I think one thing that has gotten by and we’re not haven’t talked a lot about is the new rule where a relief pitcher has to face three batters can’t just come in and face one guy and then get out of the game. Uh, the astros bullpen is hurting right now. The astros bullpen is thin. This may be a problem if you got if devo has to face at least three guys in a critical situation. Yeah, i think one of the things it’s gon na do is really force managers to feel very strongly about who they’re gon na put in at any particular time – and you know, it’s gon na it’s gon na really do away with with the specialist unless they get To a point in the lineup, where they have multiple lefties going all at one time so yeah these guys, who are expected to just weasel out of an inning um you, you can’t, do that anymore. You’Re gon na have to prove that you and i don’t know long term if this is gon na be a thing john. I just don’t know if major league baseball is gon na love the fact that they’re forcing you to see three batters, but it really doesn’t matter because that’s what we have right now for the astros and with the astros. I just think that dusty baker now has to have complete confidence in whoever he’s going to and it’s going to make it much less likely that they bring in guys that they’re not confident in with men.

In scoring position like you really don’t want to see that happen. Well – and i you know, i used to think well it’s a little bit overplayed, that you go righty and then a lefty and then a righty in the order in the batting order, because you could bring in a lefty specialist to face that guy and and and Lineups are predominantly right handed, but you may see dusty baker having to move bradley into the three hole and bregman into the four hole so that you don’t bring in a a right handed pitcher, because if you go springer altuve bregman all in a row, you can Bring in a righty and then bring that lefty in to face brantley, and then jordan alvarez after that you’re going to want to split up brantley and alvarez now for sure. So brett bregman may be back into the four hole where he was before. But the thing with the astro since they’re so thin right now lance is that they may you you brought it up this morning. We’Re probably gon na have eight six games. Probably gon na have six four, probably gon na, be a lot more games in which the astros are gon na have to score a lot of runs, which is where that nice lineup comes in handy yeah. I think. Maybe you know in terms of of being more aggressive on the base paths uh the little things to add crooked numbers onto the you know in under the scorecard.

You may have to see that because now, with lesser pitchers being forced to face three um, three hitters, that that could be something that really adds a half run to each game. You know we don’t know how it’s going to play out, but i do think that this year, if you’ve got a team that can hit, you worry a little less, maybe about some of the bullpen issues that you would have had in the past or you could Look at it this way the bullpens could potentially be an issue, so you have to hit and if you don’t hit you’re a team that’s going to really struggle and granted that’s. I guess you could say: that’s been major league baseball for quite some time now, but the astros very specifically have an issue with losing two or three relievers. Arcadia is not there um, you don’t, have garrett cole anymore, so they’re gon na be a little more cognizant of putting some some early runs up on that board and getting a cushion yeah and, like you said, i think today, you’re being a lot more aggressive at The plate – and i think we saw that with the royals they jumped on them early they’re, hitting the other way they’re going after pitches, that maybe they would be watching uh otherwise, but they are going to be a lot more aggressive. Wait: listen, they’ve got the cheating aside, they’ve got one of if not the best lineup in baseball and so yeah.

It would now, when verlander’s, pitching when granky’s pitching, hopefully when mcculler’s pitching you’re, not gon na, have to worry about that stuff. That you’ll be able to pound people and be up by three four five runs, but the other guys starting. It is going to be a little bit worrisome that you’re getting into uh big numbers in these.