This is tactical preview of manchester united against chelsea fa cup. Semi final feels really weird to not be able to go to this um here’s, the team news zone, luke, shaw and brandon williams face a race for fitness. After ollie confirmed blurred vision kept out williams from the crystal palace game and obviously we saw the twisted ankle from luke shaw. I think you’ve got to be careful with that twisted ankle. I really think you’ve got to be careful with that twisted hand because it’s one of the weirdest joints and it just takes forever to sort out um massive surprise to see folsom hensar in the starting eleven. I don’t know what’s more surprising. The fact that he played on um thursday night or, if he’s, featuring again after not playing for over a thousand days twice in the course of one week, that’s mental. If that’s the case, uh matic should be ready to return after taking a bit of a rest that palace, although we did see him, come off the bench lampard check this one out has confirmed that and golo kante will miss the game, and there are a few More players with little niggles that need to be checked on. I don’t know if i’m fully buying that, but no kante um that chelsea team can rapidly fall apart. So that is a massive boost for united. Going into this, we are seeking a fourth consecutive win against chelsea. For the first time since 2011.

, we are unbeaten against them in six games, since we lost in the 2018 fa cup final uh, since the brum beach bought the club in 2013, united and chelsea have won more major honours than any other english club. Chelsea got 16 united on 14. uh. We are playing them in the fa court for the fourth successive year. We have lost two and one one uh, the only other season that we’ve come across chelsea in both domestic cup competitions was in 2012 and 13, and chelsea beat us in both of those um. Chelsea have won 12, including one on penalties of their last 13 fa cup ties losing to united in 2019. um chelsea’s season in the fa cup. They started with nottingham forest where they won two nil. They then beat hull on the road they beat liverpool at home and uh. They beat leicester away conceding only one goal in the process: they’ve done quite well: uh united had to take wolves to a replay um we battered tranmere, which was a fun day in air. Let me say that uh we beat derby quite comfortably 3 1 and then we made real hard work of it. Beating norwich in the quarter final uh needing to pull out all sorts of stops to to take that heavily rotated team uh into the next round. Tactical look at chelsea and lampard has pretty much gone with the the 4 3. Our standard used it 22 times in the premier league.

This season, mason mountain ross, barkley commonly used either side of georginio in midfield giroud has seemingly replaced tammy abram as the first choice. Striker with the restart um and they’ve got a serious threat on the wings with um pulisic and an inform willian rudiger christiansen and zuma rotator center off with asperger and alonso, usually in a fullback kepper, the most expensive goalkeeper in history, but he’s shite and he’s got The lowest save percentage in this in the premier league this season, which could be good news for bruno as we all know that he loves a dig from range in terms of strengths. Chelsea love a fruit ball coming up to place. The fruit balls from midfield in between the defenders for willian and pulisic to get on to united definitely have to look out for that. One because that’s, where we’ve often seen uh center halves, especially dragged out of position. Uh and look a little bit flat footed, so that i think, is something that we really got to look out for uh. The midfield three always shows bags of tenacity and hard work, which helps them usually win the ball back quickly, um before sending it in for their attackers worrying the number of times that united have been caught out in midfield over the last couple of games. That again, isn’t something that united really got to look out for weaknesses. Then the things that we can exploit on chelsea’s defense, just isn’t, good they’ve, conceded 49 games in the 49 goals in the premier league.

So far, which is um. You know it’s the worst out of the whole top ten uh they’ve also lost 16 leads in all competitions, which should give united a little bit of confidence if we concede on early goal, they’re, not great at holding on to leads um i’ll. Do my starting eleven. First and then we’ll talk about my key player because um giving the game up a little bit but uh let’s have a look at my team. I did debate we’re going with a three at the back and decided against it last minute, because i just don’t think united have got the trust in the options, although i do think it would be a valid system for us to use against this team. Uh big david net, not rotating the goalkeeper, for this one jumbo soccer right back and i have gone with shaw at left back, hopefully that extra night off against crystal palace has allowed him to recover properly. If not get him taped up and let’s get him through. It um maguire, alongside lindelof um in the six i’ve gone with matic bruno and pogba no shocks there, um i’ve gone with jesse. Let me let me finish before you start fucking tweeting me i’ve gone with jesse on the right and i’ll, come to that in a sec and i’ve gone with marcus and i’ve gone with igallo right. Are you ready? Are you ready to hear me out before you start fucking blogging right? The reason i’ve gone with the gallo is, i need united to get over that midfield press to get over that midfield press.

