My name is chris wong. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. There were a few dc updates that would like to share with you today, but before that i have to thank my newest members of the ping pong flick show. Thank you so much to ok, keith and manny dc for joining the ping. Pong flick, show family uh and thanks to all the members, every one of you you guys and girls are the lifeline of the ping pong flicks family. I did upload an exclusive access video today. It was merely a preview of a prize, a random prize that you will get uh once we reach a hundred members. So one of you lucky 100 members once we reach there will get that prize that i shared today. So hopefully you got to check that out, but of course thank you to all subscribers for tuning in daily for dc content of movie shows and video games. The first topic of the day is going to be mark. Guggenheim has officially left the arrowverse now i know a lot of people are celebrating about this and there are also people that are sad about this, but this is the story. Today, comic book now reports this during a panel for comic con international storytelling across media series. Arrow and dc legends of tomorrow, co creator mark guggenheim confirmed that he has officially stepped away from the arrow versed. He had this to say with the end of arrow and finishing off crisis on infinite earths.

I basically decided that a chapter has been closed here and it seemed like i’ve said all i’m going to say at least for now, with these characters. In this medium guggenheim explained, i’ve decided to sort of move on from the arrowverse. By now, everyone knows that i’m involved with the green lantern lunch for hmx, so i’m, not going too far away. But i am stepping aside from the arrowverse for the time being, during the same interview when asked whether he might consider trying to write the arrowverse versions of dc characters in a feature film context: guggenheim didn’t rule it out. He said this, i think so he said when asked if he would take such an opportunity. I do love these characters and i do miss working in this world. So, whether you like him not there could be a possibility that he could actually throw in some of his arrowverse characters in the future film that has never happened before, but maybe grand gustin showing up uh on the flash could start that domino effect for his characters. That he created for the arrowverse, but any case he has left the arrowverse. He is now going to go on to the green lantern series, which is my next topic. Green lantern series will be written like a tv show, but produced like a movie. This is coming from, and he said this on that same uh panel that he was on for the other interview.

He had this to say. I happen to believe – and this is not a universally held opinion that you can’t do a 10 hour show or an eight episode show like an eight hour movie. I don’t think that works when i see it done there’s, always some flabby episodes in the middle. I think you have to approach it like a tv series and approach each episode like its own entity, even though it’s streaming, even though, hopefully people will binge it. You’Ve got to make each episode a satisfying meal. You’Ve got to look at it with a different temple than you would have in a two hour movie. That being said, certainly the show for hbo max that we’re all working on. We are approaching it with the production ambitions of a movie, so we’re writing it. Like a tv show but we’re hoping to produce it like a film and that’s kind of interesting for him to say, because it it is rumored that this the whole thing will be budgeted about a hundred million dollars, which we essentially come out to about. If it’s a 10 hour, if it’s a 10 episode 10 one hour, episodes rather that’s, you know 10 million per episode, which is essentially what you would get from a game of thrones from a raised by wolves things that you see now that have pretty high production. For a tv series that actually look like movies, so it’s kind of exciting, to see that this arrowverse team will be approaching.

This series, like a movie and we’ll, actually could get actual movie like productions, but for people who love the arrowverse and how they’re telling their story it’s gon na be like that, but with a bigger budget and that’s interesting in itself. I would totally love to see what that actually looks like whether or not you like the arrowverse so far, but they are tackling green lantern this time around a pretty a cosmic show with a big budget. Now they are the same kind of people that have worked on the 2011 green lantern and so that’s. Why mark guggenheim kind of joked we’re returning to the scene of the crime poking fun at the green lantern film uh, that as justice star ryan reynolds has done numerous times over the years? So this team is going to tackle green lantern i’m, really intrigued to see what can come up with this. What is going to happen with this, and all the characters are going to be introduced this and possibly even more so the casting is very essential to this, and i want to bring it back to this tweet that daniel rbk had put out now. Essentially, i thought, according my live show, i actually thought this was reinferd’s because that’s hell, jordan. I thought he was talking about. Maybe ryan reynolds, possibly hearing things about ryan reynolds but casey walsh from the comics uh, the co at the commons kid. The editor in chief of greek geeks worldwide said that they are casting now.

