that was big. I think i don’t know. I think we had a one point lead at the end of the first, but he had like 25, the or whatever he said 21 of our 33 um. That was huge. We needed that we needed that boost um. You know he gave it to us that’s what joker does and he’s capable of doing that every night. So you know he started and i finished it all right, that’ll do it. We appreciate it man. Thank you. Thank you.