In tribute, john saxon was born carmine oracle on august 5th 1935. He was an american actor and martial artist who worked on more than 200 projects during a span of over 60 years. Saxon is known for his work in westerns and horror movies, especially often playing police officers, detectives and dads born and raised in brooklyn new york, saxon studied acting with stella adler before beginning his career as a contract actor for universal pictures playing in such movies. As rock pretty baby and portrait in black during the 1970s and 1980s, he would establish himself as a great character actor frequently portraying law enforcement officials in horror movies such as black christmas dario and gento’s tenebre and, of course, a nightmare on elm street Music. In addition to his roles in horror, films, john co, starred with bruce lee in the martial arts extravaganza, enter the dragon in 1973 and had supporting roles in the westerns death of a gunfighter 1969 and joe kidd 1972, as well as the adventure thriller raid on Music. John captured the main part in a low budget, teen movie rock pretty baby in 1956, which became an unexpected success and establish saxon as a teen idol. Universal executives were very pleased and ross hunter announced. He would be in teach me how to cry, but first saxon quickly reprised his role in rock pretty baby in the sequel summer, love of 1958.

By now, saxon was receiving over 3 000 fan letters a week.

He then made teach me how to cry with sandra d, which was retitled the restless years. Universal put him in the happy feeling 1958 directed by blake edwards will john romance debbie reynolds in support of curt jurgens mgo mgm borrowed him to appear opposite sandra d. In the reluctant debutant 1958 for director vincente menelli, which was widely seen, saxon was billed third beneath rex harrison and kay kendall. He had a supporting role in a large budget biblical drama about simon peter, the big fisherman 1959 for director frank borzaga, featuring howard keel. It was a financial disappointment, but john survived it with united artist john, had the main role in cry: tough: 1959: a movie about juvenile delinquents. He also worked with another major director, john houston, in the western, the unforgiven 1960, where he played a native american in support of bert, lancaster and audrey hepburn back at universal. He remained in a supporting role for portrait in black 1960, where he reunited with sandra d and lana turner, along with anthony quinn. He was essentially a juvenile delinquent cowboy in the plunderers 1960 tormenting jeff chandler. He played in the westerns posse from hell 1961 with audi murphy and guests featured in television series like general, electric theater and the dick pal theater in 1960. John was quoted as saying i want to do all sorts of character, parts Music, and so he did saxon played a serial killer soldier in war hunt from 1962 and had a small role in the comedy success.

Mr hobbs takes a vacation Music, then john traveled to italy, to make augustine from 1962 and in 63, co featured with leticia romain and mario baba’s italian giallo movie the girl, who knew too much he would return to hollywood to perform in the cardinal from 1963. In an episode of bob hope presents the chrysler theater. Then it was back to europe in 1964 for the cavern in 1965 john made the ravagers which was filmed in the philippines. He also made night caller from outer space a science fiction movie filmed in britain in 1966. He featured in curtis harrington, sci fi, horror classic queen of blood with basil, rathbone and dennis hopper then played opposite marlon brando in the appaloosa 1966 winning a golden globe best supporting actor nomination for his portrayal of a bandit saxon recalled. This was to me a terrific role and something i was always ready for, but brando was despondent. He said he had lent a whole bunch of money to his father and what he was saying to me was that his father ruined his life by losing all of his money. He was kind of bored in the picture said john Music john would return in 1966. In the doomsday flight a made for television movie in an interview in 1966, he said i never felt so comfortable being a teenage dreamboat. I regard myself as a craftsman. He portrayed marco polo in episode 26 of the time tunnel originally broadcast on march 10 1967 and was a guest actor on bonanza, also in 1967.

. He would appear in episode 19 season 5 of the virginian and also in the title role, alongside a young actor appearing in one of his first speaking, roles harrison ford and in 1969 he appeared in my friend my enemy saxon was in a sex comedy for sam Katzman for singles only in 1968 and played in some other westerns one dollar too many death of a gunfighter, the men from shallow from shiloh re branded name for the re for the virginian in 1971 and joe kidd in 72, again playing a bandit this time, a Revolutionary named luis sharma, i kissed the hand came next in 1973, which was a thriller made in italy. He spent three years playing doctor theodore stewart for the television series, the bold ones, the new doctors from 69 to 72. in 1973, john landed, the big role of roper and bruce lee’s enter the dragon. This would be lee’s first major role at a hollywood feature. He was in other action movies, such as mitchell from 1974. The swiss conspiracy, 1975 strange shadows in an empty room: 1976 napoli violenta 1976 mark strikes again 1976. A special cop in action, 76 cross shot 76. The cynic the rat and the fist 1977. in 1974 came another big role for john, as he played police lieutenant fuller in the canadian production of black christmas from 74 to 76. He appeared in episodes of the six million dollar man first as major, frederick sloane and then as nedlich.

His role also extended into the bionic woman. The actor’s likeness was later used for the kenner action figure doll called maskatron Music, which was based on the series in 1976. Saxon played a homicidal vampire like strangler in season two of starsky and hutch. His film rayed on into b in 1977, was a prestigious movie for him. Moonshine county express was a big success for him, as well as roger corman’s. New world pictures saxon made another movie for that company the bees in 1978. He appeared in a bollywood movie chalamar in 1978, then it was back to exploitation with fast company in 1979 and the glove. Also in 1979., saxon played hunt sears chief of a breakfast serial conglomerate opposite robert redford and jane fonda. In the 1979 oscar nominated film, the electric horseman Music, he appeared in the 1982 television movie rooster and played in the last week of the game, show woo his extensive television credits included two years as tony clemson on falcon crest, as well as the recurring role of Rasheed ahmed on dynasty, he played twice in different roles in the a team in 1983 and 1985. He played the role of captain randall in the two part, wonder woman episode. The feminine mystique in 1976. saxon has played in many italian movies, mainly in italian westerns and police thrillers, but is most known for his role in dario argento’s tenebree as the writer hero shifty agent in mitchell 1975. As the murderous union lawyer and prostitute provider, walter deeney, Music in battle beyond the stars, 1980 as sador and in cannibal apocalypse from 1980, where he played a vietnam veteran tormented because his worthless pal bit him and years later, he starts to get the urge to do.

The same in prisoners of the lost universe as an alternate universe – world lord and of course, in 1984, in wes craven’s a nightmare on elm street as the heroine nancy thompson’s father. He later reprised that role in a nightmare on elm street part 3. The dream warriors in 1987 and wes craven’s new nightmare in 1994, where he played himself in a dual role. He also made his directorial debut in 1987, with the horror movie zombie death house, which starred dennis cole and anthony francisco he starred in maximum force 1992. As captain fuller and also played in from dusk till dawn in 1996., in recent years, he has been in a number of independent movies and has played in several television series, including csi, and the showtime series masters of horror. Guys john was one of my favorite actors of all time. You always knew what you were going to get when you saw him a professional character, actor who always lived up to his end of the deal. I’Ll never forget my favorite john saxon story. The director of a nightmare on elm street 3 said that when john showed up for that shoot, he brought with him a suitcase and when he asked john, what was inside the suitcase he opened it and it was hair. Several different hair pieces and john began trying them on in front of everyone unashamed. He told the director that he felt the character had grown older, and so he had a special piece made with more of a salt and pepper look than the original from just three years earlier.

John was a great actor and he was a part of a lot of uh, a lot of horror, fans, childhood and film education i’m. Trying not to get choked up here, guys uh.