Of course, the numbers hold up as well. Incredibly, nine of their hits have been launched off the bat at 90 miles an hour or better guys. Okay, thank you, honey, ready to go for the last half of the inning, and here comes the first basement and now pitch on the way stung into the gap in right center. For what should be extra bases. He takes the turn and heads for second, and he is in the second base, with a double his third hit this afternoon. Applause man that’s got the sting for the pitcher and his teammates. They just get on the board and are feeling good about themselves. Looking for a shutdown inning, so they can get some more runs on the board, but instead this guy tougher, now Applause ready with the first pitch here it comes and he takes a pitch. That’S ruled a strike at the knees, pretty liberal strike zone there. It’S owen, one ball: one Applause: the 1 1 home line drive to center field griel rounds the corner and is headed home he’ll score easily as it’s. Now a one run ball game Applause now time is called and the reliever is warm out there. Here comes the yankee skipper on his way to the mound and he’s going to make a move as that’s going to be all for his starter this afternoon.

So the line score will show he departs after just four innings of work, and you know they wanted more out of him than this, as he won’t even stand to be the winning pitcher here.

Tommy kingly will come out and take the ball here as he’ll be making his 15th appearance of the year Applause. So here’s, josh reddick as he’ll, take strike one on the inside corner, he’s working on a one for two game. So, Applause far Applause down in the way hole one, nobody out runner on first runners on the move for second one and two now still the ball and two strikes here’s another one too. Now a change of locks him up, as he looks at strike, three called one away into the box now, first pitch of the at bat on its way, a swing and a drive to center field that one’s got a chance. Gartner is back to the track as he takes it for route number. Two Applause stepping in miles strong he’s over two, thus far in this one ready to deliver here’s the first pitch Applause, oh and one count and the pitch setting him up inside as he swings and misses for strike. Two. You go down o2 to a guy. With this pitch arsenal, you just got ta find a way to shorten up in battle. Put something in play. Protecting with two strikes went out of the zone that time, but he stays alive.

The o2 once more lined toward the gap in left center and that’s in for a base hit, make it a one for three game so far, number four stepping in now george springer, as he will take a fastball in there at the knees for strike one.

The 01 offering boy this is one of those abs you like to hit the rewind button on put himself in a tough spot now hitting with two strikes. Oh and two here it is a swing and a miss as he chased with two strikes and that will retire the side, astros forced to settle for only the one run we’re through five here at the ballpark it’s, the yankees eight and the astros. Seven next will be the cleanup hitter, giancarlo, stanton and seth has started out for the yanks here in the 6th he’s ready here’s. The first offering a fastball here is he’ll. Take a look at ball, one 1 0 out of play off to the right, it’s one and one a ball in two strikes. Now pitcher’s got options here. He looked a little bit out front might be able to rush a fastball by him, the one and two pitch, and he takes strike three called on the fastball one gun: well, no preferential treatment there. Sometimes we see great hitters have their calls go their way on close pitches, but not this time. I think that was actually a good take, but on two strikes anything that close can go either way into the box.

Luke voigt this he’ll get caught chasing a bad one. There at strike one so far, two for three in this one there’s a change up taken, but it finds the zone on the inside one app. Nobody on the bouncer up the middle, oh and he can’t come up with it and they’ll have no play as he reaches first base safely and he hits it hard to the right side and a backhanded reach at first, but he can’t flag it down and that Runner will go no further than second, as there are two aboard now.

I mean there’s no seeker right now, there’s a fight at the bat rack. Everybody wants up at the plate right now: they’re feeling frisky they’re all pulling the trigger early and it’s working Applause at the flake now brett gardner, because he’ll take a look at the pitch too low it’s wall, one he’s two for three and looking for more here. Good lead off a second there. Now the pitch donnie couldn’t, pull that one back as he clearly broke the plane to the plate and that will be ruled a strike. Applause, maybe getting a little jumpy in the box. So he steps out and asks for time now a look and a throwback to second and a dive, but he’s back now the one and one pitch is strike two swinging. The problem for the batter now is he’s gotten so inside conscious after those first two pitches.

Anything on the outer half of the plate is going to look a foot outside this is hit the other way out toward left field. Strong is in his tracks now, as he makes the catch for route number two and no tag at second he’ll head back there with two away now now in the box, george shella, he came through with an rbi single in his last at bat yeah, and they Take another single right here that third base coach is dying to wave his arms. I wouldn’t be surprised if anything hit hard through the infield he’s going to wave him on the move ends the inning yanks strand a pair they hold on to their slim.

8. 7. Lead Applause, jose altuve will stride in, but first we take you back to the third. As you take another look here at his two run: homer that had him rolling early on Applause, here’s, the pitch and a fastball close, but ultimately rule the ball. 1. 0. 2. 0, now too far out in front that time, you can’t keep it fair, two and one after fouling off the second one. I got ta step out of the box, adjust my batting gloves and tell myself there’s no chance, he’s tripling up on that pitch swinging. Oh my hit him with the hyena Applause gone, so a solo shot here to left center field. His second of the game, as that makes this an eight all ball game.

Applause to get loose and that’ll bring up alex bregman. This is it high in the air out toward left center gardner. Is there he’s got it one away: Applause number 44 designated hitter, your dog alvarez, so here’s, the cleanup figure, jorgon alvarez one run in and one gun so far, here’s the first pitch to him. Hey this one’s tied late in the game as a pitcher right now, you just can’t lay a cookie in there, 1 0 faces are empty, one man out here’s a shot to left field and deep stanton looking up it’s up and out of here into the archways. A solo shot here to left his second home run of the game and they’ve taken a one run, lead Applause.

The years today, that’s the fifth ball we’ve, seen clear the fence by just this one, lineup alone b.