What was interesting to me is how he talked about how he got steery uh playing on the pga tour. This is a player that we’re used to seeing free swing it and i thought that would transfer week in and week out on the pga tour, especially at this point in his career. When everything at this point is gravy, he’s had a tremendous hall of fame career uh. So it was interesting to me that that was one of his goals coming here was being able to kind of recapture that feeling you know when i heard him say he got steery. I thought he was talking about like cattle, because there’s no way a 44 time winner on the pga tour gets out there and doesn’t know how to swing, especially when he says he’s playing great at home. You would think it’s second nature, but there’s truth to what he’s saying and it shows you how hard golf is. Even for somebody like phil, mickelson, i’m shooting 61 63 at home, then i go and shoot three over at boston. So, yes, he got to the his pga tour champions debut he freewheeled it. He had an incredibly great round and it makes me wonder: let’s, say he’s, leading by one or two uh going into the final round, the third round and he’s supposed to win. We all think he’s going to win. Is he going to feel those nerves? Is that going to make him steery or tight or or nervous or or playing a little too cautious? You would think not again given his his his pedigree and how many times he’s won, but it’s interesting, really interesting conversation.

He had there with billy ray yeah, well it’s, interesting because it’s a trap that so many professional golfers fall into and and for him to have chosen to play in this event to get those reps to play under the gun. I think that’s, why, when you talk to teachers or you talk to competitive golfers, that say i want to learn how to practice under the gun. I want to simulate those feelings. Those cannot be replicated unless you’re teaming up in a tournament, or at least you can. You can try at your very best, but you have to learn your tendencies. You have to learn what your body does in those moments and fulfill it’s. Obviously, a great learning lesson for him. Even at this point in his career for my for my last year, two years that’s been my point about tiger woods. He’S coming in rusty, it’s, going to be tough to bet on and make him the favorite, even though he’s possibly the best of all time and phil justifies my feelings on that. Here’S, the the second best golfer of this generation hands down saying i’m, not taking it from the the course at home or the range to the course here and who’s got more experience or who should be more immune to those feelings than phil mickelson. But it shows you phil fights the same thing that the eight handicapper at home fights they. I left it on the range i left it at home.

I was playing great, but my game didn’t hit the road well yesterday – might have helped that a little bit. We shall see well, robert sounds, like you think. Phil mickelson potentially has something to lose over these next couple of days. Do you think so you do. I mean to me, it’s almost already a success, considering how well he played yesterday how he almost found. Is it not already a success i’m playing devil’s advocate? I think it is because the conversation we had yesterday is what would a successful week be for phil mickelson, the fact that he was able to go out there and show what he can do at least to himself, if not everybody else to me, that’s a success, But both of you said that it has to be a win at this point because he does have something to lose now. Would it still be a success, or does he have to win for it to be a success? He’S, phil mickelson? I think he does have to. I don’t want to see him all of a sudden get steery over these next couple of rounds, something he said he was fighting. I thought it was wonderful that he kind of led us inside the tent. So i think when you’ve got this lead when you shot 61, when you’ve hit 17 of 18 greens and you’re driving the par four third, you got to put the hammer down now. Don’T you robert! What do you think? I think that this is uh we’re we’re missing the force for the trees.

Here, of course, he wants a trophy. This is about winged foot. If he, i don’t want to say blows it, but if he loses this, it doesn’t help his chances and his confidence going into wing foot. If he goes out and dominates these guys, uh part of us thinks he should now there’s. No, none of us think he’s going to win every time he tees it up out there. The competition is just too good but he’s off to a crazy start, he’s still in the middle, in his mind, of a pga tour career, not a pga tour champion’s career. This should be just going out having fun and stomping on these guys a little bit and if he doesn’t yeah that hurts his chances at the u.s open or of at least feeling good, making a good show of things. The way his game has been. You know it’s it’s, tough, to see him contending at wing foot anyway, but you know he still wants to. He wants that grand slam and if he doesn’t play well these last two days that is going to hurt his chances there well, and i think i think the biggest takeaway is if somebody beats him that’s one thing if he beats himself that’s a completely different thing, Especially to your point that he’s let us in on – but we might not, that he’s struggling, we might not know let’s, say he’s, leading uh by by two going into sunday and he shoots a 67 which is okay, uh and somebody shoots 63 and beats him okay.

He lost but in his mind he’ll know we won’t know 67 sounds fine, but he’ll know you know what i was tied on swing abc and i messed that up. I should have capitalized here, and i messed that up, because i was tight, so internally he’s going to know a lot more than we will just watching it. I just want to know how this golf course what he just said is set up like your your club championship on a difficult day. How is that going to translate into helping him on the pga tour or, more specifically, for his needs and phil’s fans needs that u.s open at wingfield? My interpretation of what he said is i’m physically fine, i’ve, shot really good scores at home, i’m, physically doing great what’s. Keeping me and what’s holding me back is mentally that’s.