We need someone that can hold the ball up and that is where jesse lingard is going to line up alongside the guy. Who can do that? We’Re going to have a gallow, a gala’s, going to hold the ball up and he’s going to find marcus? Who is going to be the one that scores us the goals we are going to also have jesse lingard in there to put pressure on that defense? That defense will crumble and fold like a sneak. A cheap snakes and ladders board it’s shit, but you need someone that’s going to put them under pressure. I love mason greenwood. He looks like he needs a rest. Let’S give the guy a rest and let’s put jesse. I thought jesse was good off the bench of the day um. This might be his last start for united um, but he’s, typically good against the bigger teams against the bigger teams where we don’t have the ball as much as we typically do against the smaller teams, especially with someone like georginio, who loves to get on about 90. To 100 passes per game, jesse lingard cutting in around there making it hard for him is what you want to see he’s not in there for his creative spark he’s not in there, for what he can do on the ball he’s in there for working off the Ball, winning the ball back and giving it to someone who can make something happen, namely odie nagalo and marcus.

Rashford i’ve took martial out. The team and i’ve took green without the team, because for me i still think. I still think we need to rotate and i still think that we need to uh progress in the league and, as we mentioned yesterday on the the uh, the devil’s podcast there’s there’s, far too many machinations where actually united can get through without winning. I i don’t really trust that that’s, something that we’re gon na have to do. I think we’re gon na have to win both of our games to make sure we’re in the top four and i’ve put that as a as much as i want to win the fa cup that’s much more important for us, so uh i’ve rotated the side. A little bit with those two give them the night off and let them have at it at west ham and absolutely tear west ham to pieces and against west ham. We’Ll rest, marcus and we’ll bring somebody else in maybe dan james or someone. On that left hand. Side um and then hopefully we can go balls to the wall against leicester before hopefully an fa cup final, probably against manchester city. But who knows shit could go western. It could be against arsenal but that’s. My thoughts on why i want to see jesse lingard in the team. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. At the moment he hasn’t been great, but there is a use for him still um, and i think that is the use for him.

He’S good off the bench, um and he’s good against bigger teams, he’s good to give someone the night off and that’s what i think. We need to see right i’m going to head over to the patreon group and see what everybody’s saying in the comments and the questions um. Do you think a gala should give a sh get a shout considering the issues we have with the high press. Read my mind: that’s exactly what we’ve gone for um. I think one of the most overlooked aspects of our recent form is how good and important matic and pogba’s dribbling in deep as their positions is their ability to break the first line of opposition. Then pastor bruno and co higher up the pitch who break the second is why we managed to control games and create so much it’s, very similar to muslim belly and eric’s. An axis of the strongest period of poche’s tottenham would love to hear my thoughts. One of the major issues that we struggled with against southampton was that we didn’t get bruno or pogba on the ball at all and because we couldn’t get those two players on the ball. We was just forced into risky low percentage passes. We was trying to go through one, but sakura’s, not a ball player southampton did a great job on us and that’s, not a knock on ollie. You know i saw some right bullshit come out, especially from espn, saying ollie’s out of his depth right: okay, well, ollie! Only drew to him pep lost to him last week, he’s always fucking deaf shut up um.

I think you’re right. I think the the importance of the ball playing ability from both of those two in deep, although matic, did look shaky when he first came on. At least against paulus, their their ability on the ball and their ability to to ride tackles because of the sheer size of the pair up with the bastards they are. Um is very important to us and – and we have to replace matic right now, while he’s still here, because i think we’re gon na fall off rapid once he goes. How important is it that we start our games well and not allow teams to get an up around on us like in recent games and how well do i think ollie gets the team and how do i think olly gets the team to do so. I don’t know um it’s, obviously important, that we start games well. I don’t know why we’re cold? Is it something to do with a warm up? Is it something to do with the the lack of or overcooking of instructions that are in the players heads as they’re? Coming out, but you’re right, we we used to start very very well, and now we don’t so much don’t know what’s on ollie’s ipad um the watch along um. How many would i rotate? Realistically, i think i’ve rotated two in that team. I think yeah. I think that’s no more than three two, ideally no more than three, because eight like we did against norwich madness, i’ve had any contact with brandon since his injury against southampton um.

I do like he’ll play against chelsea yeah text him and said up your head’s all right, and he just liked the message so that’s about as much of it odds on a gallow getting the nod um. Well, i i chose him. I think there was a reason he didn’t come off the bench and i wonder if that is the reason i i hope he does. To be honest. Do i think ollie has the same mentality as van gaal, again he’s captain whereby, if he’s fit, he plays no matter. What i remember maguire has played every single minute since getting the armband not really related to the chelsea match. Just in my head, you also don’t substitute your center house very often that’s. True, i mean that’s just a bit of a give me anyway and you’re, not really rotating through your center ass you’re rotating through the players that are having to put in the the sprints. All over the place, and rarely is that your center off you’re in the shit, if you sent her after doing that, all the time, i think as a way to try and get him uh to get the last little bit of use. Out of the rest of this squad, there’s a chance olly throws cautions to the wind and completely changes the team. No, i don’t know after if we’d have beat norwich 3 0 with that eight man rotation, yes, but not the way that went down, because that was shite uh and i reckon he probably doesn’t want to experience that again.

