Oh well, a little bit of luck with the frame superb, hitting from oh it’s, a ripper of a return that only serena williams can hit oh she’s made. It finds the baseline finds a way to win the point, and one thing we saw yesterday with to set the point up. The young pub will wait until the crowd noise downs down before starting the clock, so it’s, usually over 25 seconds – that they have so maybe serena williams. Taking the anger. This game is four for serena williams, Music, okay, Music could get from serena williams, but zachary. Well, almost a bit of deja vu to serena williams and that’s. What she’s done tonight takes the opener 7 5 in 47 minutes yesterday, 13 that’s, just something that patrick moore talked. We will be leaving a note on zachary, have an opportunity just to step up and take it great depth again. I’M, too. Happy. If you lose this point, didn’t do enough with the forehand and zachary well, i think she will be disappointed, but at the same time she’ll be i’m too wild too excited i’d like to feel more confident about before next week, williams, finding our first server again again. That’S, a couple of love service holds in a row that’s a great return isn’t it i don’t think zachary was expecting it to come back a little disappointed with herself there. Serena williams does break back her first double fault. She gave zachary half a chance with the fourth game.

Williams does get over the line in the game. Oh wow, that is a glorious shot in a row. Just got hold of that one made sure it wasn’t coming well. Would you believe it it’s happened again now. Two games away from doing that’s, brilliant great use of the court from got very lucky there zachary, but took advantage well both players always playing the best tennis that we’ve seen from them Music in a row that serena williams has been up five, three six five. She missed that no she’s found the line again just interesting body, language wise once again easier said than done, she’s getting herself going and maybe that little oh wow, really good she’s found the line again. How many times that happened at the back end of this, it will be a set point and she’s been behind for the entirety of this tiebreaker maria sacre. Well, she wasn’t playing her best tennis in that second set it’s difficult would give her, maybe the self belief that she did. Oh, would you believe it all time greats? Suddenly the match is going at a different pace. Second, Music. Second, Music that’s, better from zachary. There is the finish that she wanted a few points to go: there’s another double fault. Finally, the break is gifted to zachary about what we’re seeing right. Now i think it’s just been a break point. She stayed positive. She didn’t go too passive. Let’S remember this is a difficult situation, but zachary is doing it right now break for a three love lead.

What has serena williams got left? What are we gon na get in this game from serena williams? Let’S get ready for tomorrow’s match that one flies along it’s. Another break for zachary and it now feels like a very long way back, that’s wonderfully weighted or difficult to do. Didn’T move her feet so what’s the biggest worry that’s, because great competitor with the us open just around the corner game. Second, perhaps game away from a place, maybe serena williams isn’t done just yet this would top all comebacks just when she’s so much freer there on those backhands she’s able to achieve so much more with those ground strokes. Oh, would you believe it? I think serena williams even thought she’d missed it seven time lucky, perhaps still no, oh serena williams, hoping it’s going to be even later. What could come from the williams racket? Music? What an extraordinary serve that is! Save seven match points i’m, just not able to get it such a difficult shot to pull off. Didn’T have a lot of space. Get that one with conviction, as she secures one of the wins of her life and does it without playing her best tennis. The story in the chat will all be about serena williams and how she is shaping up for the usa losing that first set and, as i said during the match, it’s, not how you start off a tournament it’s, how you finish the event and maria zachary’s just Had one of the biggest matches and wins of her life tonight and the fact that she’s still standing she’s still got an opportunity.

She’S playing the quarterfinals she’s got a big match with johanna such an exceptional win for her, and she was courageous.