This is what daniel rpk was actually hinting on yesterday, not ryan reynolds. So this is actually all about the green lantern series, where they’re casting these characters now they’re casting the team for it. Now will we find out soon who is going to play the main characters, simon bass, jessica, cruz, uh, scott allen and or alan scott, and also guy gardner, so it’ll be kind of interesting to see what’s going to happen with that, sinestro is hal, jordan going to Be there is jon stewart actually going to be there what’s going to happen with this series, and what is this series going to be about so on to the next thing about speaking of series really where we’re talking about tv shows and series and possible spin offs? As i think, a green lantern series could be a spin off of arrow verse entirely, but there is another series that’s coming out and that is titans. Titans apparently has a red hood reveal soon like within a few hours from where you’re, probably gon na watch this or it’s already come out. But they have put this out as a teaser on 10 26, which is tomorrow titans, and they show a little splash of red hood that this red hood symbol. I can’t help, but look at that and actually say yeah. You know what isn’t that the arkham uh symbol from the arkham games that’s exactly the same batman symbol for the arkham, so i’m wondering if the red hood, this version of red hood will be more like the arkham red hood uh, and i think that should excite A lot of arkham fans uh when when this actually gets revealed now, is this just revealing the costume for red hood, or is it going to be the rumored titans spin off series red hood red hood’s, getting his own spin off series according to the vulcan reporter They’Ve uh actually talked about that, and i don’t know if that’s going to happen, but i’m really excited to see.

If that will will actually happen, um it would definitely expand the titan universe and expand on the roster. In any case, a lot of shows are going on hbo max, and this may be one of those shows that will be revealed and probably by the time you see this, and maybe it already has been revealed uh already so, but speaking of because we’re talking about Gotham and the batman, the batman is continuing to be filmed in chicago, and i think this is just the second unit team. As uh i’m sure robert patterson and the rest of the cast are still in liverpool, but the second unit team are doing some chase scenes in chicago and just like the nolan trilogy the same really. I think this is really the same area where they shot some of these chase scenes, but that looks awesome. This looks great pictures from rob, ellen ole, wilski, winski um, some great shots of the bat costume and um, and also catwoman, is right next to him. Of course, they’re probably going to change this a little bit and maybe add in the the k the cape afterwards to make it look cool. But looking at this doesn’t that kind of look like a really cool poster – and i think boss logic – agrees boss. Logic designed this awesome fan poster of the batman, and it really is like a comic book almost but that’s a kick ass motorcycle and it looks really cool.

I got ta, say i’m really enjoying all these uh behind the scenes. Look at the batman also the trailer. I think this is gon na be a real winner of a movie, and i i can’t wait to watch the batman with robin patterson uh, kicking butt and driving awesome. You know, vehicles let’s see if that’s really a gun or is it a grappling? You know there’s a lot of conversations about that and you know pretty much how his suit the catwoman suit evolves to whatever it’s going to be by the end of the movie. So that is the batman since we’re talking about movies. Now i want to get into um james gunn james gunn actually has some updates on the suicide squad. He tweeted this out when someone asked not saying the other guy is going to successfully convince james gunn to change the story, but most movies have reshoots built into their schedule. Well, james gunn actually had this to say about reshoots. We also had reshoots built into our schedule, but we’re latching, the movie this week, that’s picture locking, with the exception of shifting things around for still incoming vfx shots without having shot any so that he’s kind of pretty much saying that there’s not going to have any Reshoots he there they have reshoots built into your schedule, but he’s not going to need it. He thinks he’s got everything that he’s needed and he’s ready to go now. We’Re going to go into you know: post production and that’s it so he’s, pretty confident in that and that’s very rare, not many people um.

You know. Usually you try to take advantage of reshoots, but you know it’s kind of difficult for issues, so you might as well save it and maybe you’re pretty confident that you’ve got everything that you’ve needed. You can work around things and i think that’s great. I think that means he is very confident in the product that he has and ready to show the audience a little bit more on the suicide squad. He said that when someone asks harley quinn has a franchise, armor, i’m, pretty sure king shark and amman amanda waller. Also has dc, has them in other things, protection and everyone will see, will set an 80 chance of dying because of you know. We see characters that we’re thinking that will probably not die, but according to james gunn, no character was protected by dc. They gave me karna blanche to do what i wanted. That was one of the things we agreed to before. I came to work for them. I wasn’t looking for shock value, but i wanted the audience to know anything could happen. Story reigns supreme, hashtag the suicide squad. Now the one thing about uh this being in the multiverse is that it could end them saying that this is not really a sequel to suicide squad. Yes, some characters are transferring over, but he’s essentially saying that he’s having the same actors and actresses playing those characters, but they’re not telling him that he can’t hold on to these characters.

