Uh. Excuse me fellas. I say you can’t make it. What do you bet? You got ta love them come on: roper, it’s, 175, big ones by monday, the 15th. Only a hundred and fifty you forget interest. Well then, maybe how to talk to freddie, take advantage, roper come on fellas it’s, the doe roper, or we got ta break something you got it freddy says this is for your own good Music, better confirm that flight to hong kong. For me, how much do i have left in the bank? 63.43 it’s? All yours thanks only, i think, you’ll need it. You want a bed Music. Music, like you, said, there’s a point i won’t go beyond. I was right about you. We shall strive to be worthy of your sense of grandeur. I will find someone with whom you can fight Music, bolo, Music, foreign Applause, Music Applause, uh, oh Music, oh no, sweat give my friend eight to three all the way: Applause. So oh Applause, Music, Applause. Oh Applause kills when i, when i got to hong kong, i was there with my wife and my son, who is not yet two years old and the next day i went to see bruce and he brought me into his house. He was waiting to see me and um we walked in and i walked in to his house, and then i saw he had a gym and – and i looked at it and reminded me of what i had a little bit of at my home, you know, and We began to talk this and that maybe so many things what he could do with kettlebells and stuff and things that i had little con contact with at that time and we we kept going on and on and on and then all of a sudden.

He began to tell me um. Show me uh, show me how you do your sidekick and i said okay, but i had done the scene uh at the park about three weeks or four weeks prior where i had strained my my ankle, and i said: oh well, all right, he’s wanting to do This, for me, i’ll, do it. You know so um all of a sudden uh. I i threw a kick and then he said. Let me show how i do mine and he did. He moved around with a chair and i didn’t know what he was doing. You know and all of a sudden he stood in front of me for about 15 feet or something like that, and he did a hog skip and a jump and hit her back. You know – and he knocked me clear on my hips, like this pulled me into a chair like that and the chair fell down and broke and i i got up – and i saw he was very quiet and anxious about this and i said: listen: uh, it’s, okay. I mean i didn’t get hurt, i didn’t get hurt. He says i know but that’s my best chair and it was the same chair that he had everybody else. Do the same thing with me that i discovered later sit behind. You stand behind it and then he’s kicked and you go back.