You know he passed away today at 77 years old um. You know his story. You know kind of reminds me of um. Just the story of of a lot of people in general, you know when you start out young thinking that you want to do something and you end up just doing your calling. You know not really knowing it um and you know that’s what i wanted to talk about um. First of all, i want to say that you know we send our condolences out to uh jerry’s, family and friends and uh we’re, very sorry for your loss. Um. You know, i remember, i remember jerry watching, you know channel seven, a lot and um. You know very funny, guy. You know what i mean. He was a funny guy, um and um. You know very informative new. He knew what he was talking about. You know you can tell that you can just tell from from him just giving the uh the um. You know the news on the web weather. Excuse me that he knew what he was talking about. You know very uh competent, very competent, uh man, so you know we’re very sorry, for your loss um. I want to say that you know jerry uh. You know he started out interested. He said he was interested in in flying airplanes before he was ever interested in meteorology um.

You know he was in the air force for a while in texas and um.

You know he just he just kind of stumbled into the you know this job um. You know they they uh, he. He really was very interested in flying airplanes and but he had to know something about meteorology to you know, fly planes, so you know he just stumbled and took you know this job and um. You know he was at this tv station that he just that he was just at you know. Just you know, just you know, just god, just placing the chips on the board for him. You know he just winded up at this um at this news station became the meteorologist there and they said that they were going to give him 14.50 and he thought that was 14.50 a month when actually it was 14.50 per episode um, you know he’s just funny. He said he uh when he, when he heard them, say they’re going to give you 14.50. He thought he thought they were talking about 14.50 400 and 1400.50 uh nah. He was talking about so he said he went and bought new suits um. He thought he was gon na get 1400 uh. You know per uh yeah, i guess per um per episode. I think oh, no! No! No! He thought he was getting 14.50 a month. I’M. Sorry. He thought he was going to get 1400 a month, but it was actually 14.

50 per uh episode. He said his first check was 62 bucks. So you know all that money spent on those new suits just went down the drain, but you know i just wanted to say that, because you know his story, um kind of you know is is kind of how everyone else ends up.

You know it’s you, you know when you’re young, you know you think you’re gon na be you know the policeman, the firemen, the the architect, the uh. You know the um, what just the big ceo in general, you think you’re gon na be some. So you know so many things when you’re young, you know i’m gon na. Do this i’m gon na do this, even when you get into high school, even when you get into high school, you say how much well, i think i’m gon na get into this uh biology. I wan na be a biologist or you know i wan na work with animals. You know, i you, you think you want to do these things and you know you go for them. You know you go for them, you go for whatever you think you want to. Do you go for it. You know, um, you know cause what else you have to lose. You you, what you don’t want is no plan. You know what i mean you don’t want. You don’t want to have no plan, so you go for these things and on the road to the end.

You know on the road to the goal. I should say not the end, because the end is never in sight on the road to the goal you along that way. You find you find out that things that you like starts starts to change. You know you start liking different things.

Once you get a little bit older and start learning new things and and learning about the world around you, so you know you realize that you know you really your likes upgrade. You know your likes, really upgrade a lot um. You start liking better situations than jobs per se. You know um. You know like, for example, i used to when i was young. I wanted to be a doctor and um, you know, but when i got older and got out of when i started going to college, i went to this community college, nothing big um. When i started going to that community college, i still had that dream in sight. Well, probably before that, before that, when i was going in when i was in high school, i had that dream in sight, but when i got to community college you know i was talking to some people um about it and uh. You know they was like yeah yeah, you know you got, you got to go to school for 10 years and then you got to do a residency, meaning that you got to work at a hospital for so many years and then you become a doctor after that And i was like wow like that’s, like 14 15 years, you know of of just learning things you know just to become this.

This doctor just gets get this role as a doctor, and then you know they said oh yeah, then i asked about the the workout.

I was like yeah, oh man, you just sometimes you’re on call all the time and usually you work in 14, 15 hours 15 hours a day and you know you’re, seeing patients all day and they’re sick, um and you’re, washing your hands constantly and you’re, hoping that You don’t get sick and i was like wow it’s like this, this isn’t something i want to do now. You know i don’t want to, even though the pay is good, you know to pay, you know they. Doctors make good money. Um, you know 100. You know six figures easily um. You know doctors make real good money, but i was like man like they’re working hard. You know they working hard for that money. You know i don’t think i want to do that, even if the, if the pay is good um, so along the way i found other things that i was interested in like okay. I think i like this because that goal for me no longer held weight anymore. So that’s what i’m saying like you know, and i can you know i can um. I can tell you plenty of examples of people that i know that this has happened to as well. You know so you know, go for. The point is, you know, go for that goal like jerry did go for that goal um, but uh don’t overlook uh the things that come around that that you pass on that road, like you know, you’re, on the road to your success and while on that road, There are things that you’re going to pass by, like stores you’re going to pass by opportunities, disguise the stores you’re going to pass by these stores.

Some of you got to stop and get gas said you just can’t help, but to stop there um some. You just want to take a break and just see what’s going on. You know just you just want to stop at a store and just relax the store being an opportunity i’m using that as an analogy, so you know along this road there’s going to be. You know they’re going to be things that you pass by um don’t pass them by with tunnel vision. You know um find that time to stop by and check these things out, because you might like it and anyway, like i said these things are going to be laid along your path, um. You know just because you know they’re going to be there. You know they’re going to be opportunities there, that that are that uh that arise, and you think, and you think you want to get to the end of this role, but really one of these opportunities may suffice. So you know just think about that. You know just just what i’m trying to say is just leave your leave your options open, because you may think that you want something so bad, but you may end up liking, something that you didn’t even know you.