Mr dean lonergan, the queensland government is proud to support horned zoo through tourism and events queensland as a part of its live in queensland calendar. There are two ways you can be part of tomorrow: night’s action live tickets are still available through ticketmaster, starting at just 29. Alternatively, if you are not in the area, you can subscribe on pay per view on main event boxing, and also for the first time ever. Even if you don’t have a set top box through ko sports, we would ask you to go to maine event: dot ko sports dot com – dot, a u! It is very much a game changer. It is the official weigh in here at the villa in townsville. We are going to start with the main card and we are going to start bringing to the scales. Mr joel camalieri. It is eight three minute rounds at middleweight, a limit of 72.67 kilos, joel with 25 fights, 18 wins and a draw the camera ko from melbourne. Now, based in brisbane a former australian super welterweight champion 71.7 kilos, we get the tick. We would now welcome adam copeland to the scales. Six fights. Five wins: the candyman who trains out of the fortitude boxing gym under the very watchful eye of stevie della who is up here in townsville, already: 72.6 kilograms, 72.6 kilograms. We will ask the boys to face off with a question mark over weights, just over the middleweight limit to both joel camalieri and to adam copeland in a bout sponsored by barbecues galore.

We wish his safety and success to be able to start the weigh in with a little bit of sledging a little bit of a dispute over the weight here already asked to get a different pair of scales. I like it right from this perspective. Our second main card bout brought to you by sportsbet, is for the australian super bantamweight title. We introduced to the scales, kylie fulmar, splits home between the gold coast and la this is tony del vecchio in her corner 18 months out of the ring, but a perfect record inside seven fights, seven wins and 55.5 kilos 200 grams over the limit. As we welcome shotgun, shannon o’connell, a young lady who is a veteran of the australian scene, has literally fought around the globe once again, steve dillon and lucy meldon in her corner from the fortitude facility, a former wbf champion and ibf challenger in about presented by sportsbet To kylie and shannon, we wish you safety and success. Our next is at catchweight, sponsored by jd sports. Eight three three minute rounds on the main card tomorrow: night introducing jackson, woods we’re, going to wait, 60 kilos on the dot, and we will come back to that. One at middleweight we have a non arrival as yet at middleweight, a limit of 72.57 kilos about sponsored by tyre power. Jamie weitz, nothing like a proud entrance originally from wales in the uk, now calls perth home with justin lacy at lacy’s gym.

He previously shared the ring with dennis hogan 72.2 kilograms for jamie weech now to the scales isaac, hardman, the head splitter, now, the term side and trainer blair studly at nitro and adrian paying it integrated, mma 72.2. It is official about presented by tyre power, jamie weech and isaac hardman. It was a cowboys supporter, ah the cowboys that is our semi main event for tomorrow evening. Thank you, gentlemen. We wish you all the very best it’s all fun and games. Ladies and gentlemen, our main event sponsored by the queensland government via tourism events, queensland, the townsville city, council and oxmar properties, including tyre power, jd sports, barbecues, galore sports bet, construction sciences and rgm. Please make welcome to the stage for the wbo, global and ibf australasian titles. Tim zoo, we are ten three minute rounds: 69.1 kilos, no issue on the scales. We now invite to the scales the former world champ and the king of suncorp jeff horn. Anyone seen jeff wake up, jeff, jeff horn was comfortable at white. A short time ago is in the sauna, obviously not that comfortable at weight timmy. While we do have a moment, you were confident yesterday that you’re well underweight that’s the case, you’re feeling well yeah. Of course, it’s it’s go time now what’s. The last 24 hours been like my friend, simple nice and relaxed ready for the go. Do you have to make it personal tomorrow night or are you able to keep personal and professional apart? This is a sport, um there’s, nothing personal in it we’re both athletes and we compete to for victory.

Um we’ve got nothing against each other again. This is a competition, nothing else you’re. Only a young man in this sport and once again, you’ve held yourself impeccably. Congratulations. We wish you all the best tomorrow night buddy yeah. Thank you. There is an umbrella and a posse making their way through the middle of our facility. Here at townsville and gentlemen, it is jeff horn to the scales after a little stint in the sauna seems to be a bit of interest here: 69.6 kilos 69.6 kilos. So we are go in our main event. Tomorrow, night jeff horn and tim zoo, scull away. My friend you deserve it before we bring tim in uh a little stint in the sauna. Are you feeling, okay, yeah i’m, feeling good it’s? Probably the easiest i’ve ever made it actually so i’m feeling nice and comfortable. If you had to rate your last four weeks now in terms of preparation, how do you rate it perfect? We love to hear that we wish you safety and success. Thank you. Thanks. Andy: okay, we’re going to get asked tim and jeff to move down in front of the scales for the final time before they meet center ring tomorrow night here in queensland, two wonderful young athletes, two wonderful young ambassadors for the sport of boxing and the lead up – Has been near faultless once again, there are two ways you can be part of the event: live tickets are still available for the venue at ticketmaster, starting at 29 on tv we’re on pay per view on main event boxing and for the first time, without a set Top box available on ko sports at maine event: dot ko sports dot com; dot! A? U! On behalf of our sponsors, the queensland government, via tourism events, queensland and the townsville city, council, oxmar properties, tire power, jd, sports, barbecues, galore sports bit, construction sciences and rgm and your promoters, matt rose and dean lonegan.