Just because y’all like subscribe so there’s 14 15 shout out to y’all y’all are the real ones y’all make it happen so before you get into it. Please, like share subscribe turn on the post notifications drop a comment in the comment section and let’s get into this video and get our work here. We got this big field to work with today, plus we got the baseball diamond for our throwing later doing a little bit of a dynamic, warm up just to get the body kind of loose a little bit and then we’ll get into some of the other work. Super light day, it’s, nothing crazy, nothing, hard need a ladder, med ball and a couple of baseballs. So here we go Applause: Music, now, we’re gon na get some elbow to knee work let’s get into it: Applause, Music Applause, so now we’re getting into the hip work. We’Re going to do 15. Second bursts of really turn into here. We’Re gon na go hop in we’ll. Get that turned so now we’re going to get these red ball throws over trying to get some height on the ball. Honestly, man it’s my first time doing this. So cut me some slack Music, so a lot of people do these ones here.

I know what you’re talking about, but these ones we’re just trying to get some we’re going to turn over after the throw so the little girl mostly likes yeah there you go there.

You go all right now, we’re all warmed up, so that was kind of like the mlb justin verlander warm up aspect of it. That was what he did to warm up so now. What we’re, gon na do actually we’re actually gon na get into my driveline work. Uh, you guys have seen that video. If you haven’t, checked the link in the description i’m gon na do a few reps here, just kind of outline. It really quick, but we’re, just gon na fast forward it to make it all quick for y’all Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, all right, we finished the long uh the driveline now we’re going to get into some long talk. One thing about long tails. I love! I put in my airpods let my body just take over. It is really good to increase, athleticism, get your body really moving towards the target and just really empty your mind and letting it fly so i can’t wait let’s get into it. I love girl all right, guys that wraps it up. We got our work in today. Pretty excited now. We’Re gon na get inside maybe get a lift in maybe but yeah it’s a friday, beautiful weather we’re trying to be safe and enjoy it at the same time.

So i can’t wait but then again, thank you guys for looking at this video hope. You guys subscribe share turn on the post notifications. Follow me on instagram. Send me all your lovely questions.

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