Three call filled in right now: strike three call nailed the outside corner with a fastball. Machado is victim number 13. and corey clover at 103. Pitches through eight is dazzling again tonight now into the motion. The one two pitch swing. He strikes out polka strikeout number, seven, with seven shutout endings strike three call the pitch to him and strike three called the wind in the one. Two pitch strike three swing and a miss struck. Applause strike three Applause as a manager that’s. What you want. You know you have that his next offering a swing and a cue ball hit towards the first base foul line kluber gloves he tags out, simmons bogey corey clover with a complete game effort. He only needed 98 pitches to shut out the angels three to nothing swinging. A miss corey kluber continues on his roll another harmless ball in the center of the field. It’S a pop up for lindor for the first down well, corey clover’s stay is done to be pretty clean as well. He just took him to school. The 2 2 offering swung on looping liner to second jumping into shallow right to catch it adam rosales and kluber’s night, probably done in another tremendous effort, strike three called maxwell chasing and a swing and a messy, and did he go? Yes, he did 470 within his scoring position, a strikeout and straight three call 2 2 from blake swing and a missile there’s a swing and a miss strike.

Three. Every year the one two pitch swing and a fly ball left center field, wendell and malik’s, giving chase malik’s on the run, and he makes the catch it’s a game under 543 and 44. and he got him came right back with it and a wave and a Miss and straight three called and that pitch is strike three here’s. What he’s doing swinging in a minute after applause runner goes, the fish swung on a mid there’s a swing and a mess and another ball in the dirt. Then door disgusted with himself throws the bat down and snell throws that strike three call getting over just added to it. The three two pitch here is swung out and missed strike three one away and a one two count two away now with a toss down to. First soup right into bowers and that’s, the first strikeout for blake’s, now johan bonkata, behind the counter with two and he gets it off. Speed pitch beautiful change up right there by blake, snow owen to the count and a half swing and a miss by mankato. He strikes out sucre, picks it up behind the plate and throws the first round number two that is and a cut and a miss. He went up with the fast ball and strikes him out 97 on that high fastball, the o2 to dozier. He strikes him out swinging at a miss on the fastball up owen to the count now wyatt’s in throw struck him out swinging and there’s.

Two down made very quick work of his former mate lucas due to three pitches and that’s. The third strike down for snelling snell on the 2 2 to escobar is strike three called uh escobar, just let that fastball at 97 go right on by and snowball one two three inning and the scoreless streak has reached 25 now third best in franchise history and Strike three call fastball in and gordon caught looking strikeout number five now the o2 on its way swinging in a miss he struck him out with some high heat and herrera goes down on spikes on the fastball. Well, he started him that way finished him. That way. Strikeout number seven now snell and escobar ready blake get the belt deep breath and comes downhill swinging a miss. He got him with a pitch away: a fastball at 97., making eight strikeouts for blake, snell and that’s strike three call fastball right there, nine strikeouts for blake snell two gets fairfield. Looking two strike bitch coming to the left, fielder alex gordon on its way and a chuck swing and walmart. He went that is strike three and that is ten k’s for blake snell top of the first inning. He is out on strikes defense caught looking right there on the fastball, not much. He could do there, the one two pitch and that strike three called and blake snell works around the lead off. Walk gets his second strikeout. Snell throws two two swung on a missed strike: three, a beautiful breaking ball and holt is retired and snelled as a third strikeout.

The beauty of the way the game looks like that: a fastball swing on the missed at 97.. He just completely devoured jackie, bradley, jr and blake snell has not allowed a hit through three on we go to the bottom of the third and the o2 at fuldam pitch down on the dirt swinging to miss strike three with a hook two two. He got him. He strikes him out breaking pitch strikeout number six. You go the wind in the two two pitch swinging in a miss. He struck him out as brock. Both goes broke out the fastball, and that is strike three and the popper shallow right, alex smith, is there to make the catch, and he got him that time. A strikeout of cabrera, nine strikeouts shaded toward right center academy and strike three and strike three call fastball, and he strikes out the side that one at 98. here comes the one two swing and a minute here comes the payoff pitch swing and a miss goes down. He got him 96 mile an hour fastball striking out. No more bizarre here comes the payoff pitch and he got up with that hard breaking goal: fastball in there breaking ball off the play for cold strike, three one down third strikeout now for verlander maldonado’s, having some words, got him chasing that fastball up and away, and The angels once again down in order seventh straight retired by verlander, two, nothing houston, no earned runs in those seven innings for garrett czech swing.

He went around pulls down now. The 2 2 takes a called strike. Three at 97, two outs, o2 pitch shohei strikes out swinging there’s out number one strike three call to the ray’s first baseman and crone is out on strikes, wendell is out on strikes, wave and a miss he’s out on strikes, yeah they’re, cutting the mess on the Fastball 1 2 to echeverria and he is out on strikes and the cup is fastball and kiermeier Music. Cutting the miss gomez missed the fastball, got him swinging, two gone and all down on strikes and the ending is over, but the dodgers herlander delivers one two and spikes bellinger out down the middle. This time, four consecutive k’s for verlander Music Applause strikes out this side. In the second order will try it again and it’s foul and he’s the first out of the inning. You can even see it affect you when you’re bunning, with alex wood in his bun attempts. 0 2 turn her down for the second time on a fastball swinging. Justin verlander with seven k’s and one away in the fourth here’s his 1 2 pitch he’s got another strikeout on another fastball, very inferior countdown swinging, justin verlander, with nine strikeouts through four ten strikeouts for justin verlander bonded foul and strike three 11 k’s for justin verlander. 2 2 drops in to get him went back there to get him a third time. Great curveball, there’s lagley he’s got great hair by the way one two back to back strikeouts for verlander two outs takes a call strike three on the breaking ball and that’ll.

Do it but the angels get on the board shohei. Oh johnny, look back around okay! Where are these guys located see if he does go away now, he’s going back in breaking ball, gets him cole chase the high fastball that’s three consecutive strikeouts for verlander got him upstairs. That was a decoy and it’s actually better than even 2011, when he was the mvp and sai young and picks up a strikeout here at jonathan vr and gets a swing and a miss here. Obviously, machado hasn’t added to that home run total since he was traded during the all star break mancini, unable to lay off that high fastball berlander combo swing and a miss jv’s rolling along here that’s four in a row as beckham goes down swinging. You know the snip blake snells, the trevor bowers, the uh chris sales, who doesn’t even qualify now so he’s out of the question as verlander picks up yet another strikeout assai young it’s only happened once in the national league and that was plus innings for clayton pershoff Erlander ahead of caleb joseph one and two he’s already struck out stewart and rickard this inning and he strikes out this side. He got him. Berliner, picks up strikeout number, eight, obviously talent, but a lot of work ethic. Oh yeah, that was pretty beckham, just had no chance there.