We went to fossilmon’s in alhambra um for those of you who live locally um. There were a lot of people there. So i think the word is out. That today is national ice cream day um, but we went to bright aid. This morning we went on a walk, my dad panda bear and i and we asked rite aid if they’re having their. You know free cone for national ice cream day and, unfortunately, because of the pandemic, their ice cream area was closed. They said that they might have it open tomorrow or next week, but that’s not national ice cream day, so it’s not like it would have been free. So we went to fossilmon’s um and i don’t regret it because it was delicious um. What i ordered. I ordered the milkshake with the chocolate dipped strawberry and french vanilla bean ice cream. The best um anyways so yeah this month july. The month of july is parks and recreation month. According to our city, monterey park and they’re doing a scavenger hunt and it’s really fun um from july 13th through the end of the month and panda and bear – and i just decided we were going to do it all in one week, and so we started on Tuesday we stopped by, i think it was like three or four parks. I think it was three no. It was two parks that counted on the crossword puzzle that they had um and then two other parks that weren’t on the crossword puzzle.

But they are part of the city’s 14 total parks. Um wednesday we um went um and i think we saw like three or four more parks and then yesterday saturday was our day to knock out the rest of the parks. There were four more parks, um that were on the crossword puzzle and so panda bear, and i ended up doing a little bit shy of a half marathon um. It took us about five hours because we had lots of stops um, but we did about 13 miles. Yesterday so i’m a little beat um, but this morning we still did about four miles. Um panda bear my dad and i did that and um panda bear and i are going to do another. I don’t know how many miles this evening um but yeah so that’s pretty much the weekend besides having to work it’s been you know, working a nine to six working remotely has been tough because not only are am i responsible for managing people um and their projects, But i have to manage my own work too, and so um i’ve had to work weekend days just to make it work, so that i’m not stressed out during the week um so yeah. But on top of all that, because there’s no commute to and from the office what i’ve been doing is i’ve been using that commute time which used to be about an hour hour and a half each day to and from work, so that time is being used.

Walking with panda bear and my dad, and so just getting our exercise in it’s unfortunate that here in southern california, um or i think, all over california. Actually, the governor announced on monday that everything was going to pretty much be shut down again and so um right in the middle of our workout. We were at planet fitness on our way into planet fitness. We heard that the governor was shutting everything down and we were like. Oh, i wonder how long it’s going to take before they shut down our gym and 37 minutes into our workout that’s when they shut it down, they were like we’re closing. You have to get out, so we have to find a new way to do our um strength, training um. So we have weights here at home, um that i’ve been using um, but we don’t have really different um size weights. So um panda bears on the hunt for a kettlebell that’s about my weight size. I think a size uh, 20 pounds or 25 pounds is what he’s looking for so um. Hopefully he’ll find that soon and i get to start working out with those but anyways we got ta make it work right, um, so that’s pretty much been the week. The week’s mostly been um hunting for the parks for the crossword puzzle and doing some strength, training here at home um. What have i been eating? Um hannah bear’s been feeding us lots of different things, so didn’t do as much fasting, as i thought i’d be doing.

This week, but i haven’t overly indulged during the week either. I think today is the biggest indulgence um having ice cream on the milkshake for national ice cream day um, but other than that i’ve been pretty good in terms of um caloric intake and definitely been expending. A lot of energy um walking to all the different parks, so it was funny because on tuesday, when we first started the scavenger hunt um, there were other people that were at the park, the first park that we were at and they were like. Oh you’re doing a scavenger hunt too we’re like yeah, and i was like. Oh, are you walking to all the parks too and they’re like oh, no we’re, driving and so not everyone’s doing the whole walking to all the parks? Um, like panda, bear – and i did, but we thought it was a great challenge – to walk to all the parks, because the whole point of the scavenger hunt according to the city is to get people to be more active and to explore the city and so that’s. Exactly what panda bear – and i did and so i’ve gotten really tan – i don’t know if you can tell um in this video, but my mom even commented that i’m getting a little dark, so um so yeah. I need to put on more sunblock. I think, especially when we know we’re gon na be out for more than a couple hours um, but yeah that’s, pretty much it thought i’d.

Clue you in on the scavenger hunt. I’Ll put the link down below the scavenger hunt is for the city of monterey park. Where i live, i don’t know if you have to be a monterey park resident to do the scavenger hunt, you could possibly win a prize which is really cool it’s from july 13th, so this past monday and it ends july 31st and they’ll – announce the prize winners. Um august 7th, i think, via email and so yeah for those of you who are going to jump on the scavenger hunt. Good luck to you, um panda bear and i have pretty much finished so we actually wanted to visit all 14 parks. There were two more parks that was not on the crossword puzzle that we have not hit up yet, so we may just hit up those two parks either tonight or sometime during this week. Just so, we can say that we’ve been to all 14 parks, even though there’s only 10 parks on the crossword puzzle, but okay well, that’s it. I am going to possibly go, take a nap and uh finish working so that i don’t have to work too hard. This coming week and then um panda bears gon na make me steak and potatoes cause that’s. What i really really wanted to eat this weekend and so he’s indulging me so i’m.