Astros pitcher and ace justin verlander will miss the remainder of the season due to an elbow injury according to the houston chronicle now uh after the game uh today, where the astros lost their first game of the season at the post game, press conference manager, dusty baker, Refuted those that report and said that justin verlander is out with an elbow strain and will be evaluated after a couple of weeks that’s what the manager of the houston astros said. Now one of the reporters at the post fight the post game press conference uh asked dusty baker about the report from the chronicle stating that justin verlander would be out for the remain of the season and again the manager said nope that’s, not the case like i Said he’s going to be evaluated after a couple of weeks and he’s out with the uh elbow strain now uh. As we know, this season is only going to be 60 games and uh justin verlander got hurt earlier in the season in the training camp. He got hurt, i think he was he got hurt. I think he hurt his groin. He was out for for a while, but it did not hurt his uh playing status because you know shortly after that. The colvin 19 uh pushed back the uh major league baseball season. Now he came back the first game. He uh pitched six innings allowed two runs.

I think he struck out seven uh batters and pitch good, looking like the old justin verlander, but uh the reporter saying that he hurt his elbow during that game uh.

He heard it early in that game, either the first or second inning. I believe that was the case that he hurt. He hurt his uh elbow, but he pitched through it and ended up uh pitching a good game. Man. A solid game era is at three after the first game and he was looking to make his next start against the los angeles dodgers, who will be coming to town for a two game series series, tuesday and wednesday of this week, coming up it’s devastating news for The astros man they’re, going to need uh guys to step up man uh jose acuity is uh is one of the guys they were looking in to lock into the fourth or fifth starter. Spot he’s out they’re gon na have to get him ready to play. He’S been out uh since early in in spring training, uh post uh pandemic. You know he never reported. Actually he never reported. So he was out uh, trying to uh rehabilitate whatever condition that he was uh, that he was dealing with. They’Re gon na have to get him back ready, uh lance mccullough is gon na have to be the guy to step up. I know a lot of people will point to zach grinky, because he’s got the most experience.

He’S got uh the second most wins on the staff, all the time behind justin verlander he’s pitched a lot of innings and stuff like that. But at this stage of his career he doesn’t have a stuff.

You know he’s pitching 90 91 miles an hour. Fastball he’s got to really spot his fastball he’s got pretty good uh breaking pitches, but to me he doesn’t have a stuff like he had earlier in his career last mccullough’s has a stuff it’s, just a matter of him, putting it together being more econ, economical with His uh pitch count that’s the problem he’ll be at 90, some pitches in the fifth inning. Therefore, stopping him from uh going further in uh the game, because he’s at a high pitch count, he’s got ta, get a little bit more economical with his pitches. Keep quit going into long up in deep pitch counts, going 3 2 to damn near every battle. He’S got to be able to get early outs and uh with fewer pitches as possible, get a little bit more economical with his pitches, because he does have a stuff he’s going to be looking to step in and pull up the slack due to the loss of Uh justin verlander, but that’s the news here, man joshua. I got to step up, get jose accurately to come in. You got ta grinky he’s, going to slide up as a number two starter. You got less mccullough he’s gon na have to inherit that uh number one ace spot you’ve got uh josh james he’s got a great stuff too.

You just got to get a little bit more control of his pictures. You got him he’ll slide up and you got jose or cutie that’s that’s four pitchers right there and he got a young phenom that you know the astros drafted a few years back.

That has a lot of great potential in forest whitley. You might need him to come in and be that field starter as uh everybody gets bumped up a pig or two. You still got family from with a family of rambo valleys, he’s pitching uh tomorrow against the seattle uh mariners, as they wrap up the full game series with the mariners he’s, a guy that has a hard time controlling his uh pitches too walks a lot of battles, But he has pretty good stuff he’s a left hander too. So if he’s, if he’s able to hold down that five spot that’s good. But if he struggles, then they might look to bring in the young phenomenon for whitley but that’s the news man pitcher justin verlander. According to the houston, chronicle is done for the season. We’Ll miss the remainder of the 2020 baseball season for the houston astros a huge blow. If this report is true a huge blow to the houston astros, but i still think the astros should make the playoffs, which is expanded. Uh 18 premier league playoffs, which is going to have a total of 16 team, make the playoff i still it might put them slightly behind the yankees and maybe on par with the uh, the oakland a’s.

But that still could be one of the teams to beat man. They just don’t need uh, guys to step up and pick up the slap on the pitching staff and prove that bull opinion they lost some uh pitchers in the bullpen too joe smith.

Uh will harris they got to replace those guys. Chris devinsky has got to pitch better because he he made the all star team two or three years ago, and ever since then, he’s been erratic at best he’s been he’s not been as consistent and he’s not been. As reliable about the bullpen, so they’re gon na need a couple of those young guys to pitch well out the bullpen. They get the uh rookie of the year back and yo don alvarez and they got to win uh games more like seven. Six, eight five. Instead of games like three to two and four one as they would they, they could win when they had uh their strong pitching staff of last year when they had two aces and uh justin verlander and gary cole. Gary cole is now with the new york yankees justin verlander. If this houston chronicle report is true, it’s done for the season nice uh now you’re gon na have to lean more on your offense to carry the load and get you those wins to get. You set up for the playoff uh playoff games for the baseball, so let me know what you think in the comment section about this news that justin verlam is done for the season.

Do you believe the uh report is true, or do you believe, justin dusty baker? The manager of astro saying that he has an elbow strain and he’ll be out a couple of weeks and then we’ll reevaluate him after a couple of weeks.

Let me know what you think in the comments section.