This is how day two of the third test between england and pakistan played out crawley and butler pylon. Zach crawley makes it big as anderson’s late strikes, jolt pakistan if pakistan were exasperated exhausted and deflated at the end of day one they were in. For more of that on day, two, because zach crawley and joss butler continued right where they had left off on the night of day one. Yes, they were batting scoring, runs as freely as they’ve done all throughout their innings. Pakistan didn’t seem to have a clue where the game was headed. There were a few interruptions though, but none of them caused by pakistan, all of them caused by reigns in the first session, but that was it. Josh butler seemed like jostling towards his second test century. Only to be given out on the field caught behind, but a successful drs review meant that he was not out he’d, not edged the ball. He then notched up only his second test century at the other end, was zach crawley, who was batting like a dream. The two of them stitched together a 300 round, stand zach crawley with his array of shots, putting up an exhibition and also reaching his maiden test double century. Yes, converting his maiden test century into a big one, a double century at a very, very young age, but crawly and butler did not stop there. Their onslaught was on pakistan and pakistan’s. Bowlers were not only deflated but also seemed clueless throughout the day, as the runs kept piling on them.

The two of them zach, crawley and joss butler, left no stone unturned to score big crawly, especially after reaching his 200 went for his shots and all of them stuck. He notched his 250, his highest first class score and he seemed very poised to get to the 300 mark, but one step down too many down the pitch against the part time spinner and he was out stumped, but not before playing what could be a courier defining Innings and with that ended a 359 run marathon stand between zach, crawley and joss butler, a stand that is right up there amongst iconic partnerships in test cricket butler at the other end continued with his stroke, making nothing up his 150, his own first class best as Well, and by the time he was gone, the writing was on the wall for pakistan. England stale bagged as they declared for 583 after having battled for almost 155 overs dreary and exhausted pakistan’s batsmen were in for a show from ms broad anderson and joffra archer. All three of them were hostile and they meant business first up on anderson’s card was sean massoud. Someone he enjoys an enviable record against. He got masood again out lbw plum. Then he didn’t waste much time. He got abhidali too, both pakistan’s openers in the heart they needed to survive. This evening session out, there were perhaps their two best batsmen azer ali and the star. Babar azam baba was peppered by joffra archer with some great short deliveries, but then anderson came in and got barbara azam out lbw2.

By the end of the day, pakistan three down england, have put up a mountain on that scoreboard and in pakistan’s effort to scale that they’ve already lost three very crucial wickets and especially with the way england are bowling.