That’S, like a tour strikes on Music, taylormade tour Music guys welcome back today, should be a fun video. We are unboxing all of this stuff that you guys sent us still unreal super grateful that you guys would go out of your way to send us stuff. We just put our p.o box information in the description below, like probably like yeah. I don’t know two weeks ago and we already have like four or five boxes and the po box guy said that we have some more stuff over there. So we’re gon na go check that out, but super grateful for all of the support we just passed. 30. 000, subscribers and we’re planning something awesome for our 30 000 subscribers special definitely stay tuned for that one yeah it’s got something to do with that little guy up there, so it should be fun, but uh let’s uh see what’s in these boxes. After we go pick up some more boxes, then we’ll head out to the course and play with what’s. Ever in there so we’ll meet you. There we’ll meet you there, all right, let’s, uh, open up the first box. You want to go uh. What do you want to do size? You go smallest to biggest sure i guess these are the smallest ones. Yeah we’ll leave the clubs for later let’s go uh, trust you with scissors yeah i’ll, try i’ll, try one box and then we’ll see how it goes. You guys know i’m, not very good at unboxing things also uh apologize about the cicadas, but it is the south.

It is the summer, so you’re gon na hear those screeching things in the background whoa. This is expertly packed. Yes, it is awesome. All right see. Some golf balls – oh, oh yes, that is crazy. That’S, like a tour strixon, towel, that’s real and you guys will like the bag that i’m playing with today. If you like that, towel just got that in the mail too. Thank you so much. Oh, we forgot to say who it was from: it is from Music, daniel from ohio, daniel from ohio. Thank you so much. I really like that. Towel. You guys know where a big strixon fan says: it’s a box in a box got an iu golf ball that’s, where ashley and i met some of our fonder. Memories are from there. So thank you, daniel for uh, watching the channel and knowing that little tidbit about us. No, oh that’s, so cool that’s, really cool iu, national championship 1981 bobby knight, i think, it’s, four of the same uh glasses. I think these are called whiskey, glasses or something like that. You put ice in there and enjoy an adult beverage or two or ginger ale yep, really appreciate you watching the channel and knowing that we both went to iu and the strixtone towel. That is awesome. Thank you very much yeah. We are off to a good start. The smallest box has it’s going to be hard to top guys all right. Let’S go to the next one robinson from bowling green kentucky, isn’t that where the corvette that’s, where the corvette uh museum is yeah, it is oh it’s, because it’s tape, oh it’s, tape too.

Oh yeah, you guys are like the world’s best packers wood, shaft golf club value guy there’s, another person who watches this, because we know nothing about old clubs and we always look stupid when we talk about like persimmons and stuff, like that, that’s really cool we’re. Definitely going to read up and learn more about these clubs we’re always interested in them. We just don’t know anything yeah, we don’t know anything about them. Oh it’s got like the price value and everything for all of these clubs. Oh look at the back. A club was three dollars: three dollars: oh yeah it’s, like a old advertising for an old club, that’s, crazy, oh cool. This is he’s a member of the uh, the golf heritage society and the society of hickory golfers. In the take, he included a copy of the quarterly newsletter. This is really cool, yeah i’ll definitely have to re. We got some good reading that’s for sure. We definitely need to learn more about it and you guys are helping us out all right. What do we got in the left? Whoa? Oh it’s, one of the uh, oh it’s, one of those i think the uh yeah, the feathery we’ll – have to email and ask him if we can uh play with this. I think this is yeah. I think this is something you definitely want to put in the collection and not uh not open up, but i think it’s a old golf ball, and this is how they were packaged.

Super cool. All right, you want to get into a big one. Oh, you want to work our way up. Still yeah we’ll go to the small one. Also we have one of ashley’s birthday presents that just came in the mail about two two and a half weeks later. I’M excited yeah i’ll. Let you do it this time. During this time we got a lot of midwest love. We got kentucky and ohio in the house all right, let’s see who this one’s from this is uh steven from uh massachusetts, a town that i’m familiar with, but i don’t want to give away all of your information, but uh yep, my brother went to school up There, oh, i think we got some old school clubs in here. Oh man, you guys are the best. You definitely watch the channel and know what we like i’m going to save this one for a little bit, let’s see what’s let’s see what this next one is. I saved that one because i thought this one wasn’t going to be as cool i’ll do both of them. At the same time, you guys know there were absolute huge 100 huge, that’s, incredible yeah, absolutely huge tp mills fans. We got a tpm one right here and a tpm, i think, that’s the 12.. This thing is awesome, it’s got yes. I think this is a leather bound grip too that’s cool. We don’t have a 12. I don’t think so.

