Now i told you that there were going to be some big things happening between the july 14th and july and july 20th. Okay, with the with the celestial events happening. Okay, six day sacrifice now what happened? A gunman who appeared in a fedex uniform, came to this woman’s property and killed her son and shot at her husband. This woman is a judge who is going to be investigating the epstein money laundering, so somebody wants this woman dead. Somebody wanted to kill her or send her a very strong message. Unbelievable let’s see her son was killed. The husband and son of a new jersey, federal judge were shot at their home see. This is some black ops, stuff guys. This is some straight harvey, weinstein, israeli mossad stuff, a guy dressed in a mailman or a delivery. Outfit for fedex, okay, shot into the home of this woman’s, shot into this woman’s home and killed her son, unbelievable. She was assigned about four days ago to the epstein money laundering and her 20 year old son was murdered. You see this is how dark the system is guys. This is they’re trying to cover up something big, and i guarantee the clintons had something to do with this think about all the people that the clintons have have killed over the years that died. You know what i’m saying, because, because they were about to be exposed, it’s just horrible, this is uh happening right now, but a federal judge, her son was killed because somebody’s trying to cover up the pedophile ring.

Somebody is trying to cover up who, where these politicians which politicians were involved – and i guarantee you bill – clinton’s name – is all over that that those money transfers. Okay. So look at this a gunman let’s see the gunman appeared wearing a fedex uniform, unbelievable. This is some black ops guys. This is some some crazy stuff. This is what our country is coming to. The onion is gon na be peeled, and people are going down and they’re fighting back i’m just trying to like wrap my head. I cannot believe this happened. Let’S see let’s just look at all the people that the clintons have murdered all right. These evil people, god man, they’re, sick, sick, bill’s, a pedophile, oh man. You know what i’m saying it’s just unbelievable there’s. So many let me see like if i can just find something ron brown. This was a good one, man, all the people who committed suicide by you know what i’m saying here we go another one suicide i mean there’s, a huge list of people who suspiciously suspiciously died connected to the clinton family, most of them suicide bill, shelton suicide, kathy Ferguson suicide attorney um for bill clinton, suicide down dan lasseter, let’s, see plane crashes and suicides it’s, just unbelievable vincent foster suicide. I mean you name it. These people are sick. I mean i, i can’t believe we almost elected that that woman into our into our president into the presidency – it’s just unbelievable, and so many people won’t talk about it.

You see the clintons are like hillary clinton, but she does. The people around her are obsessed with her, they worship her and they will kill for her. They they are psychotic man. Let me see this like bill clinton. What does he have like syphilis or something he looks? He looks sick. Look at this guy. Look at that. You’Re telling me this guy doesn’t have some sort of sick std. He looks like he’s he’s, like freaking, a vampire that says he’s dying of aids. It looks like he has aids, probably from all the kids that he raped in those poor villages. What they did in haiti go talk to people in haiti or listen to what people say about the clintons in haiti. So what they do is these disasters happen. They come in and look at these people. They turn out entire countries and they’re involved in child trafficking. Stealing these kids, you know how many kids in haiti have gone missing because they’re in the blood rituals – and i told you some shit – was going down. Okay, we look at the celestial events. Uh here, look it’s saturn at opposition right tomorrow, something’s gon na happen tomorrow i have a feeling or maybe late tonight in the early morning. Just keep your eyes peeled people alright keep your eyes peeled. This is the week that the rings of saturn are brightest. Saturn, satan, saturnalia stay, keep your eyes peeled something’s coming all right and i don’t think it’s a coincidence that in these six days i mean how many people have died in the last six days.

You had elvis presley’s grandson, okay, so he committed suicide. You had um that braxton suicide attempted suicide. Okay, you had. Who did you have travolta’s wife? The day before so travolta’s, wife and elvis presley’s son died on the same day. The next day we had naya rivera on the 13th. We had her dead. On the same day, we had the glee star dead on the 13th or i’m sorry, uh mythbusters got him mixed up this guy dying. I mean every day in the last six days. There have been crazy deaths. Now you have this judge who was appointed to look through the money laundering of the epstein case, whose son gets hit this guy. He got murdered her son that’s. What we’re dealing with people that’s the level of of sickness in this world? That you have to just open your eyes to so you see when you’re standing up for justice. When you stand up to these people, they kill, they try to kill you and they’ll, kill your children, sick, it’s, so sad it’s! So sad when you try to stand up to the system when you try to stand up and expose the corruption, this is what happens to you it’s so sad. I pray for her family. I pray for this woman that she will be strong. I mean what else can they take from her? You know what it is. She probably already peeled back the onion and it was a revenge hit.

It was a total revenge hit. Oh my gosh, this is horrible. This was a hit, and oh man, i just don’t know: when did she get appointed let’s, see? Look at this okay look terrible was assigned to the civil case suing deutsche bank over relations to jeffrey epstein. Only four days ago she gets assigned four days ago to the epstein case, and then her son gets murdered from a man dressed as a fedex delivery person. A black ops hit man i’m, just sad i’m, just sad for this woman, i’m. So sad for the grief she feels her 20 year old, innocent child. Oh, i just pray for this woman. I hope they find that person who did it. I don’t know this just lane maxwell’s an evil woman who has a lot of connections. Oh man, all right, that’s it i mean i don’t know what to even say. I i don’t know what to say about this. One it’s so sad, but i just want to make this video to show you. I just want to show you what these people are. Really capable of they will kill you, they will come for your loved ones. They will come for you, so this job speaking your truth, speaking up for what’s right is dangerous, but it’s worth it to expose these these villains and these demons in our world all right amen. I pray that jesus just heals this woman’s heart tonight as she grieves.