I know i seen him when he said that he wasn’t confident in what he said and i’ve spoken to a few people. They he doesn’t believe what he says: um so it’s good that he puts that front on and you know confidence can breed success and in turn, success breeds confidence, but he’s, not confident in what he’s saying and he won’t be successful on the night in doing so. So um message for jamie, bring the a game baby, make sure you get to queensland and i’ll. Give you a good rest. You get that two weeks, quarantine on your way back to you know rest up after i punch your head in and and since then. Obviously, you know when last time we um caught up, we actually didn’t have the actual fight lineup, but you are now the co main event: yeah yeah, the fight that happens before horn and so what’s that mean to you and obviously your team here at nitro boxing Yeah it’s unreal to get the co man event uh. You actually sent me through the poster and i was stoked i was in between pt sessions and i was fucking near doing backflips, so the co main event just six fights in that’s. The other thing, too. Only six fights in and i’ve already got co main event slot on. Arguably one of the biggest boxing shows in australia in recent times, um it’s a feather in my cabin as a feather in my coach bless dudley’s cap as well so um dean lonergan puts his faith in me to warm up the show for zoo and horn and All the crowd and we’re going to get it popping me and jamie it’s going to be a good scrap and um it’s a warm up for the biggest show here in australian boxing.

Some people are saying: it’s, probably going to be. Could horn and zoo will be a fantastic bite, but they all reckon that your fight’s going to be the fight of the night we go. I got that thing about me, i’m, here to steal the show and i’ve done it written recent times on. You know under cards and mma, and you know undercard hop away, uh hopper gala and i stole the show as well so um that’s, what i do and on that surprise package people sort of they’re starting to take notice. Now, but beforehand it was just like moseying. On about this mma kid, but um that’s, what i do i turn up and shock the world so and that’s something that’s. What we’re looking to do again for us and my team it’s we’re, not shocking anything like it’s, not a it’s, not a shock to us. Um, but to everyone else, it’s a shock, so you know it’s a sort of extra element to the night. You’Ve done some sparring recently with tim zoo, so you’ve got in some really good quality rounds. Have you found that and being part with you know doing some work with the zoo camp? Yeah they’re camping, like a in general, is an incredible professional camp. Every guy in that camp inside that camp is very professional and they’re great guys as well so um the rounds with zero being world class and within the 40 rounds, we’ve done um i’ve come up all those levels, so it’s been world class and i’ve improved from The first punch he threw at me i’ve improved since um, the last punch he threw at me, which has been incredible, and i was going to me and blair only checking about this the other days at the end of each camp.

We just sort of sit back and say this camp has been the best yet and it’s just it gets better and better we’re, just refining that process each time – and i learned a bit more here and there learning how our bodies work and um. You know our partnership together is like nothing else, and you’ve obviously done some sparring with jeff horn last year, obviously that both these boys are a little bit smaller than you and white and you’ve spa with tim. What can you tell us a little bit about that? Two totally different styles, oh absolutely they’re, very different styles and i think whoever gets off their style best on the night gets up so and i’ve said it in other interviews. I think tim gets up just pure will and youth and um aggression and wanting it um, and i, like i’ve, said it. I feel like it’s, a young man’s sport, but um like when i first went over to jess as well. That was our first rounds with the world class um guy, and it was incredible too. I learned so much from doing those rounds. I’Ve, probably done you know, 20 or 30 rounds with jeff as well, and i’ve been yeah, probably yeah, low 20 rounds at least we’re doing sets eight and stuff like that. So i’ve done at least 20 rounds with him and they’ve been incredible as well. So i learned a lot and it’s also brought me up that’s the thing i’m, just getting better and better whoever i’m sparring as long as they’re world class i’m getting better as well.

So i think it makes for a great fight as long as both boys are fit and switched on it’s going to be incredible, show and that’s all it comes down to is australian boxing wins in this this night and getting back to that – and you know tim Zoo is well on his way to a very big long career, but for what jeff horn’s done for australian boxing over the last three, especially you’re, actually part of his promotional team with dnl it’s, been a massive big feather in the cup for an australian boxing hasn’t. It oh absolutely and like three years ago i wasn’t a fan of australian boxing. It wasn’t really around. I was more into the mma, but without jeff dnl would be around, but i don’t think it’s got the traction. It does and um the australian boxing series. I don’t think they’re on foxtel, either without the likes of jeff horner. You know he’s like the lead horse. So all the guys signed to dean lonigan is off the back of jeff horn and all the hard work he’s done so always credit where it’s true with jeff horn. I respect the man um immensely and without him, australian boxing doesn’t have that kick up the ass that it really needed.