If you deep down, if you don’t crawlies267, is definitely england’s problem, how dare he they can’t catch that’s? The problem i mean i’ve, seen some waffle slip, attempted catches that you know. If i were jimmy anderson, i would definitely be using some choice, words but um. I thought he was really restrained. I thought he was very restrained, considering if he had you know if he got physical, i don’t think there’s a court in the land would have convicted him. Do you i would absolutely not convict him. A jury would have gone through. Those they’ve got what you’re on five nine eight and they and they did that they don’t deserve jimmy assad. Pabani asks is cardi b’s song wap, which stands for what pitch in this pg version? Is it about england’s, frustratingly unreliable weather? In this test series i mean, if you watch the video george i’m, not sure if you’ve seen the video, but i will be sending it to you after this um yeah. I think it is about this. The frustrations of wet english weather i’m not familiar with the work, the uber was it cardi, b, cardi b wow. That was a very bad joke. That screams. I have a great genuinely never heard of this. Do you know how long i’ve been at the edgiest bubble? I don’t know i don’t know: what’s happened, i don’t know where my family are. I don’t know i i i’ve gone a bit.

Mad waka’s name asks, is it drs or just good weather making umpires forget about the term benefits of the doubt? I don’t know whether that’s meant to be critical of the empires, but michael goff’s been unbelievably good. If you’re hit on the pad and the ball’s going to hit the stance, you should be given out i’m laughing because i’m already reading the next question from our good friend abigail, who asked have the england fielders been using a lubricant in place of hand sanitizer? That might explain it, but what they’re doing with that much lubricant in a bio bubble? I really don’t want to know i’ve been away from home a long time. Oh wow, the man gets lonesome that gets known so moving on nathan barnes asks. Is this what the ashes will be like england can never get wickets on a flat pitch, probably won’t rain as much i’m going to be more australians, i mean you say they could never get wickets on a flat pitch i’m going to say again: they dropped four Chances in 37 balls from jimmy anderson, including three and ten, so it’s not like and paxton, are following on. I mean you know when you say never luca says and asks. Archer was arguably over bowled last summer and arguably underbowled this summer. What do you think his ideal role should be well that’s, a good question i don’t think he’s been under bolt. I like that. I like the short spells, but he could do a bit more, but that’s that’s, fine, let’s let’s, keep it that way.

Okay, so i’ve heard people talking about the pace. He’S got in this game because he’s both good pace, pace, isn’t the final destination pace is a tool to get to the final destination, which is wickets and he is at his best when he’s a hit. The top of off stump roller not to hit the top of the batsman’s head bowler, so i think his bouncer should be used as a shock weapon, and i think that he and mark wood are both encouraged to bowl too short, too often they’re better than that Stay home stay safe asks. Are we going to see jimmy anderson playing for england for the last time? Tomorrow i mean, i suppose it would be like going out on a high when you, you know, like an official, might drop 600 or maybe more, you never know. Well, i don’t think he’ll do that, but he might will he decide to quit. I don’t think so. I think his career ends with the decision being taken out of his hands. I think it ends with injury because i think he’ll never know he’s beaten and i think he absolutely loves it. Are you going to think any differently of him if he doesn’t get to 600? Absolutely not right because again, he’s 38 he’s bowled more balls than any seamer in test history. He’S going to win just vouched bound to. He says you know he’s not going to beat time. Harry pemdas asks what, if jimmy anderson gets virat kohli as his 600th wicket.

That would be something wouldn’t it even though it’s all the way next year, um, and that would just absolutely, i think, break our hearts tomorrow, since we are so so so close and then jonathan evans asks is jimmy anderson sitting on his balcony burning, a pair of Just butler pajamas, probably then, if you do get barack cole as your 600th, i don’t care if it’s day, two that’s, you might drop and say i’m just gon na take myself out of this test period. Leave it on 600, but we’d like to see the 600 way before that lizzie, the best bomb has ever played. No probably not, but is this an incredible record that will probably never be beaten, oh yeah, and if you can’t appreciate it, then you shouldn’t be watching it because you don’t deserve it. Love that you don’t deserve jimmy. You don’t, you don’t. We don’t appreciate what he’s 600 wickets as a seamer is it? Was it easy? It is better at his best as good as malcolm marshall or dale stein, probably not, but they couldn’t go on this long. It’S it’s a miracle it’s a miracle thanks for watching espn.