Sometimes i walk into the gym, not necessarily feel like working. Take a scoop or two of this you ready to go it’s the best stuff i’ve ever had expedite okay, yeah there’s there’s been a couple of little concerns there with the judges. I mean you know: we’re, always aware that um chris condon, one of the judges, was in the corner of costa zoo and we understand tim’s been training up here, uh with him, with with him at his gym, so there’s some relationship with the family. So that’s really not the major concern, though we’re aware of that and whilst we’re not really comfortable with it. It is what it is, and this is not a personal attack, of course, on chris at all, but what’s also come to light. Is that one of the other judges seems to have a very strong view that tim zoo would win? The fight and he’d apparently told a friend that he believed tim zoo would win the fight, so that is of concern to us uh that, obviously you know with two judges out of three. You know, remember, it’s, not only a matter of being fair, it’s being seen to be fair enough. I’M. A judge – and you ask me what my opinion is on the fight i’m, going to tell you. I don’t have an opinion on judging the fight as simple as that, but have a very strong opinion uh as to the fight, and even said as as as soon as yesterday to one of my assistants, matt partridge was uh when asked how uh jeff was going And he said really good as as good as pacquiao, and he said he’ll need to be, you know, and that also concerns me.

So yes, i am. I am a little concerned about that. I mean, as you say, when you’ve got three judges and if you’ve got one that we were a little bit concerned about, because of that being in kosta’s corner okay in the old days and having a relationship and then a second judge expressing his opinion. You know that he thought um, that tim would win the fight and someone even said he had a bet with a mate that um tim would win. So you know i don’t have verification on that, but it’s, not good that’s been coming to me from a few sources now and uh, which we believe are reliable. So i am a little concerned about that i’m not concerned about jeff jeff’s in super shape, uh the shape you know best shape since pacquiao, so he’s in great shape, but that does concern me just a little bit when he’s saying one of the judges that’s. Judging this fight has been out watching tim zoo train in the gym up here i can’t say about watching tim zoo train. I do know that uh tim is training at the gymnasium by chris condon he’s, one of the judges, and he was in the corner uh with costa zoo in his corner. He was a corner man, so we all. We were aware of that relationship which i wasn’t completely comfortable with that relationship of course, but i thought well one out of three, not the end isn’t the end of the world, but you know when i heard about the second judge saying to people that he believed Him would win the fight that concerned me.

I don’t like judges going into a fight with a preconceived view of the outcome of the fight. You know, as i say, you’ve got to be fair and soon to be fair and as a judge you should always say i have no view on the fight i’m. A judge it’s as simple as that. I don’t know about that. It’S something i’ve already spoken to the uh. You know one of the head judge for this fight. I’Ve already spoken to him and add my concerns to him. Uh last night and i’ve already raised my concerns. You know, and i believe that even that one of the major sponsors to the event has raised his concerns. He wants to know that boxing in this state and in australia is clean. We all want to know that all i ever asked for with jeff and i’ve. Always done this is just a fair go. We don’t want any bias. We just want a fair go that’s. All we believe we need to win. The fight is a fair go okay, but, as i said, i don’t want any. We already had an issue. You may recall in the last boxing fight where one of the judges, who is normally a very good judge, was vastly different from the other two judges. You know that man was francisco martinez, that’s, quite public i’m, not saying anything that’s, not. You know that that’s not new news, but you know we’re very concerned about the way.

There is no way that anyone could have judged that fight to be a draw, particularly with two knockdowns in round nine in favor of jeff, but he did somehow and that, of course, uh has prompted the abf in queensland to insist on using queensland judges, but that Certainly did concern me that last time so it’s not i’m, not saying this lightly. We just had this happen to us and turned, which should have been a very easy unanimous decision into a majority decision. Last time, i don’t want the same problem again this time and i don’t want to say it after the fight, because everyone will say i’d say our grapes so i’m raising the issue now uh and i’m, putting it out there so that i hope that the judges Here on the night are aware of their responsibilities and we’ll be certainly keeping a very close eye on the uniformity and the consistency with the schools. Uh derek said he spoke with the the judges and they’ve assured him that they would be fair and impartial. Okay, but of course that is what you would expect them to say anyway, and as i say, this is not a personal attack on the judges as people. I have a lot of respect for all of the judges and there was uh it’s, not a personal attack. It’S, just is what it is: it’s the information that i’ve heard and as i say, i haven’t slept that well last night because it’s been on my mind, so it does concern me well, that’s, that’s, that’s, something that you know if these judges don’t feel that they Can be fair and impartial, then they should step aside themselves it’s as simple as that, so we’ve got to be.

Naturally, a knockout is always good because you know there is no concern about judges. If that happens, and but you know you can never guarantee a knockout we’ve got two very fit super tough, extremely good boxes in this fight. This is an amazing fight and you can’t always guarantee a knockout. So you’ve got to always look at. You know making sure that there’s a backup plan there and that you know you’re going to get a fair go because if you go into a fight concerned about the judges, it can also affect the way you fight you get too desperate for a ko, and we Saw what happened with dillian white the other day you know, so you know you need to stay calm throughout a fight and you certainly don’t want anything like uh, potentially some concern with the judges on your mind, yo you. Yes, you thank you so much for watching this video and make sure to subscribe for more videos of your favorite fighters over here on fighter tv and give us a follow online as well. At fight up tv on twitter and on instagram.