Do i think that the issue with subs is lacking confidence from the players? A fred and scott, for example, are somewhat less confident now match is playing top football, and pogba is back, it could be, but like they have to get over it, they have to get over it and surely there’s, no one better than ollie gon na saw scar To tell players that it doesn’t matter how much you feature you get on and you do your job, because ollie was the ultimate super sub, so he can surely. I would hope, talk to anybody in the squad and give the importance of being uh ready. One called upon and make yourself a fucking legend like ollie did um, regardless of whether or not you’re the first choice player on there. Arguably was the fourth choice center forward, but scored the most important goal. How important could, but that could be, that uh chelsea have had an extra 48 hours rest on us. It could be big, it could be big. Unfortunately, there’s, not a lot. You can do about it, there’s what it is the nightmare of being um involved into the last stages in different competitions. Do i think we missed out on do. I think we missed out by not signing the news alex ferguson, mikhail arteta watts? What i’m not going to say anything too mad in case we meet him in the cup final. But what joe’s just texts me and says: do you have a picture of you as a kid slash young adult i can use on my intro what’s? He doing should we rest greenwood and play james.

I wouldn’t play james. I don’t think he. I don’t think he’s good enough on the ball uh before lockdown uh. You thought that the midfielder pogba bruno matic wouldn’t be the best to set up against other top six teams, which i agreed with. Having seen them play. Do i think that still might not be true, um yeah to an extent i know, i’ve picked it with them, but it’s chelsea um. I still think this team can do bits, but we’ve seen us um be better when it’s generally being mctominae matic or someone a bit more functional than these and um there’s. Something admired about why they’re still looking at different midfielders to be fair, also pogba, has massively impressed me with his discipline in these um last few weeks since restart so maybe, but i would, i wouldn’t, be shocked if we saw him totally change it up. If we did play city in a final, though, the reckon timber has the ability to play six behind pogba and bruno, give him some game time and learn enough. Matic. Yes, but his positional discipline is nothing like matic’s he’s like a fucking puppy, he’s all over the place, but he’s very effective, because he’s extremely physical, but he is a bit all over the place with it. Jessie gon na want to have the bulk of possession uh have done in both the league games. What kind of midfield dynamic do you go for, because pogba bruno is very offensive possession based again, i understand, and that saw what was alluding to before we want.

Maybe a shuttle or like a fred, i could see, i actually wrote fred and then scrubbed it out and then put pogba, because i thought you can’t rest too many like that um. We can still do it. We saw um we’ve seen pogba, be really effective in a counter attacking system from deep um by putting balls into the channel for people to chase. So i wouldn’t be shocked if it was the team that i picked. Do you think timbo could be one of the center backs in the back three um? I don’t think you can do anything twice in a week at the moment i mean just going to park a car twice a week after he’s not done anything for a thousand days. It seems over the last two games. We had trouble breaking the press, but those were against lower quality opponents. Should we expect a better team? Should we expect that against a better team like chelsea, i guess the better team like chelsea. They also do it differently and they do it uh they don’t commit. As many men in the middle and because they’re leaving players wide to try and take advantage of when they win the ball back, they can attack. And i worry for the press, because manchester city’s press in the first half in the league cup game at old trafford was one of the most hopeless i’ve ever felt a football match and just thought we’re. Nowhere near as good as these in the fucking slightest with and they pressed the shit out of us.

Admittedly, it was phil jones and phil jones was shocking and they they did set a pressing trap for him and it was him or go back to de here. We know he’s not able to go along with it. I hope chelsea haven’t learned off manchester city, otherwise we could be struggling, which plays from chelsea’s 11. When i put into r11 i’ll take kante all day. I also don’t mind georginio um pulisic is good. Giroud wouldn’t be the worst backup striker i’m, taking a gala though because of the fucking red, and he loves it right, that’s it from me uh make sure you come and join us tomorrow for the watch along um and make sure you’re getting in all of your Dual screens, your, i think, we’re doing a challenge for this game. I don’t joe, wanted to see who could drink the pint of quickest on time, but then someone was like well that might be encouraging alcoholism and considering i don’t really care um. If we don’t, you want to do that time, your pint, send it to us and we’ll put it on screen.