What you want to see is a lot of nodding, three balls and a strike to the speedy trey turner who pops into shallow left center field. Aaron hicks has got it and that gives us a trigger that juan soto after a positive, covet 19 test is in the protocol in his face absolutely two in one day right, because they had all that time away: that’s right, they’re, fresh they’re, strong, two balls of Two strikes to adam eaton to pitcher, as is humanly possible as a guy that was coaching in high school five years ago. How do you deal with coal it’s a long one out to right and adam eaton gets the champs on the board. Look at this ball is down that’s. The only place where these, both these pitchers can’t get hurt as fast balls down eaton get his foot down great finity stadium. The sounds of baseball are magnificent. Cole knew it as soon as he left the hand too here’s starlin castro picks on the first pitch for round number two, so the eaton homer cup and again maddie something to watch tonight early on. It could be indicative of how this game goes of the 2020 season over the covet. Concerns and cole gets a call on the outside corner, better view of the ballpark from here in the studio in bristol connecticut.

Oh, that got him yeah eric thames is hit by a pitch and it’s been fun. The only thing will make it a little better to start the inning Applause for the world series to open the season again.

The following year as suzuki, sends a fly ball out to aaron judge one out one on now: forest drooble, everybody circles, your name and that a new relationship with his catcher with gary sanchez, who looks rare Applause and he sends a fly ball down to left Applause. Buster, the setup is what we’re talking about for gary sanchez and the frame pitches on the edges yeah. I guess and alex i’m curious. Your thoughts on this in 90 feet count and you face a lineup like the nationals would turn into 0 2 to andrew stevenson. Boston to be able to throw guys out at second base and that fastball at 99 miles an hour foul tip for strike. Three pair of strikeouts for garrett coleman is still 2 1 john deere welcome back matt baskerson with alex rodriguez among the biggest yankee fans on the planet and a pitch that misses in on the hand of aaron judge in the top of the inning full house for House in the hotel, you know buster we’re, all wondering as soto is unable to check the swing. Those you actually see some players sitting in seats behind home plate during some of the inner squad games in nationals he’s caught himself several times drinking his water through nation’s health and safety protocol.

When it came to high fives and this and the like away. I listen, but you know it’s the little things: mata it’s the sunflower seeds, as you can’t, you know, can’t chew, gum, you can’t lick your fingers adjustments and not a lot of time to adjust first pitch.

I don’t know that we’ll see it used tonight in philly. Uh there’s, no such no such move out there in check to make sure that there isn’t motor oil or uh you know soft drink on it or one two pitch to eaton is sent down to right field. Not quite enough on this. One and judge has it for a one, two three inning to the fourth three to one new york, three to one yankees, says our series. Opener coverage continued with everybody else who wanted to be there tonight as starlin castro. The only little mini blemish, the solo homer by adam eaton in the first he does have a three to one: the nationals, not among the team, go out there and sit and socially distance later on tonight. Second, game of our doubleheader on opening day dodgers and giants. There’S a fly ball for aaron judge in one away and win a world series. You know maddie talking to kevin long behind, will always give you a professional bat and 20 pitch to him fouled away well among teams that have a body like howie kendrick who they’d like to keep off his feet defensively as an older player.

Martinez loves having his seniority in that lineup, a jam shot up the middle that wade is able to gobble up and on that topic alex. Where are you with the universal dh love? It we’ll talk about that as we continue the quickest of innings authored by garrett.

Cole still three to one new york road, uniform, debut kurt suzuki leads when he hit eric thames leading off the second. His home debut is probably going to feel a lot like tonight. Suzuki lifts a fly ball out to right for aaron, judge and it’s, because baseball is a tight community and so many have matches available to players this year, allowing them to two balls in his strike to his dribble Applause and hammered into the corner and fouled carter. Kibum – and this is an important role for and i’m so thankful that i had joy cora, the soho’s the for me to help me and keep stevenson had a a cup of coffee, teammates of astros, alex bregman at lsu, but they’re still pretty good. Indeed, Applause. You guys saw right there, dave martin in the count to god is stephen son zone and that’s, where the swing and miss is coming. Here’S, victor robles now and cole had created the most dominant pitcher in baseball.