You can bet he’s ironic, there’s, a fastball right here, an aster card, then look at this Applause. I would rather eat a soggy sandwich than use this card. I would rather drink dirty water for an entire month. Then use this dj lemay here i would rather tweet from an android phone than use this card. I would rather spray axe body spray in my mouth and use this card. I would rather eat a whole. Stick of deodorant then use this card. Oh my god. My prayers have been answered. This dog player hit a home run, oh my god, Applause, the infield, oh my god, oh and this drops in the infield your dog and he’s nap crying. Oh, my god. I swear i’ve only had negative experiences grinding for this question and oh that looked like i hit it off. That’S got ta, be the hardest hit ball. I’Ve hit all night i’ve been playing with this card for the last two hours it’s one o’clock i started playing at like 11 30. watch. I only need one hit and i’m, not gon na get it to my last at bat. In my last game. I’Ll be surprised if he hits into the gap from the stretch here’s the pitch. Oh, my god, we completed the challenge he’s on a tear in this one holy strike here. Nothing in one, hey, the guy on the mound, is absolutely pounding the zone and that’s.

Why he’s been able to stay and pitch deep into this game and that’s a base hit so the pressure’s on to open up the ending wow? We only got one base the entire game.

Congratulations to the dog ass player, three to him on the way. What the is that first in time, i would rather get slapped by trying to keep. It then use this card for another. Second, this is hit high and, as i say that this bitch ass hit a home run. Oh, my god, i would rather be an astros fan than use this card. Applause swung on and hammered. Oh, my god watch it fly dog. If i can sell you i’m selling, you in a heartbeat, because you are the most dog player i’ve ever seen in my entire life dog dog dog.