Applause that’s, where the man came from short wide outside the awesome caught, what it deserved: 96 for 5. through the gully region and run away down to the third man. Boundary carved away, that’ll race, away for four excellent shot, cut away, cut away for four yeah. With again 48, now to as uh ali, the skipper nice shot archer drifting onto the to as our alley nice clip through mid wicket for four takes as a rally past 50 117 for five beautiful play, real flow and stylish back cut. That was it’s a good shot from mazzarella. You don’t see that many people, when archer is cranking it up to somewhere near top speed. You don’t see that many people pull archer with time to spare and lovely down the ground. This time. Just enough oh beautifully played he’s a quick archer, but he’s still got a lot of time as a rally just lifts it over down the pitch and he came inside out and has gone over mid off and he’s gone all the way for six, and that is 50 for mohammed rizwan, what a fine series he’s having Applause drives through the offside, a lovely shot to go to 100. His 17th test hundred he’s third against england through captain’s knock. You can’t keep a good man down for long well played as a rally. That’S, a brilliant grab from josh butler outstanding grab got there quickly and he held on joe root it’s a very good catch.

This it’s quite gloomy lights are on and the ball went quickly with yasir shah, pushing forward a bit of extra bounce from this hard new ball, and the decision has been given. That is a fantastic take all the way into the gap majestic shot from azer ali. This is 18th for edge down burns edged again and down again this time, crawly anderson is going to explode in the air, dropped dropped and a run out chance as well. Now i think that is out. I don’t think that will ease the pain for jimmy anderson, but that was absolute chaos edge. Does it carry yes, they catch it eventually. Jimmy anderson has yet another fight for his 29th fifa in test match qriket. He is an outstanding bowler, because england have him forced to follow on.