The Rings well many people have said now. We know what you wasted wasted the last 14 years, a bomb you can now get on and complete some of the professional tasks. We do neglecting czar, usually our dried out. It was more busy working at my profiting yes it’s the book to be considered as an allegory. Do you consider the world declining as the Third Age declines in your book, and do you see a fourth age for the world at the moment our world first of my age was she was exactly the kind of person whose job was quickly changing periods of a Narrative history and that the world is a totally different place now at a speed, everybody feels that anybody who lives over 70 begins to feel that all through history we’ll see that they do but surely never been in simply as so much change. Oh surely never know this, I mean one. Doesn’T have to be simply yourself to appreciate. This is the world which I brought have a small child was in a definitely closer to the world self checks, whether there’s an autumnal quality throughout the whole oven or the rings there’s a sense of continuous change. Each cake that feels himself to be part of a story that’s forever continuing you in one case a character, says the story has continued what I seem to have dropped out of it.

However, everything is declining and it’s fading, at least towards the end of the Third Age.

Every choice tends to the up setting of some tradition. Now this seems to me to be somewhat liked. In essence, the old order changeth yielding place to new and God fulfills himself in many ways, which is God in the Lord of the Rings mentioned once or twice. You see the one about he alone, despite the continuous war between evil, personified in Sauron and good, you never personalize or personify good good. Is there but it’s totally abstract you don’t attempt to ascribe any any God ship to it, particularly no no it’s in the dualistic. My time just based on yeah no, but I mean the whole book – is nevertheless nothing but the battle between good and evil let’s provide suppose actual conscious reaction from the war from these stuff, and I was rolling award win wars, echoing which I didn’t believe it at The time leaving listener, if I can take this a bit further, you you I may make my point clear in battle Frodo and Sam call on Galadriel all their native country Gimli calls on the ants his ancestors X. If I read your appendices correctly and the men call only on their swords by name or on their kings or Lords, I would expect them to call on their gods. And yet, amid thousands of names, you don’t name, the deities of any of the races you’ve invented.

Why have they? No God says satiny? I would have thought a story of this sort was almost dependent upon an intense belief in some theocratic division.

Some hierarchy there isn’t even s whether theoretical Araki comes in the man of the 20th century master of course see. The two must have well, whether you believe them or not. You must have God’s in a story of this guide, but he can’t names. I believe in gods, like Thor no didn’t Aphrodite in Zeus, net gothic, you can’t believe that the men in your story would have called on Odin. I couldn’t possibly constructed my apology, which had Olympus or Asgard it is he on the terms which the people who worshipped those gods who believed in God is supreme. The creator outside transcendent, but the the place of the the Gods is taken so well taken. I think it is that it really makes no difference to the ordinary reader it’s taken by the angelic spirits created by God, the Creator before. But he could have time sequence, which we call the world which is called in there, and they are that. Which is that? Which now exists, those are the batter the power it’s, a construction using a methodology in which a large part of the de of things been as being handed over to bars. We’Re not created there in hand of the one it’s, something like the much more elaborate and more thought out. This businessman is have this had a bad way to remember and we have a team Jurgis who is acting command of the of the planet Mars.

The idea there was a bit loose available either the mining command of the world, but he fell.

So does the silent game out? There is the idea. Well, this is not the same with me. Yes, yes, so then you have in your a theocracy. You have an ultimate one, whom you call you. I don’t need it’s the one and then the Valar yeah, who are considered as living in rebellion or this particular little group of them who who moved with other paths. Even let’s do do this Bob because they became interested in the book. You I get the impression you always see power as being physically in a high place. You have a high seat as alt hunk med, who sailed are adorn the towers of minas tirith, Morgul and killeth angle. They are always high physically up is powerfully, always so to speak at the top of a mountain or the top. Oh no, it mentions just a storage. Anything you want Tarzan could have done the done. You know, underneath there are baby, think mold out the prime mover of evil, whom saw Amazonian pity Lipton. It was in a dungeon, it was being a fortress or of some kind, not that the mother, that in or has any high towers just well, that is almost without the world. You describe isn’t it it’s in the physical world, according to the mate, ah Jill dumped. All of Atlantis I’ve had an Atlantis complex and it isn’t always early and quite in Penner that I’m a permanent way, a dream that I had you know let’s say that the electable wave there’s been one of my nightmares, sometimes coming over the open country.

It always ends by one surrendering one. So an example to you comes in all kinds of points I, whenever I used to do a little draw, nearly always hello and think of the vast oceanic wave coming in it. So, of course, I had to write quite an offender, his dentist stories, which I call new or which means the land of the to estimate. Well, this is the table of you since the whole question that human fall is left off the stage actually it occurred, but you know not known me since the redressed these people. They were given this great island, the first of all that’s, not in the in the divine world, not any immortal to live on then, because we’re always come as seemingly meaningless, been like the fruit of the tree of evil. No, she was the same for you in his parallel. Bad Muslim must not say West, they did. Hence the ultimate downfall then became an intellectual. We lived there only in memory lived in time and not prison time and the cost of new and always ground and the earth a paradise would move, and so then you could then get yourself. America tells you the world became round, as it always had been. A vast girl with a the people of the people now Sarah discovered it from it, definitely is my solution of a joke. I also want to give them the form, a dentist, some universal application. This point is very high, witness I’m sorry, but in which, as they get to suddenly Syria, but we will kill each other.

We don’t think that I can bring you your on alive, which leads to what flaws, because you know I got much. Your theory of time is about what was, what is, we have an end. Existent must still has that same existence, but there is it so we won’t go to you. Can’T, go too deeply nothing, but they really are sailing back to her memory in this world which you might create it. Had you been given the power to do so had to be in one of the valor. Had you been saved about God, and would you have created a world which is so solidly feudal as it as the Lord of the Rings? Yes very much in the widest adventure sense, not in the strict? No, no! No! No! No! I literally. I write Park Hill. Exactly I mean that the power should descend by a line of kings to the heavens. This already? Yes, yes, yes, I don’t know about there, no it’s, a very important story, making and emotive thing, but half hours. It is very work with many other system. In the looking at these two, the world, one does pretty much it’s, never been worse sitting right than the the the struggle depart always ensues when you haven’t got some line of descent, which come B can’t be questioned. Your your no wedded to the feudal system. In a sense, no, I don’t believe in a medieval feudal system, but the idea of of power descending through blood or marriage.

Oh yes, I’m ready to those kind of loyalties, because I can contribute most people. I think a dumb touching your capital square, maybe damn that this club is damn good for you. Do you find a continuing interest in the Lord of the Rings by people people do people still write you’re on, despite the fact of the books been out for ten years, dozens are very weak. I’D ever give a sacred. Once, though, were you surprised at it success? Nobody been more staggered, you know unless he was possibly sustain. Yet I was up a Danny I’m ISM versus intubation in a bookseller came up to me know usually the greedy booth since forever teas in tonight why he got a copy it’s.