So um you know hey, i got beat around a little bit but that’s good um. You know you have to work out the stretch you have to make pitches in those type of situations uh. You know that that’s what happens in the regular season? It’S. Not always, you know just going through lineups and and everything’s easy, knowing the big leagues, you have a lot of endings like that, where you have to be able to go down and grind. So the fact that i did give up runs that you know it that’s. The type of situations that you’re going to be in during the season and what do you think of the stadium environment in general, with the crowd noise and obviously this is pretty close replication to what we’re going to be seeing all season yeah. You just have to accept it uh, you know it seems like every day, there’s a challenge and you just got to overcome it. You know if this is what it’s going to be. This is what it’s going to be. This is 2020 baseball, so you got to keep a smile on your face and just embrace it and have fun with it.

Thank you, jesse doctor. Do you washington, post max? I know you’re a guy who likes your routines um. How much different was today uh. I imagine once you get on the field, it feels like normal baseball, but did you have to alter too much of what you normally would do, given restrictions protocols and whatnot uh? No, not really um.

You know today today was the first like kind of dry run of going through. You know, scouring ports, understanding, uh, you know kind of getting my routine uh. You know really more so than any other screen train start or exhibition game i’ve thrown because of you know how fast we’re trying to ramp up here – and you know this season’s limited and you know i’m only going to get a handful of starts here. So i really wanted to you know, start thinking you know of what what these guys hit, what they don’t hit. Um, you know start working on. You know signs on second base having to really think about what i’m seeing out of zuk’s um. You know sequences so um, you know really wanted to kind of amp up the you know, thinking in the process of attacking header set thanks mark zuckerman,, hey some of that stuff you’re talking about is maybe the kind of things you do over the course of Several spring training starts. Is it a little tougher? Do you have to compress all that into one and like could you treat tonight the way you would maybe a typical final start of the spring, or did you have to almost incorporate a lot of things into? One start um, i don’t know i’ve known i’m gon na have.

I was gon na, have four starts coming into this this whole time. So um, you know everybody’s, everybody knows what they have to do to prepare to get ready for the season uh and for me i know what i needed to accomplish out of the four starts to get ready for the season as best as i could so um.

You know and to be able to get the pitch count and press the pitch count up above 80 today and get it above 85. uh that really bodes well to um. You know to go out there and really compete deep in the game, um more so than i even thought. I was gon na be able to uh coming into this, so i guess it’s in your mind, it was not that different facing your teammates and the previous ones versus facing a different team. Tonight, oh it’s, just different um. You know when you face your teammates. You know there’s just different pitches. You can throw in that, throw that you want to execute which you don’t want to execute. You know, and just kind of have an idea what you want to do so, every every opponent’s a little bit different of what you’re trying to accomplish in the spring train start jessica,, hey max, looking ahead to opening day. What do you anticipate the emotions are going to be like when you take them out for the first time in a regular season game as defending world series champions, yeah it’s going to be great and just the amount of work that everybody’s had to go through to Get to this point um, you know: there’s been a lot of hours through, i had to pour into union calls and guys across the league and keeping keeping our guys informed across that hold on time period.

So there’s just been the tremendous amount of work that everybody’s had to do, uh to get the season up and going uh, and you know we’re very fortunate to be playing baseball in 2020. We have to jump through a lot of hoops but it’s. You know that’s. Just something that we’re all comfortable, doing and we’ll do anything to be able to play baseball. How we said yesterday that he still gets butterflies on every opening day for you, what is that date like just that? First, beginning game: yeah the adrenaline hits um yeah, so it doesn’t matter how many times, how many years you’ve been in this uh. When you get an open day and you’re planning on opening day, that’s, always special, doesn’t matter. If your first or your last uh it’s it’s the start of baseball it’s, been too long without baseball, so it’s pretty cool that we’re the first ones to go. Thank you. Todd, davis, nbc sports, washington max, i don’t know if you had a chance to see this. Yet but uh canada has said that the blue jays can’t play in toronto and you guys are obviously scheduled to go up there very soon and they may end up in buffalo or down in florida, it’s kind of up in the air uh. What are your thoughts about them having to go to an alternate location and everybody managing that um? You know this has kind of been telling our guys look.

Every day is going to be a challenge, there’s something new that’s, going to pop up every single day, that’s. The reality of the world at this in the state of this world, uh we’re, no different, we’re gon na, have to face challenges every single day uh and whatever the challenge is wherever you got, ta play wherever you got. Ta, go just keep a smile on your face because everybody’s got ta, everybody’s got ta, be in in the situation. So um, you know yeah. We don’t know we’re going to play toronto. Who knows where we’re going to play him but we’re going to play baseball we’re, going to find a way to play him and and get the games going and when we do play him, it’s going to be fun, uh and so just keep a smile on your Face and not try to get too down about uh, all the you know, hoops that we’re gon na have to jump through, and what do you think about kind of the flow and where you guys are, with the day to day here uh? These are your protocols. This is your system. This is how your morning starts. This is what you do at the park, all those things that everyone kind of wondered about before they were actually on site. How do you think they’re going at this point um? I think they’re actually going really well we’re getting into the hang of it the swing of it.

Things are becoming normal and when you look across the league, uh we’re not seeing uh too many cases uh, you know pop up and we’re, not seeing any spreads within the clubhouse. So uh, you know hats off to all the players and the staff to uh to follow the protocols and the systems that we have in place. Um, because the challenges are only going to get uh. You know tougher as we you know now, bring in travel and staying in hotels and buses and all the things you know and the andy it’s gon na it keeps ending up, and so you just got to continue to keep a smile on your face and chew Out and meet it because if you don’t, we don’t have a we don’t have a season and jesse dark. Are you watching post? This is totally random. So sorry, it’s all good. If you can’t shift your brain quickly, but i i told derek gold of the saint louis post dispatch i’d, ask you a quick question for him: uh he’s, writing about yada, yada and adam wainwright. How they’ve been to tandem forever and all the success they’ve had? I was just wondering, maybe if you had any thoughts on, maybe you know the run they’ve been on and what impresses you about their you know their sort of chemistry and what they’ve been able to put together over the course of their careers yeah those that battery Mates is as good as anybody in the game in terms of going out there and competing and laying on the line and they’ve done it year in year.

Out and they’ve won world series titles together, so uh you know from from you know, watching them from afar. Uh have the utmost respect of what how they go out and play the game uh and how they compete and uh. You know i’ve i’ve. You know how i’ve had friendship with wayne.