He had been on like dynasty falcon crest. His first big breakout role was with marlon brando in the uh 1966 apocalusa appel yeah that’s, when he was his first big break. But a lot of people might know him from enter the dragon nightmare of nightmare on m street, because he is one of those actors that when you see him you it’s, like you like. I know him so yeah so again. Today john sexton age, 83 passed today in his home in tennessee uh from pneumonia. He had pneumonia i’m trying to think what else he might have been in. He was in this show the doctors i don’t know if y’all remember this is the old soap opera. They ran it ran from like 66, 69 to 72, 73, so around there. So again, just a quick pop in from the world entertainment john saxton has passed at the age of 83 of the from pneumonia. There are no arrangements or ever anything has been announced. The family is asking for privacy, you know during their time of uh grief with that. Oh i take that back. I just came across memorial. Contributions may be made in his name to the motion, picture and television fund. If you don’t know what that is, that takes is a fun that is set up for taking care of of actors and entertainers if like, if they follow hard times and get in there, and there was supposed to be twilight years so that’s what they are asking.

Instead in lieu of flowers, you make a donation in his name to the uh motion, picture and television fund and for those of you that’s, just coming in john saxton, uh actor who’s best known for nightmare on the street, entered the dragon. Uh died today in this uh in tennessee of pneumonia. Well y’all. I just popped in and said to deliver that news. I guess i’m gon na. I guess my role today is of the town crier.