That’S super cool no i’m excited about that one. Oh yeah. The top line is really cool. That is awesome. We got the strixon stuff, the iu and tp mill stuff. You guys are amazing. Thank you very much. I don’t know if the 30 000 subscriber video videos gon na top this one but uh kind of overwhelming. At this point guys, you guys are really it’s pretty crazy. All right, this person requested not to be mentioned, so we will leave it that way, but we are still excited to see what’s in this mystery box. I think i know what these are. I think these are actually kind of rare too. I don’t, i don’t actually know got some wind dry tech grips and the heads there you go there. We go, i think, it’s a two, or this is a zero iron brand new in the packaging of the uh bang, o matic they’re like driving iron hybrids, or something like that. We definitely have to do a challenge of a zero iron. Only that is awesome. Even the cicadas are happy about it. They’Re getting louder much louder, let’s see what this one is different. Oh, this might be a ladies one that’s. Why it’s pink yeah, i’m gon na say it’s, probably awesome yeah his and hers that’s. Why i have so hard for us to find, ladies clubs, i am super excited about that yeah dang. These are like brand new, perfect grips brand new clubs.

That is crazy, we’ve gotten some awesome stuff i’m super excited to try these ones out, though yeah this is. Bang golf: i think they make a long drive um drivers too that’s, where i’ve seen them before the long drive stuff. I was trying to think about where i’ve seen them before, but these must be their driving irons or something like that. This looks pretty dang cool. Definitely gon na have to have a zero iron only challenge all right. You got one more box box in a box. Whoa, oh forgot to say forgot to say who it is yeah. Oh, this is uh jason from uh the uk. This is the first package that we got. Yeah super excited i’m, the furthest, and you arrived the first yeah that was crazy. I don’t know how you got it here, so quickly got a box in a box. We should have totally done this indoors it’s, like 100 degrees out. Yes, oh taylor made tour, preferred mb, my favorite taylormade irons of all time. The three iron, though, might be a little bit too much for me to hit, but i’m super excited to try this out. This thing is in mint, yes, it is absolutely shiny that is in mint condition, guys. That is crazy. I used to play the a combo set of the tour preferred mbs and the seabees, and i was afraid to play the end beads all the way to the three irons.

So this is gon na be fun. Oh it’s got a uh, the golf pride z, cord grip or just the regular yeah, the z grip, that’s cool it’s. Just like my perfect setup right here, i feel, like you guys, know us better than we know ourselves yeah. We need to definitely just put together a bag on your guy’s recommendation, not ours, but that is absolutely cool. Thank you. So much jason for sending that from the uk got the red, white and blue could be the uk or the usa’s grip right there. But this is going to be an interesting challenge. Oh yeah, we got your package left can’t, compare to your guys’s presence, no, but i’m just super. I don’t actually know which one this is, but the ping rhapsody 5 wood, which is going to go perfect with my new irons yeah. If you watched her birthday, special it’ll make a little bit more sense, but ping rhapsody, and i think i got the ping serene seven through pitching wedge for you, so it would have made more sense at the birthday, but uh still excited yeah. Thank you guys. So much we’re gon na head out to the course and play with these clubs. I got kind of overwhelmed there for a second we’ll have to edit that out, but uh just blown away by your guys’s support on the channel. Thank you so much best subscribers on youtube for sure easily the best subscribers on youtube ready to head to the course i’m still shocked too yep.

You you send this out. You’Ll. Give me we’ll, see you there all right. We made it out to the course honestly. Both john and i are in complete shock. We had no idea what to expect when we set up the p.o box and we were definitely not expecting such awesome gifts, let alone incredibly thoughtful. So, thank you guys so much we’re going to play a little scramble, though, because i don’t think some of these are going to be very easy for me to hit, and i don’t think easy for john to hit. So i will definitely like a scramble but we’ll meet you on the first team. All right guys, first hole here is 300 yards ashley and i are both going with the bang o matic zero iron it’s got some really cool graphics on the shaft and it’s got an undersized grip. So i think who sent us this uh. Actually, custom made this for ashley, which is even cooler but got the plastic unwrapping. Favorite part the sound yeah favorite part of it. We don’t get to do that very often yeah. We don’t find very many clubs in the thrift stores with plastic still on it, but 300 yards you want to go first. You want me to uh, go first i’m going first. Ladies okay, i’m gon na go with that one too we’re gon na save the other one for another video, because i think it’d be awesome to do like a zero iron.

Only challenge so we’ll do that, but ashley’s up first we’ll figure that club out yeah. I think that’s, what it’s supposed to do that thing is like a stinger machine. If ashley’s got above the uh rough line, that thing would have rolled forever. My excuses was the first shot of the day, so i’ll definitely try it again. Yeah, try hitting a one iron without any warm up or anything like that, let alone a zero iron, but that thing, bang, o matic, is definitely an accurate term, for that was just like a perfect stinger. It actually went way further than i thought were in this bunker over here, but we brought along a square strike scenes that these are all long irons and everything. So we need something in between, but here’s what we got left pins on the back tier. Hopefully, you can put one close and make one with you make a birdie with the tp. Mills sounds good Music, good thing, it’s a scramble yeah there we go get up, oh ho, ho ho ho i can’t see. Did it go in the other bunker yeah? Also? I forgot to show the strikes on towel with its new brother right there. The stryxon bag picked that up on mercari. I think it was like 40 free shipping. That was an incredible deal, but not incredible as our place so far we’re in the bunker over here, and that is a super tricky shot. But hopefully we can get it up and down we’re on the green on the right level of the grain, all right, it’s, tp, mills, time ashley’s, going with the tpm 12 and i’m going with the tpm one.