He’S saying the studio is telling him that that means he could kill off. Harley quinn, if he really wanted to, he, could kill off amanda waller rick flag. Anybody in this, especially if he actually kills harley quinn, that’s pretty big, but he can do anything want with these characters without even um, without even a studio direction. Saying that we want to keep this because it’s continuing off from here and continue on from there, so that to me sounds like the suicide squad is its own thing, it’s like if that world, building that james gunn is going to do and if it’s successful he Can branch off that universe that could possibly have main characters, people we know and love, like harley quinn, kick in the bucket in that movie and she won’t appear in another suicide squad, but she could still appear in someone else’s universe as harley quinn confused. Maybe. But if the multiverse is truly in effect and if each director can choose what they want to do with each character for their specific movie or you know branching universe, then that means james gunn doesn’t have to let any of these characters live and he could essentially Kill them off if he so chooses, and the studio wouldn’t mind that at all, they could still resurrect certain characters as a different version of that character, but that character in another universe, we’ll see. If that really happens and we’ll see, what does that mean in terms of what characters can they connect to another universe and so on and so forth? How branching is this dceu that part is, is the most confusing to me, but uh.

These words are, are pretty much just warning us right now that don’t expect certain characters. You think they’re gon na live in this movie to go on and and live to the end of the movie. So that’s interesting, i think, that’s a uh, something that uh um, that it will be very different from other dc movies. That’S coming out. All right next up is ryan reynolds green lantern update yeah. Now i know i talked a little bit on the live show, but if you didn’t check that out – and i know you probably didn’t but grace randolph did have an update on the uh green lantern situation. She said this here is a ryan reynolds as green lantern. Snyder cut update hearing, he really wants to do just a matter of fitting it into his busy schedule. Deal ready to go again, just need to make it work time wise. It would be brilliant and so great for everyone involved find that time and i said make that time. I replied said uh make time anthony reynolds. I would totally love him to come back as green lantern now only because if he really wants to do it right, i believe that he probably may want to redeem himself. I mean he’s been joking about green lantern. He’S been killing himself essentially in a movie right, and i think this is comes like a situation where he’s approaching it like deadpool when he was deadpool the first time in x, men origins the the wolverine movie, which totally was crap um i’m sure he wanted.

A second chance at deadpool and when he got that second chance as deadpool, he never looked back that deadpool one and two are fantastic movies. They’Re blockbusters, i love those and i i really wish and hope that he could continue on the deadpool saga and deadpool 3. You know whatever that needs to be done, so he can get the deadpool he needs to do. But in the meantime, i think he feels that he could probably redeem himself as a new green lantern, a new version of the hal jordan, so that you could kind of just erase the green lantern that he did before he did it with deadpool redeemed himself. A deadpool, why not redeem yourself as green lantern and either the snyder cut or or even show up as your own version of the uh hal jordan over on the green lantern hbo max series, or even a movie if there was, if there’s, gon na still make A movie a green lantern movie, and i think he should, i think, if if he himself really wants to do that, then he should get a shot at doing that. So i really hope he makes time to uh come back as green lantern. If he truly wants to and it’s also important, that zach also wants that as well uh, so i think that’s kind of cool. Now in terms of the schneider cup uh, i was really thinking there was going to be something today.

Uh there were a few people that you know: kind of hang around zack snyder kind of dropped hints that there was going to be something uh on vero. Today, nothing happened. At least you know in the next no uh one hour, um but uh. I think we’re gon na have to wait a little bit longer for some cool stuff coming on vero, but maybe there’s gon na be more stuff on zack, snyder’s, just league and just a little bit of just maybe a little appetizer. I guess, if you will i’ll put this in the link, i’ll put this link in the description below, but on tick. Tock hbo max has a tick tock. I didn’t know that they they put out a short little zack, snyder’s justice league, clip on there um and uh. The second part has a interesting music uh at the end. So i can’t play it here because i don’t know if it’s copyright, but you go ahead and check it out. I don’t know if it’s junkie excel, but if it is, it sounds pretty awesome and i think you guys should if you’re a zack snyder’s justice league fan, go ahead and check it out so, but that is it that is it for this weekend uh. What a weekend i can’t wait to see what happens this week as zack snyder’s is uh, probably possibly finishing up, shooting for the additional photography or may. Hopefully we will get some stuff out of the dc shows.

I would love to see that superman lois superman suit.