. She owns two wta singles titles charleston in 2017 and moscow in 2018. and she’s been a member of her country’s fed cup and olympic teams from russia, daria kazakina at 44 years old she’s raped. As high as number 14 in the world, she won her first wta hello and welcome to day two of the western and southern open which this year is being held in the big apple rather than in cincinnati. Talking of apples, we have some cracking crunch matches for you today cultivate to get this match underway against dariot cassidkina, claire curran and myself dodgers to talk you through a tidy way to start for the world number 20.. Oh! Look at that. Just so quick to get up the court cassette well, the court position is so smart there and he’s the conservative put into that forehand, but he was just quickly in she has that understanding of court position. Oh might not have been the cleanest overhead, but got the job done, that’s, not a bad idea. Is it from conservation, her opponent’s very good with a drop shot? So why not do it back to it the way that she followed this drop shot in afterwards wasn’t an easy volley to hit, and especially to find that line, not a lot of space. There did well to keep her racket head in front of her that’s. A nicely struck back at from cassidy got a ripper of a backhand to close out the game, and it is three games in a row for the estonian but now finds herself.

Two three down needs to sort the double faults out and get a serve going just seem to take a bit of pace off the first serve there and contemplate doing exactly the right thing, i’m sure yeah, it wasn’t a very confident second serve and conservate, giving it The full treatment it’s an excellent game once again from the estonian breaks again for a 4 2 lead yeah it’s, a beautiful return of serve another winner off the serve again. Just compact swing leans her body weight into the ball beautiful strike so relaxed on contact as well. Doesn’T even run for the next ball there. Well conservate is bossing it. No it’s. Wonderful can do no wrong right. Now. The next conservation it’s a fifth game in a row and she’s now, a game away from taking this first set leads by five games to two foreign: oh that’s, nice from conservation, leaning in she’s, playing with confidence right now, it’s, a brilliant one, two punch and it Rather, sums up the first set for a net conservation, a very tidy set of tennis from the estonian and she’s taking it in just 30 minutes by six games to three again night, kick serve 15 8 reading it, but what i was meaning isn’t. If you look at a player like alexandre krunich, one supremely talented player, genius, junior french open champion, but you just when you compare it to conservation, she’s gone through all the itf, all the struggle, all the battles which sets her up for her career on the wta Tour well yeah, absolutely, and i think you make a good point with it.

The nicest of conditions – and she said that is so important for him to still have to see and still have to to fight through well also get the balance. You’Re not you’re not exposed to the highest standards as well as playing up he’s someone who’s produced a lot of talented young players, something if you’re from a smaller country. You’Re gon na have to play down a lot early on the pressure of being the number one. A little better from casakina here, nice quality again just opening up the court conservation pretty quickly, backhands and forehands like that, will help that’s a great wrong footer from kasich kina that’s. The sort of point that we saw in the first couple of games – oh stolen points, stolen foreign, oh guides it onto the line it’s another return winner for conservate, just hasn’t competed, finds the baseline and take nothing away from conte. She has executed her tactics exceptionally well. She’S been aggressive, she’s just done everything right, but she hasn’t faced any pressure across the net and that’s kind of got ta be Music, oh finds the line. What a way to finish from a net conservation and as the saying goes, you can only beat what’s put in front of you, but you have to say the estonian has done that in awesome fashion, flawless tennis from the world number 20 and she defeats daria kasich 6, 3. 6 1.