That is just perfect. I think ashley’s got a new favorite tv builds. That was crazy. Well, that was a very ugly par, but that putt felt incredible. I haven’t met a tp mills i don’t like, but this one might be my new favorite, but next up is a par three. I think john’s going with the three iron from the tips. Taylormade tour preferred three yarn mb. It is a uh, 200 yard par 3.. You guys know i don’t like this hole. This club just looks intimidating almost too good to hit, but we’re going to give it a go. Well, i guess looks can be deceiving because i totally thought i was going to hit that one way to the right into the woods with a big slice, but it had a really nice ball flight super straight cut through the wind actually went a little bit long. So i don’t know that was a really good ball flight for a three yard. For me, especially for a blade but ashley’s going with the 5 wood got about 110 yards. Look at where that pin location is the greenskeeper was not happy or something like that, but uh let’s see if ashley can’t put one closer – oh my goodness that’s closer than mine for sure what was that i went over the greed. I have no idea where that shot came from, but i’m not complaining. I think we can actually putt john’s, though, and mine actually went over the green, so let’s see if we can make a birdie i’ll take that this thing is so soft.

All right, even par through two got ta, say: i’m, really loving the teepee most putters. So far, the next hole is a par five, though i think you’re gon na take the lead on this one yeah we’re gon na see if we can’t reach it with the three yarn and then one of the bango matics, because ashley has to conserve her energy And try and carry the bunker on the last hole that would be a perfect cap to a perfect video for us, but it’s up to me. First, going to three iron flew it into the pump that three iron is an absolute monster. I’Ve had the udi version of it like the driving iron easier to hit than the mb and i’ve come nowhere close to hitting it in that bunker, and i just hit the three iron in there. So i think i might have to go with ashley’s 5 wood out of there because i’m definitely not clearing the lip with any of the other clubs. So hopefully we can still put it on too and give ourselves a good look at eagle i’m excited to see if ashley can’t carry it over the bunker on the next hole, though oh man, i think that got there. That was definitely not the shot. I was trying to play. I was trying to play a hook around the trees, but we hit a low bullet under them. It rolled up perfectly through this little hollow right here and it’s.

Just over that hump. I think we have a putt for eagle. Definitely not the route i was intending to go, but it ended at the destination i wanted so can’t complain right right. I thought that thing was going to break way more yeah. It breaks that way, though struggling for birdie all right. We managed the birdie there but it’s time for the main event i don’t know if you guys get as excited as i do for these things, but ashley trying to go over the bunker is just it’s what i live for these days but uh. What are you going with the five wood yeah? I think that’s the longest, but i mean it went really far on the par three yeah. You drove it over the par three. So today might be the day we’re going dead into the sun, so yeah i’ll try and get the shot tracer correct if she nails it over there, but nervous i’m nervous too. Let us know in the comments below oh that reminds me: we have to do the giveaway winner for the lefty club yeah for the lefty clubs too, so ashley sandbox let’s see if she can conquer it today – Music. Oh, i can’t see it. Oh, oh! That is your closest, yet that almost carried it it’s a little bit to the right of it. I think, with your driver next time, it’s a done deal. Yeah i mean this is a 5 wood but that’s as close as you’ve.

Gotten though, i think that was crazy. Well, today, wasn’t the day i didn’t even see the ball in the sun, but john says it’s, the closest it’s ever been so hopefully next time, we’ll do it with my driver, but i also just realized. We totally forgot you to hit a shot, so uh yeah yeah, every single time we get so distracted by this bunker. We totally forget about john, so my bad. I think this will have to come up here and look, but you you drove it past the bunker, but you didn’t drive it over the bunker, so definitely with the driver instead of a five wood, get that line see like we’re, even with the bunker right here And then the ball is right up there yeah, so it rolled down the hill, but we are getting there. You drove it past the bunker, just not over it. Next time, with the driver, it’s a done deal going down the road, not even over the bunker. Over the road you’re gon na drive it over the road i’m gon na kill the people on the practice screen, but uh we got a tricky little shot right there. The pin is right behind that big tree, so let’s see if we can’t pull. In close, i think the tree helped it yeah. I don’t think i’m gon na do any better than that, though, that was kind of funny we were debating, which club to hit, because we didn’t want to scuff up any of the ones that you sent.

So we just went with the five wood that i bought ashley. It clipped off this tree right here, but i actually ended up helping it. I think it would have gone way over. We got like a uh, i don’t know 15 footer tricky putt, but got the world’s greatest putter with the tp mills. I think she’s going to knock it in go. Oh man that was dead center. All right par is secured all right guys. There you have it. Hopefully you enjoyed this video. We just wanted to give another huge. Thank you to everyone who supports the channel.